Holland Hospital Rehab Services: Michael's Story

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Michael Kelly suffered multiple injuries in a car accident, including a broken neck and shattered pelvis. Michael talks about his road to recovery, the care he received from Holland Hospital’s Rehabilitation Services team, how he worked to walk and regain strength and the bonds created along the way.

Explaining the Concept of Rehab to Teens

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As any parent knows well, talking to teenagers is a task more difficult than most. Teenagers are at a young and rebellious age, and are often loathe to listen to listen to the advice of their parents or caretakers. This goes double for teenagers who may be abusing drugs or alcohol. Teen substance abuse can be a sign of other more serious issues in adolescents, and they may be reluctant to talk about it with a parental figure.

If you suspect your teenager is abusing substances, what’s the best way to talk to him or her about it? We asked some of our teen substance abuse professionals at Odyssey House for their advice.

More information available here: http://odysseyhouse.org/framing-concept-teen-substance-abuse/
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"A New Life" Christian Rehab Program

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Lakeview Health’s Christian addiction program, “A New Life” is designed for individuals who struggle with addiction but already have a belief in a higher power and faith in Christianity. Clients at “A New Life” will have you participating in Christian events, prayer, and teachings. The Christian addiction program is designed to help individuals rediscover Christianity while recovering from your addiction.

While most drug rehab programs base their recovery program on the twelve steps of alcoholics anonymous, “A New Life” will focus on God and use the teachings of Christ to guide their clients to sobriety. In order to achieve long-lasting sobriety it is essential to find faith in God.

To find out more about Lakeview Health’s Christian based rehab, “A New Life”, call the Addiction Helpline at 1-800-642-7989 and speak with someone who has been in your shoes or visit http://www.lakeviewhealth.com.It is never to late to seek out help for addiction.
Download the free intervention guide at lakeviewhealth.com/intervention-guide
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Sherwood Christian Rehab Video

This is a short testimony of the work that the Lord has done through John and Honi Reifler and continuing on through Colin and Chantal Kemsley at Sherwood Christian Rehabs Centre.
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Free Beautification or Rehab Funds for Homeowners [Please Share]

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Free Beautiful or Rehab Funds for Homeowners. There are cities throughout the United States that have these funds available.

Typically they will come in the form of a Grant. What you do is contact your local city or county and ask them if they have any beautification available for your property.

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8 Things to look for when rehabbing homes

8 Things to Look for When Rehabbing Older Homes

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Free Addiction Consultations – 888-242-7730 Best Addiction Treatment and Drug Rehab in Riverside Ohio

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Riverside, Ohio

Addiction Recovery Now – Call Us Today for a free consultation. Talk to one of our trained counselors 24 / 7. We treat you like a person, not a statistic. It’s your time to heal and enjoy life again.


Ohio Detox, Rehab & Drug Treatment Center

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We are Addiction Recovery Now
And when it comes to addiction, whether it is to prescription painkillers, CRYSTAL Meth, Methamphetamine, Heroin, Opioids, Oxycontin or any other drug, having the right kind of addiction abuse and detox support to help you through treatment is crucial.

Addiction is a disease and we help you through every step of the recovery and treatment process in a very comfortable environment.

Every addict who has overcome their addiction is likely to have a different success story than the next. For instance, some individuals can quit cold turkey (depending on the drug) and others had to use multiple forms of therapy and detox to kick their habit. No two addicts are going to be the same. We treat the whole person.

It is for this reason that a professional treatment facility can be critical to overcoming a drug addiction and to staying clean.

Your recovery starts very soon after you call us. Let’s get started today.

Treatment & Services:

Rehabilitation teaches clients to relinquish harmful, addictive behaviors with CBT based therapy, and guides people in recovery to embrace healthy methods of self expression and stress relief. Treatment consists of detox, residential rehab, outpatient rehab, and drug counseling. Addiction treatment is essential in preventing relapse and establishing long-term sobriety.

Help for Friends & Family:

Counseling for loved ones of those with chronic substance use disorders is crucial to keep the bridges of communication open. Family therapy during the course of recovery is instrumental in guiding loved ones to aid recovery and understand addiction. Conversely, family services allow loved ones to remain in control of their lives, apart from addiction.

Call us 24/7 in Riverside, Ohio – (937) 502-4305

Also view this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuF157D_-Zo
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Local Addiction Treatment Centers Drug Rehab In Ohio 855-602-5102

Award Winning Addiction Therapy Centers Drug Rehab In Ohio
Treating addiction effectively is performing a fantastic service to humanity and highly handful of specialized institutions can do an ideal job. For all those that do, they deserve an award for their service to humanity! Most individuals would choose obtaining remedy from award winning addiction remedy centers. For anyone who is seeking these institutions in Ohio, then you definitely might possibly be much more interested reading this short article. You’d acquire the details you could be trying to find or maybe a critique thereof to help you in deciding the drug rehab in Ohio you’d choose undertaking their therapy applications.
Richard Mays Wellness Systems
Amongst the award winning drug addiction remedy center is Lakeview Wellness Systems supplying detox solutions for each women and men looking for these solutions. With Richard Mays Well being Systems, you’ll meet multidisciplinary healthcare specialists certified to address your addiction illness. You could count on to get customized remedy in case you pick a single of their individualized therapy applications. Equally, you could count on to get a complete immediately after remedy care program should you ask for it. You can easily get significantly more knowledge by going to their web page or undertaking a great deal more targeted look for the material for which you might be browsing.
Turning Point
Turning Point is often a national leader in drug addiction rehabilitation situated in Connecticut. Its operations are undertaken around the principle that young addicts around the recovery stage will need continued assistance from their peers, guidance from pros and clinical solutions. In addition to, the facility organizes entertaining moments to assist the recovering people respond greater and more quickly in the course of this very important therapy phase. It is actually because of this that the facility organizes many recreational facilities which includes skiing, music recording sessions, and martial arts classes as a part of its efforts to re-integrate entertaining into their lives. In case you are keen on their solutions or attempting to find extra data relating to their applications and solutions, you can easily check out their web site, contact their on the web support desk or conduct a significantly more targeted search around the identical.
Drug Hotline Therapy Center
Drug Hotline Therapy Center has earned international recognition for their skilled service to humanity. It specializes in residential remedy for females and young girls affected by consuming problems. At Inside the Hotline Center, you might meet compassionate but specialist staffs educated in clinical medicine who will manage your scenario proficiently. You’ll be able to anticipate totally free screening solutions from these experts to know superior your situation ahead of committing oneself to any therapy or rehabilitation plan. Equally, you’ll be able to get extra data from their internet site or get in touch with their aid desk for guidance.
Your Drug Abuse Hotline
Your Drug Abuse Hotline is really a therapy center supplying holistic therapy that make certain healing but instilling hope for sufferers struggling with addictions. The facility presents a one of a kind plan that make certain the most effective healthcare and neuropathic addiction therapy plan. The plan is integrated to type 12 step strategy for complete and holistic therapy. You can actually get a lot more facts from their site.
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