Audubon Sharon Wildlife Rehabilitation 2016

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Audubon Sharon Wildlife Rehabilitation 2016

In 2016 Sharon Audubon received a generous Grant from the John T. and Jane A. Wiederhold Foundation to completely make over their wildlife rehabilitation facilities, including building a suite of wild bird aviaries and a brand new 60 foot flight enclosure to rehabilitate wild birds. Audubon Sharon’s work makes an intense local impact on wild bird populations as they are the only staffed wildlife rehabilitation facility in NW Connecticut and many of the birds that are save are neotropical migrants.

Orangutans and the Matang Wildlife Centre

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The Matang Wildlife Centre in Sarawak, Malaysia is dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of orangutans. Their core belief is that every animal has the chance to be released back into the wild. On a recent visit to the centre, I got the chance to see and experience the day-to-day tasks required to care for the animals with their Heart2Heart With Orangutan volunteer program.

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Oiled Bird Bath – Fort Jackson Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

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Oiled Bird Bath - Fort Jackson Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Interview with Jay Holcomb, Director of the International Bird Rescue and Research Center, one of two organizations helping rehabilitate birds and other animals affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Mr. Holcomb describes the cleaning and health inspection process of animals brought into the Fort Jackson Wildlife Rehabiliation Center in Louisiana. Video by Jennifer Strickland, USFWS.
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Kestrel & Broad-Winged Hawk Release by the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge & Rehabilitation Center

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Kestrel & Broad-Winged Hawk Release by the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge & Rehabilitation Center

Essex, NY, August 13th, 2019 by the staff of the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge & Rehabilitation Center, with the help of Sandy and Barbara Lewis.

A red tail hawk was rescued at Alamo Colleges Westside Education and Training Center in San Antonio Texas by Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation.
They are a non-profit that runs solely on donations, please consider donating.
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Montana WILD Wildlife Rehabilitation Center 2017

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Wildlife Rehab Center
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Photos of raptors in a wildlife rehabilitation center. All animals came into the center after being injured or orphaned. All the animals were released back into the wild except those in the photos that were unable to be released and are educational animals. Do not keep wild animals as pets. If you find injured or orphaned wildlife contact your local licensed wildlife rehabilitation group.
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The SPCA for Monterey County Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center

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The SPCA for Monterey County Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center

The SPCA Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center is the only full service wildlife rehabilitation center serving Monterey County. We operate under permits from the California Department of Fish and Game and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Your support is extremely important to us, as we do not receive funding from any federal, state or local government agency.

Each year, The SPCA Wildlife Center admits over 2,000 animals for treatment and care. The species of animals received ranges from large animals such as mountain lions, bobcats, deer, opossums, hawks, owls, and pelicans, to small animals, including squirrels, turtles, hummingbirds, swallows, and more.

Serving the entire Monterey County area, the Wildlife Center provides a resource for people who encounter wildlife in need while also providing care for exotic pet animals that are lost or surrendered to The SPCA. In addition to receiving animals brought in by the public, Wildlife Center staff members are on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to respond to wildlife emergencies and provide transport and care to animals in distress.

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The North Carolina Zoo’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center recently celebrated the successful rehabilitation and release of 10 Chimney swifts, a bird species that has suffered sharp declines as the chimneys they roost in fall into disuse. Due to some unique anatomy they cannot perch like songbirds, and therefore must have deep shafts in which they raise their families and roost at night. Did you know that a Chimney swift eats nearly one third of their own weight in flying insect pests such as mosquitoes, biting flies and termites every day? Watch to see the release and to learn more about these fascinating and beneficial birds.

Wildlife Center Rehabilitates, Releases Injured Hawk Found by PG&E Crew

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A red-tailed hawk found badly injured by PG&E crews more than a year ago was released today (Jan. 10) in a San Jose park after the utility partnered with a wildlife center to rehabilitate the raptor.

PG&E employees arriving to work at a substation in Fremont discovered the hawk in October 2012. The bird, an adult female, sustained burns to its wings, feet, chest, abdomen and face. It couldn’t fly.

Originally taken to a nearby humane society, the hawk was transferred to the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley in San Jose for emergency treatment.

The center, which takes in more than 4,000 orphaned, injured and sick birds and mammals each year, is the largest wildlife rehabilitation center in Santa Clara County.

Ashley Kinney, the center’s wildlife rehabilitation supervisor, said she knew right away that the hawk would survive despite its injuries.

“She had a light in her eye and she was very feisty,” Kinney said. “We knew she was capable of healing.”

Due to the severity of the hawk’s injuries, the center couldn’t release the bird until it fully molted the old, damaged feathers and grew in a new set that enabled it to fly again. The bird was held in a large flight conditioning enclosure to allow it to build up needed strength and stamina to survive in the wild.

During its recovery, the hawk was fed 10 small mice a day or one large rat. By the time of its release it was plumper than most hawks, Kinney said.

The bird was released at Grant Ranch Park, a remote location nestled in a valley below Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton high above San Jose. The habitat is ideal with lots of trees for cover and ample food supply.

In an instant, the hawk flew and perched at the top of a nearby tree where it remained for about 15 minutes. Then as volunteers cheered and yelled “You go girl,” it flew off and joined a group of other red-tailed hawks.

“She can do whatever she wants,” Kinney said. “She’s a free woman.”
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Ojai Raptor Center , a non profit wildlife rehabilitation center in Ojai and some of its resident birds including a now released Golden Eagle from bishop who at the time had a broken wing , also a Bald eagle ,Red tail hawk, Falcon, Barred owl, Great horned owl, Kestrel, Barn owl ,Screech owl . Thanks ORC for saving thousands of federally protected raptors , nature would not be the same without birds of prey.

Lee Mcrae College Dan and Dianne May Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

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The Carolina Raptor Center is focused on environmental education & the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned raptors. The team hopes to inspire engagement in the natural world through the exploration and rehabilitation of birds of prey.
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Visit A Wildlife Rescue Rehab Center Doing It Right

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