Frazier Rehab Ironman Housing Fund continues to help those in need

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REX 00:00 – 3:01
THEY WANT ME TO DIE 3:02 – 6:07
LOSING IT 6:08 – 9:58
MOTIVATION 9:59 – 12:52
THANK GOD 18:28 – 21:28
WHEN I DIE 21:29 – 24:37
MY RIFLE 24:38 – 27:26
NO PROBLEM 27:28 – 30:54

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24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730 Non-violent drug offenders need help, not felony records – Arizona Capitol Times

Non-violent drug offenders need help, not felony records  Arizona Capitol Times

Maybe it’s time for prosecutors like Barbara LaWall to stop defending the status quo and embrace a more effective justice system based on data and evidence. It.

“Arizona addiction” – Google News

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****Remember You Are Not A Bad Person That Needs To Be Good. You Are A Sick Person Who Needs To Get Better******

Brunswick Ga Chiropractor treats patients of all ages…Kids need Chiropractic Care too!

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Your Brunswick, GA Chiropractor, Dr. Amber Wellman has been serving the Golden Isles since 2006. In our office we treat patients of all ages with the focus of not waiting until you have pain to take charge of your health. Our youngest patient is an infant while our oldest patient is 95 years old! We loving offering solution and plan to keep your longevity
This video is our friend and patient, Payton. You can watch him get adjusted below and hear how his care has impacted his life! Payton loves playing the guitar and soccer! He is a chiropractic advocate at the young age of 13 and knows the value of staying healthy. Chiropractic is for everyone…young and old!
Contact your Brunswick, GA Chiropractor at Wellman Family Healthcare located at 124 Chapel Crossing Road or give us a call at 912-554-2002.
Check out this video at
Cities served:
Brunswick, GA, St. Simons Island, GA, Darien, GA, Waverly, GA, Jekyll Island, GA, Hinesville, GA, Richmond Hill, GA
Wellman Family Healthcare & BodyworX Studio 912
124 Chapel Crossing Road
Brunswick, GA 31525
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What you NEED to know about Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

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Seriously… chiropractic care during pregnancy is AMAZING and helps with everything. Baby posterior or breech? Go see your chiro. Lower back hurting? Go see your chiro. Sciatica pain that is shooting down your leg? Go see your chiro. They fix everything! I loved getting regular chiropractic care when I was pregnant with my fourth baby and she was my only baby out of four who was not posterior when labor began. I swear by chiropractics.

If you are in the Phoenix area and in need of a chiropractor I highly recommend seeing Dr. Maegan Istok of Get Well Be Well.

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