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Drinking cities are magical havens built for the perfect boozy vacation. Unless you have kids. Comedian Mekki Leeper presents the Top 10 Best Drinking Cities in America. These 10 cities are the perfect places to go with your old college friends. But just for a few days because #responsibilities.
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Have you ever wondered what city is the best to visit for a fun weekend of drinking? Did you know that Alaska has the highest chlamydia rate out of any state in the US? Have you ever tried the Twix Blizzard from Dairy Queen? It’s f@$ %ing delicious!!! These are just a few examples of the many useful (and useless) facts you need to know. Thrillist teams up with comedian Mekki Leeper (Comedy Central & “The Late Late Show with James Corden”) to present “The List Show,” a weekly show that goes through Thrillist’s top lists ranging from all the best hot sauces ranked to the top things you do that piss off your local baristas. New episodes come every Wednesday at 2pm. Subscribe to never miss an episode.

Top 10 Best Drinking Cities:
10. Las Vegas, NV
9. Austin, TX
8. Pittsburgh, PA
7. Portland, OR
6. Milwaukee, WI
5. San Diego, CA
4. Chicago, IL
3. New York, NY
2. New Orleans, LA
1. Nashville, TN

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