The Meaning Crisis, and Shadow work, Jordan Peterson on Jung ft. John Vervaeke and Anderson Todd

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Has Jordan Peterson misinterpreted the Jungian concept of the shadow? Find out the answer to this and more, in a sweeping discussion which addresses such topics as:

– How Star Wars is post-Jungian
– The relationship between Job and the Joker
– Jung’s controversial relationship to Naziism
– Whether our society treats the Hero’s Journey like crack cocaine

…and much more, John Vervaeke and Anderson Todd dive deep into the collective psyche, and unearth some wisdom and insights along the way.

For more on Jung check out John Vervaeke’s discussion of Corbin and Jung in Awakening from the Meaning Crisis:

Discussion by John Vervaeke and Anderson Todd
Video produced and edited by Arielle Friedman
Graphics by Katy Kelly

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Spiritual and Emotional Roots and Treatment of Addiction – Dr. John Townsend

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Spiritual and Emotional Roots and Treatment of Addiction - Dr. John Townsend

The Gathering on Mental Health and the Church 2014
Workshop – John Townsend, Ph.D., Author, Business Consultant, Leadership Coach and Psychologist

Addiction is increasing in severity in the world and the church. The Bible and current research agree on the solution. Dr. Townsend provides you with the principles and skills to be free of addiction, or help someone you love

We do not endorse everything every speaker might say. With 25 speakers representing different backgrounds and expertise, you’ll undoubtedly hear statements you disagree with. Each speaker represents himself or herself, not the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County, Saddleback Church, or NAMI-OC.
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Free Addiction Consultations – 888-242-7730 Mental Health: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver explains how our national system of treating mental health works, or more often than not, how it doesn’t.

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John Hibscher – Why choose Hawaii Island Recovery, Alcohol and Drugs Treatment Center

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Clinical Director, John Hibscher is talking about the reasons why to choose Addiction treatment in Hawaii. Dr. Hibscher is talking about a very special program at HIR. HIR can individualized program because it’ s only 8 beds facility. Therapist at Hawaii Island Recovery can do EMDR or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which help clients with traumatic situations.