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Ep. 3 Seo Tips And Tricks | Generate More Leads For Addiction Treatment Center

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Introduction To The Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 3

What’s up guys? Welcome to episode number three of the marketing life podcast. I’m super excited today. Our special guest I used to work with, her name’s Nicole and she’s going over some seo tips, some instagram tips, some facebook funnel tips, and she talks a lot about how important communication is with your clients. So let’s dive in.Okay guys, let’s get started here. So we got an, a coal on the show today. So Nicole, give us a little backstory on how you got yourself into marketing.

Introduction To Nicole

Nicole: Okay, well, how I got myself into marketing is that I had a friend that works at the company that I’m at now. And um, he just reached out to me one day and asked if I wanted a job and I had like a very typical like college desk job and I hated it. So I was like, yes, please. I would love a new job. And then I never heard from him again. Like, Hey, I’m like, I want this job, but if I can’t have this job then let me come in and intern for you. Um, during the summer I had quit my desk job because it sucked, so I was like, let me come in during the summer and intern like for you, and then I will learn all of these skills and you can either hire me at the end of it if you think I’m good enough or I can take them elsewhere and turn it into more of a career. And so I came in a couple of times and, and learned a few things from him and then he eventually left the company and so that kind of just left me back with no job and then I’m, the boss of the company was like, Hey, give me that girl’s phone number that’s been doing all of your work for the last, you know, month or two. And so then he reached out to me and I’ve now been with that company for four years. So that’s how I started. It was all just kind of a fluke.

Nicole’s Path To Learn Online Marketing Skills And Content

Taylor: Gotcha. That’s awesome. So basically what you’re saying is you had no education in marketing, correct?

Nicole: Oh yeah.

Taylor: So, um, what are some of the things that you did to like to learn these skillsets for like to learn to do digital marketing? What were, what were you doing out there?

Nicole: Well, our company is pretty like baptism by fire. It’s like you go figure it out yourself. So, um, I obviously had a little bit of guidance of like set up analytics. I was told what to do, I just didn’t know how to do any of it. So it was all just learning on the job of like googling how to set up analytics. It was like create a facebook campaign and then it was me just figuring out how to set up a facebook campaign. And so it was all trial by error for the most part. Um, and yeah,

Taylor: no, that’s awesome. So basically you had no education, you started learning these things, but now you’re like an expert. So like what are some of your expertise in experts?

Nicole: A loaded word. I think because I think this industry changes so often that I constantly feel like I don’t know anything. I’m always relearning things, especially with all of the updates to all of the platforms that we constantly use. It’s like you just have to relearn everything all the time are you just have to stay on top of everything. Um, but I think I’m the most proficient in, in Seo and content writing and then I’m like social media growth. I don’t want to necessary we say like branding or anything like that, but like growing an instagram I’m pretty decent at.

Taylor: Gotcha. That’s awesome. So what are some of the tips like as far as seo goes that you feel like our audience needs to know about? Like some of the simple tips and tricks to make sure that your seo is performing and doing. You’re doing the right things.

Use Keywords Relevant to Your Industry and Business

Nicole: I mean, pretty simple when you break it down. I mean, you, you need to know what your keyword is. You need to, um, I mean use the keyword planner tools that are out there and Neil Patel has one ad words has one, find the keywords that are relevant to your industry that are low competition, high traffic search. Um, and then, you know, make sure that that’s in your headline, make sub headlines that include, put that in your actual copy of your blog or your webpage, make sure that you have, you know, anywhere between 500 and 1500 word articles, ,500, perform the best. Um, but if you can only pump one of those out once a month, that’s fine, but you know, just try to try to create good content. Um, that is, you know, a bit longer than your average, like 300 word blog that nobody really cares for. Nobody’s really reading. Google isn’t really caring to index it or anything. Um, and then make sure that your, your Meta description is in there. Make sure that your images are saved with that key word.
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