Rhett's Severe Injury

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Rhett's Severe Injury

Rhett is suffering from some extreme back pain due to an injury — how did it happen? Good Mythical Morning Episode 264!
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C4-C5 Spinal Cord Injury Patient David from USA Shares His Latest Improvements Following Rehab

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David, a 38-year-old American C4-C5 Spinal Cord Injury patient came across great improvements after the Epidural Stimulation Surgery. In this video, David talks about the progress after having undergone the Surgery along with the positive improvements he experiences throughout the treatment. He also shares how grateful he is to have had the opportunity to experience this kind of treatment, as it brings more hope and joy in his life.

For more information, please visit http://epiduralstimulationnow.com/

Testimonials Disclaimer:

Testimonials appearing in this video were submitted by patients via written survey, email correspondence, or spoken interview. They reflect the real-life experiences of those individual patients who have chosen to have their treatments facilitated by Unique Access Medical, Pte. Ltd. However, Unique Access Medical, Pte. Ltd. cannot and do not claim that these results are typical of all patients, and we stress that results vary from patient to patient. Testimonials presented on our website and in other materials are not representative of what any other individual patient will experience, and Unique Access Medical, Pte. Ltd. cannot and does not guarantee specific outcomes from the treatments we facilitate.

Go Beyond a Spinal Cord Injury with Memorial Rehabilitation Institute

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Ralph suffered a severe spinal cord injury in a car accident and was unable to move or feel his arms and legs.

The everyday extraordinary expertise of Memorial Neuroscience Institute enabled Ralph to go beyond his limitations at Memorial Rehabilitation Institute.

Neurosurgeon Linda Sternau, MD, performed the intricate surgery on Ralph’s spine, and physiatrist Jeremy Jacobs, DO, led his rehabilitation.

Through physical and other therapies, Ralph made a remarkable recovery and is back to work as a firefighter.
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Surviving Injury *Loud Neck Adjustments* Chiropractic Mondragon, DC Florida

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Surviving Injury *Loud Neck Adjustments* Chiropractic Mondragon, DC Florida

Disclaimer: This video is for entertainment as well as education. These techniques are not to be used by unlicensed professionals.

Dr. Brenda Mondragon, DC St. Augustine, FL


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San Diego: Major Injury Accident 02182019

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INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 2-18-19 3:32 pm
LOCATION: Imperial Ave and 53rd St
CITY: San Diego

A white Saturn Solstice and its driver hit a street light sideways and brought down the pole. The driver suffered major injuries and was transported. The Police were originally told by witnesses that it was a hit& run, but now they are not sure on that. The Traffic Accident investigators are coming and Imperial Ave was been shut down in both directions.

Animation of a spinal cord injury due to a police car colliding with the driver’s vehicle. Take a look at some of our animation samples and video testimonials below to see why our clients choose MotionLit for all of their trial support needs.

Fatal Motorcycle Crash from Illegal Freeway Intersection Change Animation

Radial Head Implant Surgery Animation

Tom Feher .2 Million Verdict Using MotionLit Visuals Video Trial Support https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRc0BUI5ZTE

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Common Whiplash Symptoms: Neck Pain, Back Pain, Head Injury – Kennedy Chiropractic

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If you are having neck or back pain from a recent car accident, Dr Kennedy is offering a FREE CONSULTATION. Call (303) 546-6325 and mention this article or video.

this is a quick video that describes the common symptoms following whiplash. The symptoms are as follows: neck pain 92%, headache 57%, suttee 56%, shoulder pain 49%, anxiety 44%, interscapular pain 42%. There are also other symptoms, slightly less frequent, that are often not associated with whiplash. These include low back pain at 39%, sleep disturbance at 39%, upper limb peers these jets or pins and needles at 30%, sensitivity to noise shows 29% of people having whiplash feel sensitive to noise. other symptoms include impaired concentration experienced by 26% of the whiplash people, blurred vision experienced by 21%, irritability 21%, dysphasia or difficulty in swallowing at 16%, dizziness at 15%, forgetfulness at 15%, upper limb pain is felt in 12% of people experiencing whiplash or auto accident injuries and seen here at Kennedy chiropractic in Boulder Colorado. We also have upper limb weakness patients usually seen around 6% of the total, ringing in the ears also known as tinnitus at 4% and jaw and facial pain or TMJ pain at four or more percent.

another interesting symptom complex seen often in auto accident cases here in Boulder Colorado is that of referred pain. When the neck is injured in whiplash injury the to set showings at the back and neck are often compressed initially as the head is thrown backwards, and then stretched as the chain comes forward striking the chest. This stretching and compression of the facet joints can cause referred pain that is felt in many places including the arms shoulder and the upper back. For example C-5 is an area most commonly injured in whiplash and the C-5 segment referred zone goes down the back of the neck to the tops of the shoulders and sometimes even down into the front of the chest. Frequently patients wonder why they’re having pain so low while I work in their next hearing Boulder, and I described to them that the referred pain pattern is really coming from their neck and their brain misinterpreting their upper back pain as upper back pain when it is really originating in the neck.

A good chiropractor, Boulder Colorado has many, will always do a thorough examination in order to determine the exact location of the “pain generator”

Dr. Doug Kennedy, working with both acupuncture and chiropractic techniques has studied extensively and performs a very thorough exam looking at all of these symptoms.

the nerve roots of the spine can be injured in a whiplash accident, and this can create direct dermatome type pain patterns that are more linear and are directly rated related to the nerve as it exits the spine and travels out into the upper back, shoulders and arms. If you’ve ever hit your “funnybone” you know what that type of pain feels like as it radiates down into your little finger and part of the ring finger. You have hippity ulnar nerve at the elbow and the pain you feel is a nerve pain that follows a dermatome pattern. The referred pain from the facet joints in the neck is a deep dull achy pattern that is not quite as easy to define as the dermatome pain.

In this video Dr. Kennedy thoroughly describes the differences between the referred pain pattern and the dermatome patterns and how they directly relate to car accident injury, whiplash injury, headaches, and the various other pains he sees in the folder chiropractic office Kennedy chiropractic and acupuncture. If you would like to learn more please visit the website at www.colorpainclinic.com

You can also visit the Facebook page: chiropractor Boulder, Douglas Kennedy DC.




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Welcome to the official YouTube channel for Adolph and Kalkstein Chiropractic. We are a family-based chiropractic practice for 60 years are we are located in Towson, Maryland.

Dr. Blake Kalkstein, DC, MS, CCSP, Team Chiropractor for Baltimore’s professional baseball team and your Baltimore area chiropractor

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Dr. Warren Kalkstein, DC, MS, Team Chiropractor for Baltimore’s professional baseball team and your Baltimore area chiropractor

If you are looking for effective back and neck pain relief, shoulder, hip and knee pain, headaches and sports and car accident pain, contact us at 410-296-7700 or visit us at http://www.towsonchiro.com.

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