Dr. Ian – Jaw MANIPULATION on CHILD Post TRAUMATIC Fall – FIXED by Gonstead Chiropractic

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Dr. Brenda Mondragon, DC is a chiropractor licensed in the state of Florida, USA. Even kids get migraines and dark circles under the eyes caused by venous congestion. They should get regularly checked by a chiropractor for spinal misalignments. Feel better soon!
*Note: I am a licensed professional and these techniques are not meant to be done by unlicensed people. This patient was fully evaluated prior to manipulation. The title is for fun and meant to be taken light heartedly.

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manipulation under anesthesia – Smart Health

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An old therapy is new again… It’s called ‘manipulation under anesthesia,’ or MUA. The therapy is for those in chronic pain with limited range of motion, who have not found relief from other therapies. MUA originated in the 1930’s, but eventually lost favor with the medical establishment. Now it’s back, with improved techniques that are making a difference for patients. MUA places people under sedation so the body can be adjusted and manipulated, and soft tissue stretched. Often, scar tissue is broken up, range of motion increases, and pain is reduced.

Spinal Manipulation to the cervico-thoracic spine, thoracic spine, ribs and lumbar spine

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Spinal manipulation to the neck, back, ribs and lumbar spine.. Close up adaptive technique… www.osteon.co.uk www.omttraining.co.uk with Giles Gyer and Jimmy Michael – Osteopaths In London, UK
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