24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730 Electronic Intervention is a Cost-Effective Way to Help Women with Substance Abuse Issues – UT News | The University of Texas at Austin

Electronic Intervention is a Cost-Effective Way to Help Women with Substance Abuse Issues  UT News | The University of Texas at Austin

AUSTIN, Texas — Providing substance-abuse intervention services for women, particularly in the setting of reproductive health centers, is critical to positive …

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When a substance is introduced into the body, either by ingesting, snorting, injecting, or other methods, in order to alter mood or perception of reality this is called substance abuse. Rehabilitation is needed when abuse causes dependency. Prescription drugs, alcohol, and methamphetamines are the most commonly abused drugs. Addiction, be it mental of physical, can cause a person’s life to spiral out of control as they continue to abuse the drug.

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Substance Abuse

Detox to Rehab:

Detox To Rehab

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Casa Recovery – California Alcohol & Substance Abuse

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We provide effective, highly personalized, and affordable rehabilitation programs to treat substance abuse in Southern California. Our most successful program is our 90-day program, but we also have flexible 30- and 60-day treatment programs, as well as a six-month tailor-made program for those who need extended assistance.

Please visit us at www.casarecovery.com for more information.

Drug, Alcohol and Substance Abuse a Way of Life Among Seemapuri Minors

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As we tour through Seemapuri – a congested slum in north-east Delhi, we find that drug and substance abuse are a way of life here. At every corner we find children injecting drugs into their veins or inhaling intoxicating substances. Some of the youth we spoke to say that relapse is very common owing to the easy availability of addiction causing drugs at extremely cheap rates. Children in this slum earn money for buying drugs by picking trash and selling them to scrap dealers. Some engage in crimes to fund their needs for drugs. (Audio in Hindi)

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Substance abuse treatment programs offer by MUSC

Teenage Substance Abuse & Mental Health Disorders

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This is the latest in a series of monthly segments with Rogers Memorial Hospital, called “Mental Health Moment.” Each segment focuses on a different mental health topic and includes a story of recovery. Our goal is for people to feel comfortable talking about mental health and seeking out effective help. Here to discuss this link, other facts you need to know, treatment options, and prevention are sue McKenzie and Dr. Amy Kuechler from Rogers Memorial Hospital. For more information visit RogersInHealth.org

Using Digital Therapeutics to Treat Substance Use Disorders – Psychiatry Advisor

Using Digital Therapeutics to Treat Substance Use Disorders  Psychiatry Advisor

The convenience and confidentiality of computer-based and mobile technologies may encourage more individuals with substance use disorders to access …

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Tamara: Aboriginals and Substance Abuse

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Tamara is an Aboriginal Canadian who grew up in Winnipeg. Born into a family struggling with alcoholism, Tamara was raised in a series of foster homes. As a teenager, Tamara struggled with her own addiction to crystal meth, and later, with alcoholism. Tamara spent time at CAMH with a group of Aboriginal women seeking treatment for substance abuse issues. Now, she lives alcohol-free, and plans to return to Winnipeg and open up her own rehabilitation centre for Aboriginal women. She shares her story. (Produced by Matthew Campea.)
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Interventions for Substance Abuse; Mental Health — Abstract Session 3

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Moderators’ introduction by Drs. David Vlahov and Elise Riley

“Consumer Perspectives on Alcohol Use among HIV-positive African Americans” by Dr. E. Maxwell Davis

“Creating a Model Prevention and Education Program for Young Adult Injection Drug Users (IDU)” by Pamela DeCarlo

“Differences in Substance-related Risk Behavior between Dual and Triple Diagnosed Severely Mentally Ill Adults” by Dr. Michelle Hampton

“Seeking Safety Group Therapy for Co-occurring PTSD and Substance Use Disorder in HIV-positive Transgender Women: A Feasibility Study” by Susannah Empsom

“Addressing Disparities and Social Stigma: Health Promotion with Crack Smokers” by Allison Kraus and Paul Harkin

“Does Expressive Writing in Group Therapy Settings Decrease Symptoms of Depression in HIV-positive Minority Cohorts?” by Peter Marcus

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After her brother was diagnosed with the disease of addiction, Sam Fowler and her family had to change the way they lived their lives. In her talk, she tells about her experiences suffering from “the family disease.”

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Right Turn Substance Abuse Rehabilitation: Relapse Prevention

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Right Turn’s Peter Johnson talks Drug Abuse Relapse Prevention. Peter speaks of the importance of understanding recovery and examining the outdated belief that their substance holds the solution. Learn more about drug addiction relapse prevention and Right Turn’s services at www.rightturn.org/programs/