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We are a Gonstead chiropractic clinic in Pleasanton, CA.

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4847 Hopyard Road, Suite 1
Pleasanton, CA 94588

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➜ 2 important things to consider when starting a chiropractic practice
➜ Creating a chiropractic business plan for success
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Running a successful chiropractic practice is no easy feat. You have to make sure you’ve got the proper prep work done, or the business is doomed to fail from the start.

When I see people starting their own practices, there are two things that often get overlooked. The first is a business plan, and the second is a proper marketing plan to support it.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of worrying about all the little things. Like the kind of music that you should play in your office or what color to paint the walls.

The problem is that these things don’t make a huge difference in the long run. Yes, it helps to have an inviting workplace, but one of the biggest factors for success is how well you plan.

When starting your own practice, plan for the big things. How many clients are you going to need? How many hours are you going to have to work to meet that goal? These are just some of the many big questions you actually should be asking.

Don’t make the mistake of fretting over the unimportant things. Focus on the big picture and make plans for the things that really matter.

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Affordable Drug Treatment Access To Free Virtual Video Series!

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Congratulations! on being part of our Virtual Video Series
We are looking forward working with you and helping you
understand this process and how it works.

We know this can be a frighten Learning Experience for you
so we have designed a series of Videos for you to be able
to view privately and get a better understanding of this process
and understanding on how to WIN the battles of addiction.

Today’s Discussion will be on the subject of:
A Guide to How Receive Free Addiction Benefits?


As for the psychological component of our treatment program, our treatment team addresses the core issues, the trauma and the reasons of why your addiction started, why it continues and why people relapse, even after having months or years of sobriety.

Heroin Addiction

Heroin has resurfaced as a go to drug of choice due in part to the unavailability, scarcity or high cost of Oxycontins, Roxicodones, and other opiates. This is largely because of the recent crackdown on pain medication clinics and pill mills which had gotten out of control in recent years.

We take alcohol use and abuse very seriously. The problem with alcohol abuse vs other addictions is that people and society tend to see any use of an illegal drug as abuse, but with alcohol, the limits of what constitutes abuse is often very blurry at first. The core result however of someone who abuses alcohol is the same as any other drug user, or worse for this reason.

Our executive treatment program offers our clients the ability to maintain contact with their family, friends and business associates, all the while keeping their treatment private and discreet.

Our group therapy is centered around on helping clients interact with
each other in order to learn from one another so they’re able to focus on their own core issues while learning from their peers.

I think what makes us so unique and special is that we focus on core issues and that we do a lot of family work, we don’t just bring in the client and work with the client and think that they’re gonna be fixed in thirty days.

The Best Rehab Center

5846 S Flamingo Rd

Hollywood, Fl 33330



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How to find Drug Addiction Help
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Virtual Tour, Inpatient Rehabilitation Rehab and Nursing Center United Hospital

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Eating Recovery Center Virtual Tour – Binge Eating Treatment & Recovery Program

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Welcome to the Binge Eating Treatment & Recovery Program at Eating Recovery Center.

The Binge Eating Treatment and Recovery Program offers a strategic plan for patients who suffer from binge eating disorder and related diagnosis. We handle complex cases while being mindful of past trauma, coexisting mood, and anxiety conditions and associated medical comorbidities.

With every step of recovery you will have support from compassionate staff members who specialize in binge eating disorder and the associated medical and psychiatric comorbidities.

The environment is intended for people of every shape and size. Designed for comfort and accessibility we provide the right medical equipment for every need. Integrating you into a specialized social environment we invite you to participate in groups consisting of peers who understand exactly what you are going through and who share the same struggles.

We strengthen and implement real life skills through exposure and response prevention. With emphasis on skill acquisition we prepare you for life after our program in hopes that you will maintain your treatment gains.

Successful treatment is attained through individualized care. You will have your own meal plan, movement plan, exposure and response prevention plans, and treatment goals specific for your needs.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder or a mood and anxiety disorder please call us at 877-736-2140 or visit our website at
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Virtual Rehab Overview – Substance Use Disorders Solution

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Virtual Rehab leverages the advancements in virtual reality technology along with artificial intelligence to prevent and to treat patients with substance use disorders along with rehabilitating repeat offenders.

There are over 251 million individuals suffering from substance abuse and over 6 billion is being spent on addiction treatment worldwide.

At Virtual Rehab, our innovative and powerful solution is intended to rehabilitate rather than just punish. The scope of our solution includes psychological and correctional rehabilitation. Virtual Rehab’s services extend to hospitals, rehab centers, correctional officers, inmates, along with other verticals.

Check out our services at:


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Free Addiction Consultations – 888-242-7730 Green Mountain Treatment Center – Virtual Tour

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Granite Recovery Centers is New England’s leader in providing high quality addiction treatment. With multiple locations throughout New Hampshire, our full continuum of care includes medical detoxification, residential treatment, extended care of programming, sober living and intensive, out-patient programming. We understand the relationship between addiction and mental health.

Our highly-trained clinical team of experts are there to assist those struggling with co-occurring disorders. We offer gender-separate treatment and accept insurance from Blue Cross, Tufts Health Plan, Optum, Harvard Pilgrim, United Healthcare, United Behavioral Healthcare and Health Plans Inc. Granite Recovery Centers is here to help throughout the entire journey. Start your recovery today by calling 877-890-3234 or by visiting our website.

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Virtual Stress Relief: The Rehabilitation Planted Aquarium

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Virtual Stress Relief: The Rehabilitation Planted Aquarium

This tank was Installed by Mike Senske of Aquarium Design Group. It is located in a physical therapy rehab center in San Diego, California. MORE INFO ▼

Serene Lighting Kit on this aquarium ►

Like this video? Check out my “Positive Aquarium Vibes” playlist for more stress relief:
Positive Aquarium Vibes ►

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CSD 323: Using Virtual Environments For Cognitive Rehab For TBI Patients

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Christiansen, C., Abreu, B., Ottenbacher, K., Huffman, K., Masel, B., & Culpepper, R. (1998). Task Performance in Virtual Environments Used for Cognitive Rehabilitation After Traumatic Brain Injury. Arch Phys Med Rehabil, 79, 888-892.
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III Jornadas sobre Rehabilitación de Edificios (Bilbao, 18 y 19 de Diciembre de 2012)
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