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Chiropractic & Acupuncture are very effective with arthritis as it improves mobility and decrease pain and seeks to balance the Qi’ of the body, closes the ‘gate of pain’ and reduces irritation!


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One thing that many struggle with is finding the right practitioner to help them keep their body running like a well-oiled machine, recover from injury and remain injury free. We were fortunate to recently spend some time with one such practitioner, chiropractor Dr Warren Sipser of Sipser Family Chiropractic in Elwood VIC, and learn about his passion for holistic health and CrossFit.

Dr Warren, had a rather unconventional introduction to the world of Chiropractic practice, as a young child in Johannesburg, South Africa. After the unfortunate passing of his sister due to illness, he soon fell ill with the same ailment. His parents sought out an alternative therapist to help avoid the same fate as his sister. They came across a skilled Chiropractor who not only helped cure the illness, but served as a role model and inspiration to young Warren. He opened his mind to the possibility that the human body was capable of amazing things, but in order to work its restorative magic one must work on achieving a balance of the mechanical, chemical and spiritual.

This life-altering experience shifted his mindset, and spurned his desire to help other people achieve good health. After doing just that, as a paramedic for 2 years, he decided he wanted to move away from western medicine as his means for healing. So he followed in the footsteps of his childhood idol and became a Chiropractor.

So what differentiates Chiropractors from other rehab practitioners? Dr Warren cleared this up by explaining they are the only profession that focuses on the integration between the spine and the nervous system, unlike physiotherapists and myotherapists who focus on soft tissue. Chiropractors operate on the principle that mechanical problems have a physiological effect, and that the relationship between the brain and the spinal cord can affect the way the body heals. He likens this to a car, if the wheels are in alignment, then the car operates smoothly, if not then the car becomes inefficient and will begin to exhibit wear and tear in other areas.

He stresses, however, that when choosing a practitioner it’s important to look for ones that are open and willing to include any other therapists to get the best result, as certain issues may require complementary services. He believes an integrated, holistic approach works best for his patients and for this reason he often refers out to soft tissue therapists.

This holistic, all-encompassing view extends to his sport of choice, CrossFit. Dr Warren sees CrossFit as a beautiful amalgamation of the best parts of other sports. Intensity, intervals, strength, complex lifts, mobility, scalability, CrossFit can be adapted to be as difficult or simplistic as required for the individual. While CrossFit has suffered a bad reputation for injury, he believes it is not the fault of the sport, but rather the fault lies with individuals not understanding their limitations, in terms of underlying injury, range of motion and overall fitness.

Posture also plays a big part of this. If it off, then any sport can be injurious to an individual. He fears this will become an even bigger concern in future, with children’s usage of tech devices sky-rocketing. The postural changes Dr Warren and other rehab experts are seeing, are akin to those usually only seen in people in their 40s. Arthritis and spinal changes are a major concern. Indeed posture is critical and it can make or break athletes chances in their sport.

In this regard, the Dr is a fan of what Virus has done by bringing compression gear, heat and cold therapy together in the fabrics. While he highly recommends compression for recovery, and to help athletes get that ever elusive edge over the competition, he has also found a rather unorthodox use for our X-Form Posture correction compression tops. Using them to treat of scoliosis patients. By helping patients with proprioception, their brains are reminded to keep the area where the X is placed active. Akin to how a stone in your shoe will change the way you move, albeit in a negative way, the X-form technology reminds wearers to move in a more positive way, giving bio-feedback getting the individual to move, opening up chest and shoulders, helping adjust breathing and promoting better posture.

Dr Warren recognizes that doing all the small things culminate in success both for his patients and in terms of his sport of choice. Exercising well, eating well, drinking enough water, stretching, investing in reputable health professionals and quality gear, listening to your body; these are all small things that contribute to the bigger picture.

He is a testament to that fact that by doing the small things successful people do, you too can be a success.

If you would like to find out more about Dr Warren Sipser follow him on Instagram or visit the Sipser Family Chiropractic website.
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