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(10 Oct 2017) First Lady Melania Trump made a trip to West Virginia Tuesday to visit a drug treatment facility for infants born to addicted mothers.
West Virginia Congressman Evan Jenkins says he’s grateful that Trump will bring attention to Lily’s Place in Huntington.
The long-term, privately operated facility opened in 2014.
The facility works with newborns enduring the torment of drug withdrawal. It also works with addicted mothers in the hope that infants can be sent home to safe environments.
According to Jenkins, Lily’s Place Executive Director Rebecca Crowder talked to Trump last month during a White House event.
Two weeks ago, the first lady heard from experts and people affected by drug addiction whom she invited there for a discussion.

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Infant Chiropractic Adjustment

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Dr. Katie Sherer explains her technique as she adjusts baby Nora. She uses craniosacral therapy to treat conditions such as colic, ear infections, latching issues, constipation, etc. remember, the nervous system controls every system of the body!
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A Melbourne chiropractor is under investigation for posting a video of himself using controversial techniques to treat a two-week old baby’s spine.

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Free Addiction Consultations – 888-242-7730 WATCH: First lady Melania Trump visits infant opioid treatment center in West Virginia

On Tuesday, first lady Melania Trump visited Lily’s Place, an infant recovery center in Huntington, West Virginia. Huntington — a city of 49,000 people — has been among the hardest hit by America’s opioid epidemic.
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Infant Chiropractic Adjustment by Dr. Amelia Rodrock

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Infant Chiropractic Adjustment by Dr. Amelia Rodrock

Dr. Rodrock provides chiropractic care for newborn babies. Watch little Nolan’s adjustment. Visit for more information about Amelia Rodrock’s practice in Lawrence, Kansas. Video by Matty D. Media LLC; visit for video production services in Northeast Kansas.

*MUST WATCH* Baby Being Adjusted By A Chiropractor | Hjort Chiropractic (St Cloud, Minnesota)

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Many babies have issues turning their heads to one side due to favoring the other side or being positioned a certain way during pregnancy or labor. Mothers who had back pain during pregnancy or who were induced often give birth to babies who have a slight kink in their neck. Having a chiropractor turn the head to gently stretch the neck muscles can really help the infant to have a better range of motion. Following this up with simple and noninvasive chiropractic neck and back adjustments will reinforce those improvements.

Skull shaping is another helpful chiropractic practice that is used when a baby’s skull is misshapen. With fingertips at the base of the skull, the doctor will apply gentle pressure by pulling the skin taut to shift the skull plates to even them out.

A chiropractor can also help babies who have colic or acid reflux.

Chiropractic adjustments for babies are safe and effective when done by licensed and trained professionals.

Dr. Terry Osterman adjusts two-month-old baby Noah, who has problems turning his head towards the left side. Tag a parent who will find this video helpful and like our Facebook page for more videos like this! For a free consultation, call (320) 251-3450. We accept same-day appointments.
Some common conditions children suffer from respond well to chiropractic treatment. Dr. Terry Osterman has post graduate training in chiropractic pediatrics and has a special interest in helping kids with a variety of conditions.
This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition.
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Infant Constipation and watering eyes relieved

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We Are Different
Have you tried chiropractic but had poor results or maybe no results? This is where the Gonstead Technique is the difference that changes lives. The most common comment after the initial exam and consultation is “I have never had such a thorough exam!”. We don’t mess around with your health and everything we do is uniqueto you and your history. Your health is NOT just another case to us. We examine your history and study films taken of your spine to decide the course of action (unique to you) needed to get you out of pain quickly. We take the time to measure the nerve compression with a scope and manually palpate the spineous process to reveal tenderness or swelling in the spinal joints. We adjust the spine accurately and precisely to move the joint and decompress the nerve allowing healing to begin within your body. We educate you how to change your lifestyle so that you can continue on the path of living well and being well.

Chiropractic is Safe, Effective and Economical
At Hackbart Chiropractic we are driven to provide THE BEST chiropractic care by utilizing the Gonstead Technique. Precise and effective adjusting eliminates nerve pressure on the spinal cord. Nerves that affect posture, muscles, back, neck, limbs….as well as, breathing, digestion and immunity. We have patient testimonials ranging from help with back/neck pain, shoulder/hip problems, carpal tunnel and bunions to relief from allergies, fibromyalgia, ear infections, ulcers, headaches and even fertility issues. The nervous system is an amazing machine and it’s source of information is wrapped up within the spinal cord which runs along your spinal column. We are hard on our bodies and sometimes something as small as a sneeze can throw your spine out of joint or flare up an old injury that has gone unnoticed until pressure on the nerve sends a shooting pain down the arm. Small things can trigger nerve interference in a way that can effect every day life as every organ, muscle and nerve originates within the spinal cord.

We focus on health through a well functioning nervous system by aligning your spine properly and helping it stay in alignment if you so choose through maintenance care. Relieving pressure on nerves can produce amazing results in many people leading to living well and being well. When your body is functioning properly you get sick less, have fewer injuries, decreased use of medication and possible surgeries and as a result many of our patients have experienced fewer medical bills and expenses. Chiropractic is not just about back pain….it’s about total well-being and finding hope, healing and health in the bodies own God-given power to heal.

Stop in and find out more! We are willing to discuss any of your concerns or issues you may have concerning chiropractic and your journey to health.
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Infant Chiropractic Care

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Infant Chiropractic Care

Infant Chiropractic care. Are you a new parent with a fussy baby?
Answers to commonly asked questions concerning infant chiropractic care.
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Dr. Brian Dahmer is commited to bringing you a better way of life. Located in the heart of Hudson, FL and Spring Hill, the leading health professionals at Family Chiropractic Center for Wellness are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives. Combining skill and expertise that spans the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum. Patients are assured of receiving only the finest quality care through the use of modern chiropractic equipment and technology.

It’s Your Life… Live it in Health!

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