Inception of iLevel®: How Consumer Feedback Inspired Quantum Rehab®’s New Power Chair

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Through consumer feedback, Quantum Rehab® discovered the social and clinical benefits to creating a product that would allow power chair users to elevate 12” of height (10″ on the Q6 Edge® HD) while at walking speed (up to 3.5 mph). iLevel® allows users to be independent in their environment. Watch the video to learn more about the creation and functionality of this new technology.
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Addiction Recovery: Why your resentments have the power to kill

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Resentments are one of the most powerful relapse triggers. This video explores the impact resentments have on us – especially in our recovery and gives some advice on how to overcome them.

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➟ Resentments are the Number 1 reason for relapse

Some people might know that resentments and the thoughts and feelings they evoke are the Number 1 offender to relapse – and therefore they might very well kill you.

➟ Resentments make you re-feel the same pain over and over and over again

The thing is that we can hold on and re-feel the pain that comes with the resentment, with the impression of having been wronged, having been hurt where we shouldn’t have been, over and over and over again – for years, sometimes even for decades. Especiall when we start our recovery journey, resentments can really take grip and keep us wrapped up in addiction… when actually we need to break free.

➟ Oftentimes when holding onto resentments we are unable to see our own part in it

A resentment, to me, is to re-feel old pain. And we torture ourselves by re-feeling and hitting the replay button so many times… so much, that it actually turns into self-resentment and self-pity. Doing that we probably take ourselves out of the equation and we probably feel that we had no part in that resentment, but we probably did. Normally, it works out that we had a much bigger part than we believe and it wasn’t all the other person.

➟ It’s crucial to your recovery to learn how to let go of resentments

It’s really important in rehab and in recovery to work on your resentments and learn to let go of them. In our experience here at Hope Rehab, clients usually struggle with resentments against family members. That can be really difficult. It’s work in progress and I have to change my actions.

➟ First step to let go of resentments: Recognise your part and find compassion in your heart

I have to really recognise my part and show compassion towards people because nobody’s perfect. Sadly there isn’t a guidebook on life that tells you how to treat people… people are doing the best with what they’ve been passed down.

➟ If we can’t break free from our resentments we will keep hurting

So much resentment is just passed down pain patterns which we need to break free from. When we have compassion because people are just human and make mistakes we can break free from resentments and give ourselves a chance to not keep hurting. It’s really important for recovery but also generally to find some peace in life.

➟ How resentments compromise your recovery and eventuall lead to relapse

Especially in recovery, it’s true that if we keep re-feeling that pain, we start to disengage and isolate and cut people off…. when actually we crave connection. It’s through connection, through belonging that we succeed in recovery.

➟ Resentments often lead to us acting in the very same way that we resent the other person for

What we see with resentments is that we have actually portrayed the behaviour that we are angry about. With what’s been done to us we have gone to do to others. Can we really be so blameful to other people, when we have done the same? For me, it was about seeing that… cause I have wronged people in the way I said I never would. It was all because of addiction, because of alcohol. It turned me into somebody that I wasn’t. One thing I really never wanted to do I ended up doing because of the grips of addiction. I managed to break free from that and try to manage my behaviours and actions today so that resentment doesn’t keep me locked to addiction.

➟ To let go of resentments you will need some help

There is a lot of work to be done around resentments when you come to rehab and start your recovery journey. The thing is, that this work can never be done alone. We will never get out of resentment on our own. Our own head makes it real, makes it true. When we expose it to another human being that can give us a new perspective and find freedom from it.


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VEGAS POWER | TAO | Las Vegas |

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VEGAS POWER | TAO | Las Vegas | Party Girls At Tao 4th July! A3 Network is a group of online TV channels that reflect the modern lifestyle, featuring Bikini Girls, Sexy Pool Parties, Nightlife, Clubs, DJ’s, Music Video’s, Style, Art and Fashion. Whatever the flavor, the most exciting video’s on the web! Original A3 Network content is produced by
Video Rating: / 5 Las Vegas Labor Day Weekend 2010 is here now and you can be certain there are plenty of events to create a splash with. The Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel is easily the most demanded resort which my own clientele had reserved this Las Vegas Labor Day Weekend 2010. The key reason why the Hard Rock Las Vegas hotel has such high demands throughout the summer is really because of “Rehab”, having been the #1 pool party in Las Vegas ever since pool parties first started about 8 years ago. The Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel pool is quite possibly the best pool party I’ve experienced throughout my entire life, and Rehab undoubtedly is the best pool party I’ve attended in my life, and I’ve been to a bunch of the pool parties for the WMC and absolutely nothing truly compares to the chaos and madness that these waters have experienced. Rehab this Las Vegas Labor Day Weekend 2010 will probably be one hell of a blast without a doubt.

As soon as you enter the Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel you will see that you are showered with music memorabilia as soon as you walk in the walk in the front doors. There is a nice full view of the entire casino floor. At the center bar that you will find a 360 degree view of the entire gaming grounds.

Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel pool features tropical outdoor scenery and has a variety of cabanas you can purchase from the pool concierge, and the pool holds sand at the bottom of the floors. This is probably the nicest pool I have ever been in and i can’t wait to go back.

There are two reasons why so many people will travel for Las Vegas Labor Day Weekend 2010. 1 to party and 2 relax, and at the Reliquary Spa you can do just that. With your reservation you will have access to the indoor fitness are that features a full complete gym, with machine weights, stair masters, and treadmills .There is also an outdoor fitness and wellness area that features a jogging path and stretching stations

That about wraps it up for this Las Vegas Labor Day Weekend 2010, and our virtual tour of the Hard Hock Las Vegas hotel.

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