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What if Relapse is a part of recovery from addiction? Can you Prevent Relapse? What if your son, brother, friend or mother is addicted, in recovery, and continually experiencing Relapse? Teal discusses what Relapse is, how to overcome addiction and how to think about Relapse in an entirely different light.

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Teal Swan is a revolutionary for personal transformation and is one of The Most Spiritually Influential Living People in the world. As a renowned author, speaker and social media star, she travels the world teaching self-development and teaching people how to transform their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain.


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Christian Alcohol Treatment Center Increase Relapse Prevention Awareness

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Transformation Treatment Center is a Christian Rehab Center located in Florida. Our Christian Rehab Center treats all sorts of addictions. Cocaine addiction, heroin addiction, Alcohol Addiction, Prescription Pills addiction are all some of the examples that we encounter on a daily basis. We have made sure that we provide the most professional and educated treatment staff to our clients. We truly have your best interest in our minds and in our hearts.
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Why Do Some Addicts Relapse | Addiction Recovery | Recovery 2.0

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Tommy Rosen discusses spiritual development, shame, and living a life thriving in recovery.

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Right Turn Substance Abuse Rehabilitation: Relapse Prevention

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Right Turn’s Peter Johnson talks Drug Abuse Relapse Prevention. Peter speaks of the importance of understanding recovery and examining the outdated belief that their substance holds the solution. Learn more about drug addiction relapse prevention and Right Turn’s services at www.rightturn.org/programs/

Betty Ford Center Relapse Treatment Program

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The non-profit Betty Ford Center is an Alcohol Addiction and Drug Addiction Treatment hospital located in the luxurious resort community of Rancho Mirage, California. On our expansive 20-acre campus adjacent to the Eisenhower Medical Center we offer help and hope to individuals and their family members affected by alcoholism and/or addiction to other drugs. Alcoholics, addicts, and their loved ones who require alcohol treatment or drug treatment begin the exciting journey to a new life at the Betty Ford Center.
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Relapse Prevention for Addiction & Mental Health: Counselor Toolbox Episode 115

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Relapse Prevention for Addiction & Mental Health: Counselor Toolbox Episode 115

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers ► The Problem With Relapse

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers
Website: http://truthofaddiction.com/special/
drug and alcohol abuse
drug and alcohol addiction

There is such a high recidivism (relapse) rate with the common addiction recovery programs. The expensive and short-term recovery centers and methods are recognized on a national level as having many problems. Scientific research reveals that many addictions cause an enduring change in the brain and requires management, not acute treatment.

Website: http://truthofaddiction.com/special/
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William L. White, a senior researcher at Chestnut Health Systems put it simply:

“Treating alcohol and other drug dependence solely through repeated episodes of detoxification and brief stabilization is clinically ineffective and constitutes a poor stewardship of personal and community resources…”

White also believes that we need to make a “shift that will deemphasize expensive, high intensity acute care and emphasize lower-intensity, lower cost and more enduring recovery support services.”

There are evidence-based techniques that have been proven repeatedly to produce successful outcomes, but many of these techniques are not used.

Instead of throwing addicts in a rehab facility for a few weeks or months, the focus needs to be switched to showing recovering addicts how to properly manage their cravings, how to react to triggers and about the nutrition that helps rebalanced the brain.

Another notable problem with some of the popular treatment options, is that relapse is often treated as a sign of defeat, instead of a part of the recovery process. There probably couldn’t be a more harmful doctrine to an addict than to think that all the days, weeks or months of sobriety didn’t mean a thing because he slipped.

For most people, relapse is a stepping stone through recovery. And studies confirm this. Research indicates that relapses are generally not caused by physical cravings as once thought, but by emotional states. This reveals the great progress the addict has actually made.

The current doctrine of relapse is so harmful because when the addict feels he needs to start all over again, it feeds despair, stress and other emotions that have shown to greatly increase addiction problems.

The truth is that the brain has gone through small but significant changes during a period of abstinence. In the case with alcoholics, one study showed that some brain changes, such as cell regeneration, occurred only after a couple weeks after sobriety.

Recovery is more like climbing a hill. If you slip and fall, you don’t fall all the way to the bottom, you just fall back a few feet, get up and continue climbing.

One more notable problem with common recovery centers are things called cross-addictions. For example, you may find in some treatment groups that recovering alcoholics are smoking a lot or narcotic addicts in recovery are drinking.

The reward center in the brain that is activated by these addictions doesn’t mind if you go to a rehab program as long as “it” gets the needed boost of dopamine. Scientists use the term “common neural currency” to describe how nearly all addictions are the same. Whatever it is, it results in a boost of dopamine. Addictions is really a chemical addiction, regardless of your drug of choice.

The brain of an addict will actually trigger a “partial” reward (spike of dopamine) during the anticipation or sight of the addictive material- which can trigger cravings. It doesn’t matter what the addictive material is. Dr Anna Rose puts it, “you are given a taste of the drug itself.4” It is a powerful primer that perpetuates the cravings leading to more addictive behaviors.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers
drug and alcohol abuse
drug and alcohol addiction
video found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAXjMDCJxNk
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Rehab treatment for addiction: Why people really relapse

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What is addiction treatment? Should addictis go to treatment? Is rehab treatment successful? And why do people relapse after rehab treatment? This video gives answers to these questions …

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➟ Find links to more information about addiction treatment and related topics below the description.


Drug or alcohol addiction treatment in a rehab setting is a mystery to some – addicts and their families and loved ones alike. Some of the most common questions we hear at Hope Rehab Thailand are: What does rehab treatment involve? Why should addictis go to rehab? Is the treatment beneficial / successful? And why do people use again after treatment?

Vinny, an addict in recovery himself and weekend manager at Hope Rehab, answers these questions in this video.

➟ What is addiction treatment?

Rehab is a safe environment for detox and treatment. Experienced staff and peers are there to support the addict – one day at a time – to not pick up drugs or alcohol again. It’s also a place where addicts get the help they need to realise what their real problem is (which is usually something underlying the addiction). Apart from that, rehab and the treatment addicts receive there confronts them with their denial. It helps them to realise how big their problem really is and that they lost control a long time ago. In short: Rehab treatment allows them to come to the truth of their situation.

➟ Should addicts go to treatment?

Yes, as most addicts will be unable to break the cycle of addiction on their own.

➟ Is addiction treatment beneficial / successful?

Treatment provides the opportunity to learn in a very short amount of time, what the problem is, confronts the addict with the truth of their condition and helps them realise what it takes to have long-term recovery once they break the cycle of addiction.

It does work for those who are ready to stop using drugs and/or drinking. There’s even a benefit for those who are just there to gather information but are not yet ready for a life without drugs and alcohol. Why? The information that is given to them stays with them. A few months or years down the road when they’re ready to quit drugs and alcohol for good they’ll remember what’s been taught. Plus, they get a preview of how good life in recovery can be.

➟ Why do people relpase after rehab treatment?

It’s quite simple: Those not quite ready to quit completely and get well won’t do the things suggested to them. “Suggestion” is a euphemism in that case cause it works like this: If you do what is suggested, you won’t use or drink again. If you don’t do it, you’ll relapse. The path of addiction recovery is well worn. We know what works.


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