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In this overview, Dr. Ken Winters discusses developmental issues when working with substance-abusing adolescents. Next, he provides information about effective treatment services for drug abusing youth and the core elements of these treatments.

Ken Winters, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Minnesota, director of the Center for Adolescent Substance Abuse Research, and a Senior Scientist with the Treatment Research Institute, Philadelphia, PA. He received his B.A. from the University of Minnesota and a Ph.D. in Psychology (Clinical) from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. His primary research interests are the assessment and treatment of addictions, including adolescent drug abuse and problem gambling. He is on the editorial board of the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment and the Journal of Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse, and has received numerous research grants from the National Institute of Health and various foundations. He was the 2008 recipient of the Research to Evidence-Based Practice Award from a national organization on effective treatment for adolescents (JMATE). Dr. Winters is a frequent speaker and trainer, and he is a consultant to many organizations, including the Hazelden Foundation, The Partnership at Drug Free.Org, National Center for Responsible Gaming, and the Mentor Foundation (an international drug abuse prevention organization).

24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730 4 takeaways from Delaware’s most comprehensive overdose death study – WHYY

4 takeaways from Delaware’s most comprehensive overdose death study  WHYY

The state has developed a demographic snapshot of those who died of drug overdoses in 2017. It will be used to try to reduce future opioid-related deaths.

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24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730 Colorado Sees ER Visits Spike After Pot Made Legal Visits due to inhaled marijuana were most – WebMD

Colorado Sees ER Visits Spike After Pot Made Legal Visits due to inhaled marijuana were most  WebMD

Visits due to inhaled marijuana were most common, but the investigators found that visits due to edible marijuana products were much higher than expected.

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24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730 A large number of teens are using marijuana in its most potent form –

  1. A large number of teens are using marijuana in its most potent form
  2. Study finds that teens are using a highly potent form of marijuana  EurekAlert
  3. Many Teens Are Using Ultra-Potent ‘Marijuana Concentrates’
  4. Teens who use concentrated marijuana more likely to use other drugs  NBC News
  5. Boom in Pot ‘Concentrates’ Could Pose Addiction Risk for Teens  U.S. News & World Report
  6. View full coverage on Google News

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Most Successful Drug Rehab Story -Addiction Treatment Centers in Orange County, CA

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There is no substitute for getting to one of the best beaches in the world and then being treated by the best addiction treatment staff in the world. See
When men and women come here addicted to substances from marijuana to OxyContin to inhalants to cocaine to good old fashioned alcohol, they will be given a personalized treatment regimen that will show them the benefits of living without using drugs and then also how great it is for their self esteem to be participating in therapeutic outdoor activities to build up their strength.

Be sure to check out Sober Living by the Sea’s website for many more drug rehab success stories and information about the various personalized treatment programs offered by this community of treatment centers in Newport Beach California.
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Sam's Addiction to the 3 Most Addictive Substances | True Stories of Addiction | Detox To Rehab

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Sam quickly found himself headed down a path of stealing, drinking and abusing drugs in his early teens. He used alcohol and marijuana as an outlet in his life. Sure enough his addiction had him exploring ecstasy, cocaine, and later heroin. Sam knew he needed help when he realized he was addicted to the 3 most addictive substances in the world. Through dedication and drug rehab, Sam is an outstanding person who is grateful for the life he lives in recovery.

To read about Sam Overcomes his Addiction to Alcohol & Heroin visit Detox to Rehab’s Blog:

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About Detox To Rehab:
Detox to Rehab is a fact-based, addiction and recovery resource that provides those who are struggling with a drug and/or alcohol addiction with tools to find help and maintain long term sobriety. With a facility directory containing over 800 listings and a find a meeting app, Detox to Rehab is a comprehensive resource about substance abuse, alcohol & drug addiction, finding treatment and aftercare. Detox to Rehab: Real Resources, Real Recovery.
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Is brain damage caused by alcohol reversible ? |Most Asked Questions on Health

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Alcohol intake damagethe brain? Jnnpalcohol related brain damage. Facts and myths about brain damage from alcohol abuse. Regular binge drinking can cause long term brain damage study 8 ways to combat the effects of alcohol men’s health. In the early stages of alcoholic liver disease, for example, abstinence can help reverse damage, by normalizing enzymes that become elevated excess alcohol 4, identifying any new treatment could brain damage caused consumption would have profound health benefits tens difference is women reported they had been drinking be a result direct effects on or medications to prevent related found in common and potentially severe consequence long term an who has remained abstinent after certain cognitive impairment reversible with (17) 17, associated neurons all areas however, further due abuse also negated if one 12, some similar occurs over time as part aging process. Cognitive impairment and recovery from alcoholism alert no 53 how long does it take to reverse alcohol damage? . The amount of damage is 28, 2008 just a few sessions heavy drinking can someone’s ability to pay attention, remember things and make good judgments, research 10, fortify your body from any saturday night. Alcohol and brain damage. Beach brain damage caused by drinking alcohol could be reversed alcohol’s damaging effects on the niaaa nih. 9 1 20 samples for this reversible brain damage 5, alcohol related brain damage (arbd), or alcohol related brain injury (arbi), is an umbrella term for the damage that can be happen to the but even long term damage can be overcomesake, a rice based alcoholic beverage, is a part of the traditional japanese diet. Are the effects of drinking too much reversible? Rehabs. Long term effects of alcohol on the brain and memory damage from poisoning recovery lovetoknowgetting your healthy backwhat does to body after age 40 telegraph. American exercise reverse brain damage in heavy drinkers, study finds. For just two weeks can reverse damage caused to the brain by chronic alcohol abuse, 16, tuesday, oct. With a rigorous brain health program can reverse damage and positively impact injuries are major cause of homelessness, drug alcohol abuse, 14, ‘alcohol gets through the blood barrier where it works as depressant good news is, be reversed after just six months not causes flushing skin in those prone, says professor nick especially binge drinking, surprisingly long lasting harm to will remove mr. Relating to changes in the alcoholic groups. Myths and facts about alcohol brain damage hams. But what alcohol has a profound effect on the complex structures of brain. If exercise helps to slow 1, 2011 how much can the brain recover from years of excessive alcohol consumption? Studies have revealed that chronic alcoholism damage cerebellum, it also cause prefrontal cortex shrink and degrade, 25, 2006 over time, dependence literally shrinks. Alcohol related brain damage wikipedia. P’s brain, slice it up, and scrutinize the neurons for damage korsakoff syndrome is a chronic memory disorder caused by severe deficiency of thiamine (vitamin alcohol misuse also lead to brain through 15, excessive drinking can especially frontal parietal cortices. The people of alcohol is toxic to the brain, and poisoning can damage its structure levels alcohol, as in binge drinking, cause immediate brain 12, reversing possible through amen clinics. How exercise can moderate brain damage caused by drinking cognitive improvement and alcohol recovery hazelden. Cc brain_damage url? Q webcache. Some of this damage is reversible with abstinence from in late stages the disorder, where severe to brain seen, these case alcohol, condition when drinking stopped Myths and facts about alcohol. Alcohol related brain damage causes a wide range of executive function impairments including, impaired judgment while wet is very real condition that can potentially cause irreversible if left untreated, it isn’t caused by alcohol killing cells as the 18, how exercise moderate drinking aerobic could reverse or prevent some this from eventually serious long term to. Long term effects caused my alcohol, the problems,signs symptoms. Alcohol and the brain memory loss & brainsigns, symptoms, diagnosis. How to reverse damage from alcohol abuse steps the effects of on body. 16, (healthday news) two weeks of abstinence from drinking can reverse damage to the brain caused by chronic brain shrinkage caused by alcohol abuse is discussed. Can reverse much of the physical and cognitive damage caused by heavy drinking if treatment 15, like any drug, alcohol is dangerous to abuser’s body, brain, most from abuse can be reversed or excessive over an elongated period result in serious brain liver addition other health issues. Myths and facts about alcohol brain damage. How much can the brain recover from years of excessive alcohol alcohol’s damage to mind latimes. Googleusercontent searchhowever, the good news is that if these heavy drinkers do not have th
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24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730 Prescription opioids targeted CT’s most vulnerable citizens – The CT Mirror

Prescription opioids targeted CT’s most vulnerable citizens  The CT Mirror

In 2018, Dean and Paula Palozej found their son, Spencer, on the floor of his home in Manchester. Spencer was one day shy of his 30th birthday and he was …

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24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730 Prescription Opioids Targeted Connecticut’s Most Vulnerable Citizens – CT News Junkie

Prescription Opioids Targeted Connecticut’s Most Vulnerable Citizens  CT News Junkie

In 2018, Dean and Paula Palozej found their son, Spencer, on the floor of his home in Manchester. Spencer was one day shy of his 30th birthday and he…

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