24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730 Five MOEy award finalists announced, representing the best in student journalism – Fairfield Sun Times

Five MOEy award finalists announced, representing the best in student journalism  Fairfield Sun Times

INDIANAPOLIS – Five MOEy finalists have been selected from more than 3300 entries in The Society of Professional Journalists’ Mark of Excellence Awards …

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24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730 U of A Graduate Student Wins Miss Arkansas Competition – University of Arkansas Newswire

U of A Graduate Student Wins Miss Arkansas Competition  University of Arkansas Newswire

Alumna and graduate student Darynne Dahlem, Miss Apple Blossom, won the Miss Arkansas Competition on Saturday in Little Rock.

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24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730 Discipline Or Treatment? Schools Rethink Vaping Response As Student Use Rises – Colorado Public Radio

Discipline Or Treatment? Schools Rethink Vaping Response As Student Use Rises  Colorado Public Radio

As using e-cigarettes, or vaping, has overtaken smoking traditional cigarettes in popularity among students in the U.S., schools are trying to balance cracking …

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Life of A PT Student [EP.55 INPATIENT REHAB | 3 WEEKS IN]

24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730

Life of A PT Student [EP.55 INPATIENT REHAB | 3 WEEKS IN]

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Join me on my journey in becoming a physical therapist! I am currently a second year physical therapy student.

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High School Student *FINALLY* Gets Relief From Car Accident Pain | Chiropractor Friendswood

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High School Student *FINALLY* Gets Relief From Car Accident Pain | Chiropractor Friendswood

High school student was seen after suffering injuries from a car accident. He was evaluated and treated at Select Spine & Sports Medicine by Dr. Joe Fuhrman and staff. He was treated with electrical muscle stimulation therapy, rehab exercises, stretches and spinal manipulation.

If you are in need of a Chiropractor in Friendswood (Houston area), Select Spine & Sports Medicine is here to help!

Dr. Joe Denke is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner at:
1100 S. Friendswood Dr. Ste B
Friendswood, TX 77546
P: 281-993-2122

Website: http://www.chiropractorfriendswood.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/selectspineandsportsmedicine
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/selectbodydoc
Google +: https://plus.google.com/+JoeDenkeDC

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www.phoenixcaraccident.com Call 602-456-7252 No Cost Car Accident Injury Interventional Pain Management
The Medical Doctors and Chiropractors at http://phoenixcaraccident.com have created an integrated approach to help auto accident victims receive the best care possible.

Whiplash Accident Symptoms

Most people associate whiplash with automobile accidents, and though this isn’t the only instance where neck injury can occur, it’s an applicable correlation. Just like a car wreck, you can’t prepare for or prevent whiplash other than by being careful. It happens due to a quick, unpredictable event, such as a car collision, so usually disastrous if you or someone you know is subject to whiplash. While we all want to do your best to avoid this situation. It is crucial that you understand whiplash symptoms so you can seek out proper care and treatment.
Whiplash refers to injuries to the neck vertebrae, including the surrounding soft tissues as a result of a whip like movement when your neck and head is suddenly and violently thrust forward and then backward. Whiplash injury is common following a car accident, but realize slip & falls, sports injury, and work related injury are other potential causes.
Whiplash happen when the neck ligaments are sprained and tendons are strained very rapidly. Your ligaments and tendons are absolutely crucial because they support and keep your vertebrae from abnormal movement. Whiplash usually affects the joints in the back of the spine, called the facet joints.
Understand the discs between your vertebrae may be torn. Whiplash usually stretch and inflame of the nerve roots between the vertebrae. Whiplash has been known to cause vertebral fractures and/or dislocation.
Whiplash signs and symptoms usually vary between vehicle occupants and causes a variety of indicators of traumatic neck injury. The typical symptoms are pain and stiffness in the neck, specifically when you move your head. Head pain, at the base of the skull, are very common. Whiplash pain may refer into the shoulders, arms, upper back, and/or into the upper chest.
Other symptoms may include dizziness, trouble swallowing, nausea, vertigo, ringing in the ears, jaw pain, and blurred vision, though these symptoms often go away quickly there may be underlying injury. It is always better to immediately contact your doctor of chiropractic following a car wreck. You may also experience nervous system symptoms such as irritability, fatigue, and trouble concentrating.
It’s important to realize note that you may not notice any of these signs and symptoms for two or more hours and more often than not the worst day is the 4th day following a car collision.
Self-treatment using soft collar braces is the worst thing you can do for your neck injuries.
Chiropractors utilize spinal manipulation and/or mobilization. The American Medical Association states that manipulation, mobilization, and intermittent traction is the best treatment for whiplash injury.
Our Chiropractic physicians use other treatments such as ice and/or heated compresses for reducing pain and muscle spasms, as well as physical medicine techniques, such as electrical stimulation. If you or a loved one is the victim of whiplash from a car accident call the doctors and chiropractors at www.phoenixcaraccident.com 602-456-7252.

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24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730 What We Heard From NPR’s First Student Podcast Challenge – KUOW News and Information

What We Heard From NPR’s First Student Podcast Challenge  KUOW News and Information

This year, NPR’s Education Team challenged teachers and students around the country to turn their classrooms into production studios, their assignments into …

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Student Podcasts? For Our Contest, We Got Thousands Of Them – Georgia Public Broadcasting

Student Podcasts? For Our Contest, We Got Thousands Of Them  Georgia Public Broadcasting

We asked teachers and students to put on their headphones and turn their ideas into sound for our first-ever NPR Student Podcast Challenge — and boy, did.

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California’s student suspension rates are far higher in rural schools – Record Bee

California’s student suspension rates are far higher in rural schools  Record Bee

While California has made substantial progress in reducing school suspensions, it faces a challenge in often overlooked rural regions of the state, where student …

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