Drug Addiction : How to Help a Friend Through Opiate Methadone Detox at Home

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Methadone detox at home is something that will not be comfortable, and several withdrawal symptoms will be experienced. Help a friend detox at home from methadone with help from a practicing psychiatrist in this free video on drug addiction.

Expert: Dr George Northrup
Contact: docgmd.com
Bio: Dr. George Northrup earned his medical degree at The University of South Florida in Tampa and completed his psychiatry residency at The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Series Description: Drug addiction is a life threatening illness, but these tips can help save someone’s life. Become aware of the signs and symptoms of drug addiction with help from a practicing psychiatrist in this free video series on drug addiction.

Opiate Addiction: A Holistic Approach

Opiate Addiction: A Holistic Approach

This video is a retelling of a lecture I gave last year at Herbstalk in Boston focusing on holistic modalities that could be used to treat opiate/heroin addiction.

This video will cover mind body therapies, entheogens, traditional chinese medicine, and neurotransmitter precursors as well as common western treatments for the opiate crisis


In the United States, it is estimated that there are 25 million people that need treatment for an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of those people seek treatment. Founded in 2003, the River Source in Mesa, AZ offers one of the most effective and proven methods for recovery from addiction; a method known as holistic rehabilitation. Holistic rehabilitation is a method that treats the whole person for their drug and alcohol addiction – mind, body, and spirit.