The Betty Ford Story (TV Movie) – Feature Clip

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The Betty Ford Story (TV Movie) - Feature Clip

President Gerald Ford’s wife, Betty, brought her own stamp to the role of First Lady. Outgoing and warm, she became an instant hit with a public wearied of the corruption and personal drama of the Watergate era. But behind the gracious exterior she hid a secret: an addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs. Ultimately, she would own up to those personal demons…and triumph over them, setting an example for others. Gena Rowlands portrays Betty Ford, winning an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her inspirational performance in this tale of Ford’s life as a loving wife and mother to secret substance abuser to founder of the Betty Ford Center, the renowned addiction clinic that remains a monument to her courage.
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The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) Story

24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730 Mary Brown Stephenson’s death from cancer shattered her family—and ignited a determination that inspired her son to change the face of cancer care. Frustrated by the lack of options and quality care made available to his mother, Richard J Stephenson developed a model of care that delivers a whole-person treatment approach in a compassionate, nurturing environment, all under one roof. Three decades later, that patient-centered approach to cancer treatment remains the foundation on which Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) operates. Every patient’s care plan, from treating the disease to managing related side effects, is designed to meet his or her needs and treatment goals. Watch the video to learn more about how CTCA® uses immunotherapy, genomic medicine and other innovations, or visit:

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24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730 ‘I was stripped of everything:’ Former Pasco Co. football star shares story of drug addiction, recovery – ABC Action News

‘I was stripped of everything:’ Former Pasco Co. football star shares story of drug addiction, recovery  ABC Action News
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Drug Recovery Story | Substance Abuse Treatment | De-addiction Story from Cadabam’s

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Here is a video about how to get sober from drug addiction. Speaking with one of the counselors at Cadabam’s, Raj is a recovered person from drug addiction at Cadabam’s.

He throws some of the motivational factors that can help a person to live a sober life from drug and substance abuse. After getting 3 months treatment from cadabam’s, Raj says making a promise to your family and close ones to give up drug will help you to stay a sober life. Also, his mother personally recommends getting a treatment at cadabam’s for the ones dealing with addiction issues.

If anyone of you or your loved one is facing addiction problems, Call us @ +91 96111 94949.

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Kelly K: Florida Drug Addiction Rehab Success Story – Inpatient Rehab

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As a-matter-of-fact, being in the same environment and same daily routines could slow down the pace of changes in your attitude towards drugs. The general concept here is to learn new things and this includes subjecting yourself to a rehab. A rehab is a place where you are exposed to like-minded community people who are battling the same battle as yours at the same time.

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My Story Of Recovery/ Alcohol Addiction

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Today I am sharing with you my story of recovery. I have been sober since September 1st 2014. I am so incredibly happy and proud that I gave up alcohol. It was hands down the best decision I ever made for myself and my family. Thank you so much for watching and please like,comment,share,and subscribe to my channel.

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Parkinson's Rehabilitation – Regena Guinhawa's story | Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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Move Better, Think Clearer, Talk Louder. See Regena Guinhawa’s dramatic improvement thanks to RIC’s Center for Parkinson’s Rehabilitation. To learn more about RIC’s innovative Parkinson’s treatments, go to:

Many people, including the ones with physical challenges, assume that activities like basketball, rock climbing, and cycling are only for able-bodied participants.

A new program called Adaptive Sports at Memorial Rehabilitation Institute aims to change that thinking.

The program, part of the Memorial Healthcare System, will host an Adaptive Sports Expo on Saturday, April 11 (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) at Memorial Regional Hospital South in Hollywood.

The event will showcase a wide variety of sports and exercises beneficial to the physical and mental health of those who have suffered strokes, lost the use of limbs, or are coping with traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries.

There will also be motivational speakers that have overcome disabilities, vendors that cater to the physically challenged, and opportunities to participate in adaptive sports.

“Our theme is ‘Go Beyond’ and it’s what we preach each day to those working to overcome serious health issues at our facility,” said Ray Shipman, a former NFL player and manager of the Adaptive Sports Program at Memorial Rehabilitation Institute at Memorial Regional Hospital South.

“Go beyond what you think you’re capable of or limitations others place on you, and don’t let your current physical situation dictate the quality of your life,” he said.

There is no charge to attend or participate in the expo, which takes place on the campus of Memorial Regional Hospital South (3600 Washington Street, Hollywood).

In addition to the outdoor activities, there will also be a panel discussion and presentations by medical experts inside the hospital’s auditorium.

The Memorial Rehabilitation Institute offers world-class, comprehensive, inpatient rehabilitation services all under one roof at Memorial Regional Hospital South. Its multidisciplinary team of certified rehabilitation professionals works together with patients and families to design personal treatment plans for numerous conditions at every level of care, including inpatient hospitalization, acute rehabilitation, transitional housing, outpatient treatment, and home healthcare.

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Terri Cavazos's Rehab Story at Community Howard Specialty Hospital

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When Terri arrived for rehab at Community Howard Specialty Hospital in Kokomo, Indiana she was close to death. An abscess on her spine caused a stroke that had paralyzed her from the neck down. But she and her physical therapy team never gave up, constantly working on her core strength. Today, Terri is able to stand on her own – taking steps toward full mobility. She credits the top-notch team at Howard for her amazing recovery against all odds.

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