Wendy Williams Opens Up About Her Past Cocaine Addiction and Why She’s Taking on the K2 Epidemic

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Talk show host Wendy Williams opens up about her past cocaine addiction and raises awareness of the increasing use of K2 in kids and young adults across the nation. She shares how easily it can be bought and the scary zombie-like side effects that it produces.

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Selena Gomez Opens Up About Rehab & Why "13 Reasons Why" Is So Important

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Selena Gomez has taken a seat behind the camera in her first-ever producing role for ‘13 Reasons Why’, and she’s opening up about battling her own tough times along the way.
Not only has Selena produced an entire series, but she’s also helping millions of people cope by sharing their personal stories, further proving that not all heroes wear capes.

Selena Gomez might as well add ‘Actual Living Angel on Earth’ to her resume because her newest project is set to change the lives of millions for the better. She’s taken on the exec producer role in the series adaption of the young adult novel ’13 Reasons Why’, taking viewers inside the lives of people who’ve dealt with difficult hardships like depression, bullying, suicide and emotional abuse, but not all topics were portrayed onscreen.

During a press interview for the Netflix original series, Selena opened about facing her own struggles when they started production, which occurred directly around the time she spent three months in a rehab facility last August to focus on maintaining her own health and happiness.
Since then, Sel has slowly began stepping back into the spotlight, but revealed that social media is very much to blame for its distorted portrayal of peoples’ lives.
The show will center on Clay and Hannah, when Clay discovers audio tapes from Hannah who killed herself two weeks prior, in which she breaks down the 13 reasons why she killed herself. Selena also talked more about the show and its purpose to bring awareness to what millions of people are experiencing in modern-day high school world, saying, “Unfortunately, kids don’t care. They have to see something that’s going to scare them. They need to see something that’s frightening. I want them to understand it. I would do anything to be able to have a good influence on this generation but I definitely relate to everything that was going on. I was there for the last episode and I was a mess just seeing it all come to life because I’ve experienced that.”
Sel was able to relate to these hardships as she recalled growing up in the “biggest high school in the world, which was Disney Channel,” saying that even adults had the audacity to tell her how to live her life. But by working first-hand on a project that is near and dear to her heart, Selena only hopes that the lessons she’s learned along the way will resonate with others, the way it did hers.
I’m sensing tissues will be an extreme necessity come the release of this series on March 31st, and I cannot wait to see what Selena and the rest of the cast and crew have in store, but I want to know what you guys thought about Selena’s interview and if you’re also looking forward to tuning in, so hit us up in the comments below and after that, don’t forget to subscribe to Clevver News for the latest updates. Thanks for hanging out with me today, I’m your host Sinead de Vries and I’ll see you next time.

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A prisoner begins to go through heroin withdrawal in jail.

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