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Filmed Aug. 14th, 2019
It took me 8 years of crystal meth use before I ever considered going to a “rehab.” But 3 years ago I decided to take the leap and fly to Miami to experience my first treatment center. Since then i’ve gone through multiple PHP programs and IOP programs. This is my story, my outlook, experiences, and opinions on Drug Rehabs & Treatment Centers.

Discovery Wellness Center
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Website: https://delrayaddiction.com/

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Nineteen in Twenty people who try methamphetamine get addicted.
2% of those people will get sober & stay sober for an extended period of time. This is my favorite video as far as explaining what it’s like and how crystal meth impacts lives…
CG KID – https://youtu.be/dQVb6Cd-w8s

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What to bring with you for your rehab stay

What to bring with you for your rehabilitation stay at the Wegman Transitional Care Center

Free Addiction Consultations – 888-242-7730 Russel E. Blaisdell Addiction Treatment Center Review – Orangeburg, NY

Russel E. Blaisdell Addiction Treatment Center Review - Orangeburg, NY

To read the full review:

Russel E. Blaisdell Addiction Treatment Center

The Russel E. Blaisdell Addiction Treatment Center has three decades of experience offering residential treatment. Though the center does accept most insurance, it is nevertheless a county program. Those with appropriate insurance may pay any remaining co-pay on a sliding scale basis, dependent on their income.

Russel E. Blaisdell Addiction Treatment Center Location
40 Old Orangeburg Rd # 57
Orangeburg, NY 10962

Russel E. Blaisdell Addiction Treatment Center Cost
Sliding scale, based on income.Read more rehab reviews:

Rehab Reviews

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Rehab Reviews
Rehab Cost
Rehab Location
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Free Addiction Consultations – 888-242-7730 Midwest Recovery and Wellness – Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment

Midwest Recovery and Wellness - Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment


At Midwest Recovery and Wellness it is our mission to offer the best, most advanced and most comprehensive addiction treatment program. We focus on treating the whole person as this leads to higher success rates and better treatment outcomes. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) focuses on every aspect of you or your loved one in order to provide you with the tools, knowledge and treatment that can lead to long, sustained sobriety.

Come visit is at MidwestRecoveryandWellness.com

Email: Contact@MidwestRecoveryandWellness.com
Phone: (269) 262-1815

2527 South 11th St
Suite #2
Niles, MI 49120
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What an honor and a privilege to meet Tammy and learn how The Salvation Army helped her overcome her addiction through the programs at the Carr P. Collins Social Service Center in Dallas, Texas. She is a very courageous and inspiring woman.
Director/Editor: Cindy Quandt-Guerra
Videographer: David Guerra

Dual Diagnosis Treatment – Wild Dolphins Guide Addicts Through Rehab

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Read about this in the news! Article by Bryan Le | thefix.com

Call 866-515-5032 for more information

Hawaii Island Recovery recently launched the world’s first Wild Dolphin Assisted Psychotherapy for addicts and those with mental health concerns. The program operates off the beautiful shores of Kailua-Kona located on the Big Island of Hawaii, the perfect location for recovery… 3,000 miles away from everything and everyone. Listen as Eliza Wille, Animal Assisted Psychotherapy Specialist, talks about this fascinating new Wild Dolphin therapy program. Get free airfare with every 60 or 90 day paid program.
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Desert Cove Recovery – Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Mental Health & Addiction

24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730

Desert Cove Recovery - Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Mental Health & Addiction

When a mental health disorder is present along with addiction, finding a rehab that offers dual diagnosis treatment is best. Desert Cove Recovery discusses the importance of dual diagnosis in addiction treatment in a recent blog post. You can read the full article here: https://desertcoverecovery.com/blog/dual-diagnosis-mental-health-addiction/?kmas=450.

Address: 6613 N Scottsdale Rd Suite 200, Scottsdale AZ 85250, USA

Phone : (844) 336-3856

Official Website: https://desertcoverecovery.com/?kmas=450
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Learn about Hope by the Sea’s traditional treatment track integrating clinical services and 12 step principals to treat addictions and dual diagnosis.

OC Official: Vulnerable Drug Addicts Preyed On By Treatment Facility

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A treatment center in Fountain Valley, which is still open, is under investigation after the facility allegedly performed unauthorized, expensive procedures – some of which led to the death of several patients.
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Free Addiction Consultations – 888-242-7730 Marc Turner, CEO of Greenhouse Treatment Center on Good Morning Texas

Marc Turner, CEO of Greenhouse Treatment Center recently appeared on Good Morning Texas talking about the warning signs associated with addiction and the treatment services Greenhouse can provide to help someone who is facing addiction.
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