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Next Step Recovery: Recovery Is the Real Adventure

Sober Living & IOP for Men


We strive to be the best drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation program for men in Asheville, the Carolinas, and all of Appalachia.

If you’re ready to begin the path to sobriety…

Choose a substance abuse treatment & aftercare center that cares. We build our programs around the needs of our patients. Our rehab specialists are here for you.

Our focus is long-term recovery. That’s why we only implement clinically proven methods in our addiction recovery process.

Our sober living program foundation:
✔ 12-Step Recovery Housing
✔ Structured Living
✔ Individual Therapy
✔ Group Therapy
✔ Cognitive Behavior Therapy
✔ Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
✔ Dual Diagnosis
✔ Relapse Prevention
✔ 24-Hour Peer Support
✔ Reintegration Assistance

Next Step Recovery uses licensed and certified clinical addiction specialists.

We provide high-end individualized care and addiction aftercare support. Our clinicians are highly trained in proven therapy methods. Perhaps more important, they supplement the techniques with true empathy and compassion.

Everyone needs a little help to take the next step.

We bring humanity to that next step. This isn’t a recovery bootcamp. It is a place of healing and growth. Our priority is you. Supporting, guiding, and equipping you for life.

Next Step Recovery uses a variety of addiction treatment programs. We offer both sober living and an IOP program in Asheville. These are supplemented with adventure therapy, relapse prevention, and life skill education.

And are proud members of:
✔ Recovery Residences of the Carolinas ( RrOC)
✔ National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR)
✔ National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP)

Every Next Step therapy is designed to help you overcome addiction.

Your fight with addiction is your own. But we know just how easy relapse is. That’s why we also offer an optional intensive outpatient program.

Our goal is to help you reconnect with your personal strength. Of course, going within is important. But we also go without. Adventure therapy is a vital part of our treatment process.

There is already plenty of scientific proof that illustrates the mental health benefits of nature. From our vantage point, it’s impossible to deny. The Appalachian mountains are a powerful setting for any kind of healing. We are blessed to be located here and make sure to put them to work for our patients.

Choosing a sober living home in the mountains only makes sense.

But what sets Next Step Recovery apart?

More than anything:

We specialize in treating men with addiction. As such, we provide a higher level of service than coed treatment facilities. There is nothing wrong with a coed center. However, there are several benefits of choosing a transitional living residence or IOP program specifically for men.

Next Step Recovery focuses on the issues that bring men to addiction. And via our transitional housing program, we help men heal them and find happiness in sobriety.

This is how we support long term addiction recovery.

If you want effective sober living treatment and aftercare, choose a facility that caters to your specific needs. Next Step is better equipped to pinpoint the needs of men. From there, we provide the solutions that bring sustainable recovery.

Relapse prevention, life skill education, and other addiction support services are vital to what we do. Yet we never take the cookie-cutter approach. Your habits, triggers, and cravings are your own. We empower you to take control of them.

If you’re looking for a transitional sober living or intensive outpatient program, visit or call (828) 350-9960 now.

We take pride in being one of Asheville’s best addiction treatment programs.

Whether this is your “first step” or the “last step,” what’s most important is that you take the next one. Our mission is to help you as you do that. We’d love to get started. Call Next Step Recovery in Asheville today.

Next Step Recovery
900 Hendersonville Rd
Ste 203
Asheville, NC 28803
(828) 350-9960


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