Moose "High on life" after our non-12 step holistic drug rehab.

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Moose "High on life"  after our non-12 step holistic drug rehab.

Gulf Breeze Recovery is a non -12 step holistic drug treatment facility on the water overlooking Pensacola Beach in Florida. We focus on helping our guests identify exactly how their addictions began and how to break free from these addictions to lead a successful life without the need for weekly meetings or sponsors.

"A New Life" Christian Rehab Program

24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730

Lakeview Health’s Christian addiction program, “A New Life” is designed for individuals who struggle with addiction but already have a belief in a higher power and faith in Christianity. Clients at “A New Life” will have you participating in Christian events, prayer, and teachings. The Christian addiction program is designed to help individuals rediscover Christianity while recovering from your addiction.

While most drug rehab programs base their recovery program on the twelve steps of alcoholics anonymous, “A New Life” will focus on God and use the teachings of Christ to guide their clients to sobriety. In order to achieve long-lasting sobriety it is essential to find faith in God.

To find out more about Lakeview Health’s Christian based rehab, “A New Life”, call the Addiction Helpline at 1-800-642-7989 and speak with someone who has been in your shoes or visit is never to late to seek out help for addiction.
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Sherwood Christian Rehab Video

This is a short testimony of the work that the Lord has done through John and Honi Reifler and continuing on through Colin and Chantal Kemsley at Sherwood Christian Rehabs Centre.
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