Chiropractor Murfreesboro TN Chiropractic enhances Athletic Performance

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Chiropractor Murfreesboro TN Chiropractic enhances Athletic Performance

In this video Murfreesboro TN chiropractor Dr.Tom Peltier talks about how Chiropractic can enhance an Athlete’s performance. Welcome to another HealthNews video news release brought to you by Peltier Chiropractic.
In today’s news, studies show that chiropractic care is effective in enhancing athletic performance.
Sports chiropractors are able to identify an athlete’s deficit and work to correct it before an injury occurs. This is what separates a chiropractor from a physical therapist; the approach is much more proactive, essentially treating the conditions that might cause an injury. These conditions are also what might impede an athlete’s performance, therefore making the case that chiropractic care not only treats an athlete’s injuries, but also enhances their performance.
By restoring normal neurology and biomechanics a sports chiropractor will reduce pain, decrease the severity of injury, and possibly enhance athletic performance. Through spinal manipulative therapy, performance is improved since it is through the full use of the nervous system that peak performance can be achieved. Chiropractic is the only form of care available to deliver subluxation free 100 percent nerve flow and that peak performance is possibly only with chiropractic care.
Remember, peak performance isn’t only for athletes. Visit your chiropractor regularly and make sure your nervous system is functioning 100%.
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Dr. Tom Peltier your Murfreesboro TN chiropractor specializes in wellness care for the entire family as well as helping people live happier more productive lives with less back pain, headaches, and joint pain. In addition Dr. Tom offers natural care for sports injuries and auto accidents.

Having practiced Chiropractic in Murfreesboro TN for over 30 years Dr. Tom is known as the go to chiropractor in the area.

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Dr. Mike Tunning was studying to be an athletic trainer when he saw first-hand how chiropractic can help athletes recover from injury. Now he’s chiropractor with advanced training in radiology and sports rehabilitation, and works as an assistant professor at Palmer College of Chiropractic.

A Performance from Oklahoma!: I Cain't Say No

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The Broadway cast of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! performs a scaled-down version of “I Cain’t Say No” with Ali Stroker for the Tonight Show audience.

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A Performance from Oklahoma!: I Can’t Say No


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Percussion: Kenny Malone

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3rd Performance – Maxx Factor – "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse – Sing Off – Series 1

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3rd Performance - Maxx Factor - "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse - Sing Off - Series 1

Somebody wanted to see this so i’m just putting up this old series up for them lol. I won’t grade any of them so you don’t have to worry about that!

Athletic Training & Performance Tips | Adult Chiropractor Jacksonville

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Dr. Lauren and Body Control Fitness of Jacksonville Florida are together today to talk about how to improve your athletic training routines

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When taking a few days off from training to reduce shin splints is not an option, Dr. Colby highly suggests foam rolling and athletic tape.
1) Increase blood flow to the affected area (to reduce inflammation)
2) Stabilize the shin (to prevent risk for further injury)
Dr. Colby walks us through an easy step-by-step process on how to properly apply athletic tape.

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Equine Performance Center Tour

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Welcome to Equine Performance Center! Where we focus on Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation for Horses.

Located in Horse Capital of The World Ocala, FL.

Call for a physical tour! (352) 369-4325
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Miramar drug and alcohol treatment center (888) 316-4546 | . Family therapy goals in alcohol and drug rehab are varied, depending on the dynamics of the family. However, there are several typical anticipated goals for all family therapy in an addiction treatment setting, which include establishing boundaries in family behaviors, improving communication amongst family members, and resolving conflict within the family.
For more detail email us on

Blood Flow Restriction Training In Rehabilitation and Performance of USA National Team Gymnast

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Cody is a member of the USA national gymnastics team, competing in trampoline. He had two surgeries, physical therapy, but was still struggling with pain that was limiting his performance. At PhysioWorks in Huntsville Alabama, Andrew Walker, PT was able to use strength training and plyometrics to help make significant improvements in his pain while he was still competing. When Cody went to a competition he continued to strength train, but when he was unable due to lack of facilities his pain would interfere with his performance. We made use of blood flow restriction (BFR) training as a way of helping him continue to strength train but with low loads such as his suitcase. Cody still can improve, but during this recovery, he placed 3rd at US nationals, his best performance in the five-years he has been in the senior team.
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Improve Athletic Performance, Pain Referral, Muscle Testing Demonstration, by Austin Chiropractor

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Improve Athletic Performance, Pain Referral, Muscle Testing Demonstration by Austin Chiropractor

Dr. Echols is a Chiropractor in Austin, Texas. In this video he discusses the pain referral system and how organs can refer pain to other parts of the body. He also discusses neurolymphatic points, and how to improve athletic performance by ensuring that all muscles are firing properly.

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Club Rehab performance 8:31:13

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G I AM Ent. In the building!!! Club Rehab. 8.31.13. Dee Mand on the camera. Special Thanks DJ Donnie Dramatic, Dee Mand (Absurd Pros.),Mischa TheViral-Vixen Mula, and Chris Drain. Thanks for the love and support from everyone in the building!! What a nite. All original music by G I Am ent. copyright 2013