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Mark is one of our awesome practice members who recently hurt himself at Coachella. Watch and see what happened when we did a thorough analysis on his spine and delivered his first ever adjustment!

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510 481 2225 Castro Valley Car Accident Injury Chiropractic Rehabilitation, Personal Injury

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This Castro Valley Car Accident caused severe neck pain and back pain in this patient. Our Castro Valley Chiropractic Clinic helped this patient get back to a normal life. He has been getting electrical stimulation, moist heat, full spine chiropractic adjustment and deep tissue massage from our Certified Massage Therapist.

Wellness Associates
3322 Babcock Blvd
Pittsburgh, Pa 15237
Whiplash Injury
Chiropractic is the treatment of choice for serious whiplash and soft tissue injuries due to an automobile accident. Even a minor automobile accident can have major effects on your health! When one automobile is struck by another, thousands of pounds of force are exerted on the neck and spine. Whiplash occurs when the head and neck are thrown or “snapped” back and forth very quickly. This is known as a hyperflexion/hyperextension type of injury. The painful results of whiplash is injury to the ligaments, stretching, or irritation of the nerves and the spinal cord. This is known as a “pinched nerve”, which is very common due to auto accidents.

Whiplash: Side effects of the trauma

Whiplash can also cause headaches, numbness, pins and needles in the face (trigeminal neuralgia), chest, arms or hands, anxiety, neck pain, back pain, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), dizziness (vertigo), hearing loss and /or blurred vision. Research has shown that an impact of over 30mph effects the lower back and an impact of under 30mph effects the neck and upper back.

Too many people who have been in traumatic automobile accidents do not receive Chiropractic Care. That is the reason why over half of the accident victims never completely recover from their injuries and may live on pain killers for years or endure repeated surgeries. A lot of times the patient needs additional surgeries to remove the scar tissue from the previous surgeries. I know of many cases like this! Of course pain killers can have side-effects and in some cases they’re highly addictive. Chiropractic care can make the difference between true recovery and healing versus lingering pain and disability.

In some cases of whiplash, the patient is fine initially, but some time later the patient is a lot worse. This is due to the fact that the injury was worse than emergency room doctor thought, the patient did not due a follow-up exam with a spinal specialist (Chiropractor) and the patients condition “incubated.” This means the patients condition got worse, and in a lot of cases, a lot worse.

So the best case scenario for anyone who is involved in any kind of auto related injuries is to have their neck and spines thoroughly examined by a Chiropractic Spinal Specialist as soon as possible after the traumatic auto accident. The sooner you do this, the better and faster your recovery will be.

Whiplash and Auto Accident Evaluation

Give Wellness Associates a call at:412-367-3778 for anyone who is suffering from whiplash or post traumatic injuries due to an automobile accident. Your care in our office will be top-notch as this is based on close to thirty years of practice experience in treating auto accidents/whiplash.
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Accidents & Treatment Options – Car Accident Chiropractors – Injury Chiropractor Wheaton MD

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Accidents & Treatment Options - Car Accident Chiropractors - Injury Chiropractor Wheaton MD

https://www.abcclinics.com – Integrating Providers For Best Results – 13 locations – Accessible Beltway Clinics – Serving Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.

In this video Dr. John Rosa educates on Accidents & Treatment Options and the role of chiropractic and integrated healthcare. Car accident chiropractors in Wheaton MD and 12 other ABC Clinics’ locations are here to support the patient in need.

Wheaton Chiropractic
9801 Georgia Ave #339, Wheaton, MD 20902

Accessible Beltway Clinics – Integrating Providers For Best Results

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Herndon Village Chiropractic Accident & Injury Clinic Fresno

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Move easier, sleep sounder, live healthier. Herndon Village Chiropractic Accident & Injury Clinic in Fresno, California, is ready to help you with top-notch health care and pain relief. Treating arthritis, sports injuries, obesity, heart disease, headaches, colic, chronic pain and more, they can help you and everyone in your family feel better FAST!
Visit us http://www.yellowpages.com/info-5366810/Herndon-Village-Chiropractic-Accident-Injury-Clinic?from=youtb
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Post SI injury Chiropractic adjustment and evaluation with Dr. Bridgeman

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Got hurt in the Deadlift event at the Arnold, this was my first visit to the chiro upon my arrival back to Ellensburg, WA. HUGE thank you to Dr. B for healing me up! Still a work in progress but feeling better LITERALLY everyday!
Make sure to check him out at http://925pain.com/
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Best Ankle Rehabilitation Exercises for an Ankle Injury (Sprain or Fracture)

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck demonstrate the Best Ankle Rehabilitation Exercises for an Ankle Injury- after Sprain or Fracture.
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Elite Sport & Spine – Family Chiropractic and Sports Injury

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Elite Sport & Spine – Chiropractic and Sports Injury Clinic Serving Brookfield, Waukesha and the Surrounding Communities. Elite Sport & Spine is a chiropractic and sports injury clinic in Brookfield, WI. More information can be found on our website at www.elitesportandspinewi.com

Perth chiropractor, chiropractic WA, Wembley, Perth Sports Injury Clinic

Perth chiropractors assessments carried out by Dr’s of chiropractic provide chiropractic examination of spinal movements as part of an assessment to help locate spinal dysfunction and muscle stiffness. Spinal chiropractic assessments in consultation are built on with each chiropractic treatment, improving spinal alignment, spinal health and relieving pain. Common areas of chiropractic intervention include neck and back, ankle and knee, foot and wrist pain. Call Perth Sports Injury Clinic 08 9383 7882.
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Car accident neck and back pain injury. Personal injury Chiropractic Specialist.Sdactivechiropractic

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Patient testimonial Chiropractic Care involved in an auto accident.
Why You Should See A Chiropractor after a car accident?
For free consultation and for more information, all you have to do is just share this post! Then give us a call, don’t hesitate at all. 619-501-0028
Your specialized auto accident #Chiropractor that fits your exact needs. #chiropractic #accident #injury #spine

A car accident is the last thing anyone needs.

Between all of life’s other daily struggles, adding a #car accident into the mix just creates more stress and more things to think about.

On top of that, car #accident injuries can create an added strain on your life, forcing you to take time off work or even making you unable to do certain tasks.

One of the biggest questions after a car accident is where to seek #treatment for those injuries.

We specialize treating victims #injured and if untreated, injuries can lead to chronic arthritic issues.

#Pain after a car accident is a good indication of an injury.

We offer an excellent chiropractic treatment with a friendly staff to assist your needs.

We provide a full examination and thorough history from a car accident.

We can also assist you in the claim processing during an auto accident.

If you live in San Diego and recently have been in a car accident, don’t wait another day! Our chiropractor Dr. Marc Nelson Matanza is here to help. Contact us today and schedule a consultation.

For free consultation and for more information, all you have to do is just share this post to your friend or family that needs to see this.

Then give us a call, don’t hesitate at all. 619-501-0028.

We recently expanded to Mission Valley, San Diego to better accommodate our patients.

Your specialized #auto #accident #Chiropractor that fits your exact needs.
#NeckPain #backpain #Headache #chestpain #mva #pidoc #personalinjury

We work with all auto insurances: #Wawanesa Wawanesa Insurance #statefarm State Farm #Geico GEICO #Farmers Farmers Insurance #allstate All State #FredLoya Fred Loya Insurance #Amica Amica Mutual Insurance Co. #AAA #USAA #Costco #Progressive and many more.

“Team Active helped my neck and back pain and my claim process was Stress-free. I was amazed how easy Dr. Matanza addressed my pain issues and fixed them all.”

-Michael B. from El Cajon

Not sure, ask us. Our friendly staff are here to help.
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Mechanics of Whiplash Neck/Shoulder Pain Injury by Boulder Chiropractor

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Mechanics of whiplash injury “ChiropractorBoulder”

Hello this is Dr. Douglas Kennedy. I am a chiropractor in Boulder Colorado. I used acupuncture and chiropractic techniques, along with a wide variety of physical therapy techniques, to help people quickly recover from car accident injuries. “Whiplash” is a term that refers to the soft tissue injuries in the neck and shoulder region that are associated with being hit abruptly from the rear by another vehicle. Special thanks to the Spine Research Institute of San Diego and Dr. Arthur Croft, DC. I attended seminars by Dr. Croft and am using his slides to illustrate the mechanics that are involved with a rear-end accident. A significant rear end accident may occur at speeds as low as 5 mph.

Phase1 (first 100 mSec)- When the car is hit from the rear, the back and torso of the driver will load the seat. Torso acceleration begins. High shear forces developed in the neck. Spinal curves straighten and the spine is compressed. High pressure gradients develop in the brain; high brainstem shear forces are developed.

Phase2 (100-250 mSec)- Vertical motion of torso and straighten the spine allow vertical rise of 3 1/2 inches. The head snaps into full extension or back pending extending over the head restraint in collapses it. The restraint acts as a fulcrum in many cases because it is not set high enough to prevent the rearward movement of the head. TMJ injury is possible with high compression and the joint.

Phase 3 (250-400 mSec)- The head begins in its forward motion. The torso descends in the seat. Seat back bounce increases the occupant velocity to 30-70% more than that of the car. Slack is taken out of the shoulder harness. The seat is acting like a spring throwing the body forward.

Phase 4 ( 400-600 mSec)- this involves the full deceleration of head, neck, and torso; aggravated by shoulder harness. The high tension and shear forces in the spine are maximized at this point in time with severe flexion. There is high brain stem, spinal cord, and nerve root tension developed. The posterior or rearward ligamentous complex is under maximal tension at this point in time.

The most common symptoms following a whiplash injury are:
, headaches, fatigue, shoulder pain, anxiety, interscapular pain, low back pain, sleep disturbances, upper limb numbness and tingling, sensitivity to noise, impaired concentration, blurred vision, irritability, difficulty swallowing, dizziness, forgetfulness, upper limb pain, upper limb weakness, ringing in the ears, and jaw or facial pain from TMJ injury.

Having a chiropractic clinic in Boulder Colorado, in the zip codes of 80301, 80302, 80303, 80304; I have seen many car accident patients due to our winter weather. For a map of our location please click Boulder chiropractor and acupuncture.

If you are having neck or back pain from a recent car accident, Dr Kennedy is offering a FREE CONSULTATION. Call (303) 546-6325 and mention this article or video.
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Graston Technique FAKTR Neck Therapy Technique for Whiplash Injury and Headaches

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Have you seen the videos with the scraping techniques? Graston, Gua Sha, IASTM, Etc?

Now see the evolution when this Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization is combined with Active Rehab! This is the kind of out of the box, advanced treatment you will receive at Pro Chiropractic!

Dr. Jenny Noordmans demonstrated FAKTR Rehab Therapy combined with isometric Theraband loading! BOOM!!
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