25 Facts About Alcohol To Blow Your Mind

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25 facts about alcohol to blow your mind, The good bad and the ugly we have it all in our 25 facts about alcohol

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25 facts about alcohol to blow your mind
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Mind Over Matter in Treating Substance Addiction

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Mind Over Matter in Treating Substance Addiction

This video investigates the potential for mindfulness in treating substance addictions. It discusses what mindfulness is, how addiction works and presents research showing how mindfulness-based treatments have been effective in treating substance-based addictions (particularly cigarette addiction). It then provides information on how you can practice mindfulness on your own.

This video was made by McMaster Demystifying Medicine students Rajat Bhargava, Myfannwy Pope, Britney Baiden and Harleen Kaur Padwal.

Copyright McMaster University 2018


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Woman Agrees To Get Help For Drug Addiction Then Backs Out – Will She Change Her Mind?

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A drug-addicted mom agrees to go to treatment. But see what happens after the show.

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The Dr. Phil show provides the most comprehensive forum on mental health issues in the history of television. For over a decade, Dr. McGraw has used the show’s platform to make psychology accessible and understandable to the general public by addressing important personal and social issues. Using his top-rated show as a teaching tool, he takes aim at the critical issues of our time, including the “silent epidemics” of bullying, drug abuse, domestic violence, depression, child abuse, suicide and various forms of severe mental illness.

How Denial Works: Inside The Mind Of An Addict: Young Adults Recovery

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Mason’s story is a perfect window into the mind of an addict. If you’ve ever wondered why addicts make the choices they do, this video will illustrate addictive thinking patterns including denial and rationalization. Learn, how things get twisted and turned around.

Enjoy this fantastic comeback story.

My Story:
Hi. My name is Amber Hollingsworth. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor and a nationally certified Master Addiction Counselor. It’s my mission to help empower as many people and families as possible to take their lives back, conquer addiction and alcoholism, and use their talents for the betterment of themselves and others.

How I got here:

My first job in the mental health field lasted for almost 10 years. I worked in an acute care psychiatric hospital. During those 10 years, I saw A LOT! I did lots of different jobs in the hospital. I developed and ran an Intensive Outpatient Program for adolescents. I worked on the adult detox unit, adult psychiatric unit, and even worked with the severe and chronically mentally ill patients. The place I worked was a pretty decent facility as far as mental health hospitals go, but after seeing the same patients come in and out of the hospital for years, I decided I had to do something differently.

Most addiction and mental health facilities are more like factories. People are shuffled in and out and the focus is paperwork and CYA! Much of the mental health systems we have in place are about filling out forms to collect someone’s insurance or documenting things to make sure and keep the facility out of trouble. This takes such a precedent, there is almost no individual therapy that happens, family evolvement is nothing more than a phone call to make sure there are no guns in the house, and aftercare plans are just a checklist.
I don’t really blame the facilities or the people that work there (I was one of them for almost 10 years myself!) It’s just an overwhelmed broken system. Sure, all these places use verbiage like “Individualized Treatment Plan” and “Relapse Prevention Programs”, but these are nothing more than buzz words that staff is taught to use regularly.

If you’ve dealt this system as a patient/client or family member of a patient, then I know you know what I’m talking about. Ever just feel like you’re being read a script? It’s not because these people don’t care, it’s because their hands are tied, and the truth don’t have the time or resources to give patients/clients/and families the attention they really need.

In 2011, I left the hospital and started my own outpatient addiction treatment center, called Hope For Families Recovery Center. I designed the program specifically to actually meet the needs of the clients and families we serve. We don’t answer to insurance companies and because of that, we spend 95% of our time in direct client/family care. We have the time to listen and the flexibility to be creative in our solutions.

My practice was growing and growing. In fact, I had to move to a bigger office building twice in 5 years. Our clients loved our family approach to treatment! But I will have to admit doing things the right way is VERY TIME consuming and not economical for all clients who need our services.

I wanted to figure out how to serve more people and help educate families on how to access the help they need. I figured the internet was the best way to reach most people. I did some research and what I found was a lot of people sharing their stories, and a ton of people talking about the problem, but there is virtually no one out there actually telling people how to solve these problems.
That’s why I started this YouTube channel: Put the Shovel Down! In this channel, you can access all the information as if you were actually a client in our private practice.

Please help support my mission to reach as many people as possible by Subscribing to this channel and sharing relevant content with others.

To learn more about Hope For Families, you can check out our website at https://www.hopeforfamiliesrecoverycenter.com

Free Addiction and Recovery Resources:

Download Amber’s Free Handbook For Parents:

Download Your Free Addiction Treatment Guide

Download Your Free Home Drug Screening Guide For Parents

For more information on how to help yourself or a loved one struggling with a drug or alcohol problem visit:

For more information about the best recovery residence program for young men in South Carolina, visit
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Best Drug Rehab Center Miami Fl: Cost of Rehab in Miami Florida
No matter where you live, there is a substance rehab center that can help you overcome your addiction. We can help you find a treatment center based on your location, budget and specific needs and get you started immediately.
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Medical Detox
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Dr Joseph Cipriano DC adjusts a first time patient seeking Chiropractic care. She has some pain in her trapezius muscle area and low back that gets addressed. She has some very loud cracks and pops which will please any “crack addict” out there. The powerful Y strap adjustment was not used at the end to complete the adjustment.

Patient instantly feels relief after Dr Cipriano’s Y-strap full spine (Full Body) whole body Chiropractic adjustment. Dr Cipriano’s neck strap adjustment (neck pull adjustment) is very powerful that decompresses the entire spine removing pressure off the nerves to allow the body to heal and function. Dr Cipriano is a full body (whole body) chiropractor that uses a neck strap adjustment device to manually decompress the spine. Instant relief after y strap. Loud chiropractic cracks in neck, loud chiropractic cracks in mid back and loud chiropractic cracks in low back. Any crack addict will enjoy. Bearded Doc wears yeezys!



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Instagram: Dr Joseph Cipriano DC

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Spartanburg, South Carolina

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Business Cell# 864-376-3143