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At Active Body Chiro-Care, our chiropractors understand that back pain comes in many forms and has many causes. We customize the care that each patient receives, and if you suffer from back pain, we will make sure our diagnosis and treatment methods are right for you. Each Beverly Hills chiropractor works hard to restore mobility and eliminate pain, but we also pay attention to accompanying symptoms such as stiffness, discomfort, tension, and pain elsewhere in your body.

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What is Recovery Consciousness? | Holistic Recovery | Tommy Rosen

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Tommy Rosen is a renowned yoga teacher, an addiction recovery expert and author of the critically acclaimed book, Recovery 2.0: Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life. Tommy is one of the pioneers in the field of Yoga and Recovery assisting others to holistically transcend addictions of all kinds. Tommy is the founder of Recovery 2.0 and leads retreats and workshops internationally and is a keynote speaker at global conferences and festivals. He celebrates 27 years of freedom from drug addiction and alcoholism.


Universe, put me in the places you want me to be, with the people you want me to be with, doing the things you want me to do.
Thank you for the joys and challenges of my life.

Amen, Sat Nam, Namaste
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Alpha Healing Center is widely recognized as one of the most effective inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Gujarat, India. At Alpha Healing Center, we offer state-of-the-art evidence-based treatments and holistic healing to create a unique recovery experience for individuals struggling with alcohol, drug and other addictions.

Free Addiction Consultations – 888-242-7730 WNWY: Sarah Allen Benton discusses HOLISTIC frameworks for addiction treatment

What’s New With You (WNWY) is a series of workshops presented by Mountainside and a consortium of first rate treatment providers to share the latest developments in mental health, substance use disorders and treatment advances.

On March 12, 2015, Sarah Allen Benton, MS, LPC and author of Understanding the High-Functioning Alcoholic, spoke on “Effective Integration of 12 Steps Programs into Dual Diagnosis Treatment.” In this excerpt from the workshop, Sarah discusses addiction recovery from a holistic framework emphasizing the importance of viewing the “whole picture” for each client. This involves assessing various domains of their lives that include time spent and progress in: individual and group therapy, 12 Step program and mutual help groups, self-care (i.e. exercise, sleep, diet), medical and medication management, socialization, spirituality and more.



When I say holistic, I don’t always mean just necessarily alternative. I mean looking at the whole picture. For me when I have conversations with clients, I’m talking to them about “what is it that you’re doing in your life for your recovery?” Not just “how many meetings are you showing up to? Add a self-help group. How many times do you come to therapy?” That’s part of it, but there’s all these other pieces.

There’s the medication management. Are you taking your medication in a timely fashion? Are you taking care of yourself? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating regularly? Are you exercising? I once had a doctor say to me, if I could prescribe exercise in a pill to my clients, I would because it’s that important. Attending mutual help programs and, again, social support. It doesn’t have to be AA, but the importance of not feeling isolated, particularly for people with addiction issues, is so important. There’s so much shame around it and our society — particularly when clients have issues with legal substances or socially acceptable substances, such as pot or alcohol — can make it even more challenging. To [the person addicted to those substances], they feel like “well everyone around me is doing this. I feel so alone.” They don’t realize how many people are actually sober. Showing up at a large meeting of AA, NA, or Smart Recovery is pretty amazing, to know it’s this whole subculture going on. Outpatient recovery group or a therapeutic group. A spiritual practice. Again, this list could go on and on, but it’s just an example of all the different areas that are important to focus on. And they’re not always going to be balanced and equal weight will not always be put in each area. Or maybe they realize “you know what, I need to beef this area up. I’m putting too much effort into this piece.” That way they can figure out a pie that actually works for them.


To learn more about the What’s New With You workshops, contact Sarah.Verrelli@mountainside.com.

Mountainside Treatment Center offers innovative, holistic, individualized drug addiction treatment and alcohol rehabilitation. LEARN MORE: https://mtsi.de/treatment or CALL 1-888-510-8852 (toll-free)

We have locations in Connecticut (Canaan and Wilton) and New York (Manhattan and Chappaqua). We work with most insurance and we also offer financing options. Please get in touch.

Live chat available: http://mtsi.de/treatment

Mountainside Treatment Center provides comprehensive, innovative and compassionate residential drug addiction and alcohol rehabilitation for individuals suffering with addiction.

Call 1-888-510-8852 (toll-free) for the most innovative and effective addiction treatment available. Mountainside Treatment Center is dedicated to providing highly individualized care for life-changing outcomes.


Official Website: https://mtsi.de/treatment

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mountainsidetreatment
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/mountainsidect
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mountainside
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/mountainside-treatment-center
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Is There A Holistic Treatment For Addiction? Ask Deepak Chopra!

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Read more: https://www.deepakchopra.com/video/view/267/ask_deepak__is_there_a_wholistic_treatment_for_addicition
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Explore some spiritual solutions to addiction. Deepak Chopra explains how addiction relates to our memories – whether of pleasure or of pain. The memory is cellular. It exists as a possibility wave in the possibility field that is our consciousness, which means that it can’t be erased.* People have a stronger memory of the pleasure than the pain because pleasure is more powerful than pain. We can move away from addiction by finding spiritual fulfillment that is stronger than the painful memory triggering the addiction. For a more detailed outline of holistic treatment, check out our recent article: http://bitly.com/LSDvbj

ASK DEEPAK is a daily show featuring reflections, thoughts, and inspirations on big questions and current events from writer and philosopher Deepak Chopra. What would you like to Ask Deepak? Leave your question in the comments below or upload a response video.

THE CHOPRA WELL is a new Youtube channel created to encourage people to live healthier, fuller lives and to be more aware. Deepak, Mallika and Gotham Chopra, along with other friends and experts, join together in this inspiring project for personal and global transformation. The channel features daily shows about spirituality, wellness, healthy living, humor, and much more.

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Cure For Addiction, Depression, PTSD, Trauma At The Holistic Sanctuary All Rights Reserved 2017

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The Holistic Sanctuary Offers a life saving system not seen anywhere else. Real Cure for addiction available now.
This treatment is revolutionary – there is no other word to properly describe the Pouyan Method – which also uses state-of-the-art equipment and ancient plant medicine to heal patients. It does not matter if its PTSD, Depression, Alcohol, medication dependency, Johnny Has cured them all. For example: the Pouyan Method includes healing a heroin addict in less than three days with no pain or withdrawals. The brain scans prove the success of this treatment, which, for many patients, is nothing short of miraculous. The Holistic Sanctuary is the fulfillment of Johnny’s mission, a 5-star resort amidst the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and Baja, California. Patients relax and recover in paradise, a world devoted to healing recovery and optimism. Johnny welcomes the chance to speak with you about your addiction, or a friend or loved one’s problems. A healer and humanitarian, he wants to give people the healing they deserve.

Pouyan Method: The Modern Day Technique of Treating Drug Addiction at The Holistic Sanctuary
Although drug addiction treatment options have been in existence for many years, the Pouyan method is set to outlast them all. The treatment method which is exclusive to The Holistic Sanctuary was brought to the fore by Johnny the Healer, who also runs the treatment center. The Pouyan method is the modern day answer to the many substandard treatment methods that can be found in drug rehabilitation centers all around the world. It is unique in its approach and has seen many addicts get completely healed at their luxury center, which cannot be said other treatment centers that offer relief from drug addiction.

About NAD Amino Acid IV Drips Created by Johnny Tabaie
Majority of drug addicts are always looking for a permanent cure to their disease so that they can live a normal life again. However, many experts and naysayers say that getting completely cured is not possible for addicts and all that can be done is reduce the symptoms experienced on daily basis. Even so, some holistic approaches have proved otherwise with a number of addicts getting cured as long as they follow the procedure offered to them. One such holistic approach is the use of amino acid IV drips to restore the brain back to its normal workings and eventually overcome the abuse of a variety of drugs.

Ayahuasca is The Best Hope to Cure Drug Addiction
Ayahuasca is a naturally occurring plant that has been used for thousands of years by Amazonia tribes in their spiritual rituals. The plant has serious psychedelic effects that help users experience their inner-most beings. So can ayahuasca cure drug addiction? The simple answer to this question is yes. This is however only if it is used as part of a more rigorous and comprehensive drug treatment program.
Ayahuasca helps users to find the source of their sadness, pain and hurt which are strongly related to drug use and abuse. Ayahuasca is therefore effective in treating patients from a psychological and emotional level, increasing the chances of complete recovery from drug abuse.

Are you ready to be cured? Our compassionate staff are always ready to help you on your journey to recovery and detoxification in an all-natural manner. Call us at 310-601-7805
or visit https://www.theholisticsanctuary.com/ and regain control of your life.

Cure for Addiction
The Holistic Sanctuary
Johnny The Healer
Johnny Tabaie
Pouyan Method

The Holistic Sanctuary All Rights Reserved 2017

Free Addiction Consultations – 888-242-7730 Definitive Proof That Ibogaine Treatment, The Cure for Addiction of The Holistic Sanctuary

Definitive Proof That Ibogaine Treatment, The Cure for Addiction of The Holistic Sanctuary

The low recovery rate reported by virtually all traditional drug rehabs has resulted in people looking for Luxury Treatment Centers In Mexico such as The Holistic Sanctuary. There are a number of things that we do better than traditional rehabs and even most exclusive rehabs. Firstly, we have a superior patient to staff ratio. We believe in one on one care as the main component in successful treatment. We ensure that each of our patients is under the direct care of a knowledgeable and qualified medical staff member during their stay at our facility. We also hire the most qualified staff in our Ibogaine treatment center. From healers, doctors, counselors to medical practitioners to therapists. We understand that our patients are paying for the best Ibogaine addiction treatment and are committed to fulfilling our promise of complete and total recovery. We also offer many hours of one on one therapy every week, which any qualified practitioner will tell you, is an essential part of drug treatment.

For more information or to enroll at the center, please call us at

Visit our website: https://www.theholisticsanctuary.com
Connect & Follow The Holistic Sanctuary:


The Holistic Sanctuary Videos:

See also the power of Ayahuasca Ceremony here https://youtu.be/HdyoRUJ5_bU and how to get of Suboxone https://youtu.be/ATSbKFHX978
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Holistic Health and Chiropractic Dr Joseph Vomero – Scottsdale Chiropractor & Holistic Practicioner

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I have been seeing Dr. Vomero since I was a child and he is someone I truly trust. Dr. Joseph Vomero is a Holistic Chiropractor and Holistic Health Practicioner in Scottsdale, AZ with over 35 years of chiropractic & holistic health care experience. Dr. Vomero practices holistic health care and offers a variety of services including Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Dental Chiropractic, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Nutrition and Supplements, Applied Kinesiology and Environmental Toxicity Testing.

Visit Dr. Vomero and Vomero Chiropractic & Holistic Health Care Center in Scottsdale, AZ today and feel better tomorrow.
(480) 949-8584

Inner Healing : Holistic Drug Rehab in Costa Rica

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Inner Healing Holistic Healing boasts a scenic & tranquil location offering tailored programs with a gourmet nutritionist, wellness director, & emergence counselor to ensure your recovery lasts. Our holistic drug rehab program provides a tailored recovery program to ensure you’re prepared for a life-changing experience.

Inner Healing Holistic Wellness Center is Costa Rica’s most sought holistic drug rehab center due to its highly effective intervention in the field of rehabilitation and addiction programs. It’s a place of hope for people wanting a new life through holistic treatment for you to see and enjoy life to the fullest. Our holistic drug rehab center is offering holistic treatment and alternative medicine in treating drug addiction and alcohol problems that supports recovery and self-discovery. These gifts from nature promote positive results for healing and recovery. Inner Healing holistic drug and alcohol rehab in Costa Rica is the best complement to your desire to beat alcohol and drug addiction problems.

Please visit our website; www.innerhealingholistic.com for more info

800-653-5213 / 707-666-9345 or email us at info@innerhealingholistic.com
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Dr. Devorah Feinbloom, Holistic Chiropractor

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Dr. Devorah Feinbloom of Marblehead Natural Healing talks with Meghan Gilroy about her practice. She shares how her chiropractic adjustments on her clients supports so much more then just the spine.

Courtesy of MHTV, http://marbleheadtv.org
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Welcome to Vomero Chiropractic and Holistic Health Care Center in Scottsdale, AZ. Vomero Chiropractic and Holistic Health Care Center is all about healing the body naturally. If you need a chiropractor in Scottsdale, or other Holistic Health services like: Acupuncture Therapy, Dental Chiropractic Therapy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Nutrition & Supplementation or Neuro Emotional Modalities we are her for you.

We achieve such positive results by working with you to support and treat the body’s systems so that function is corrected and health returns. In order to achieve the desired results, we employ a wide variety of Chiropractic and Holistic Health therapies to induce health and restore individual normal function.

We treat people who have:
Neck, spinal and pelvic conditions, TMJ and other jaw-related disorders, Sleep Apnea & Snoring, Insomnia, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Shoulder and elbow disorders, Depression and Anxiety, Muscle and ligament strains and sprains, Knee and foot pain, Plantar fasciitis, Thoracic Outlet syndrome, Fatigue, Allergies, Fibromyalgia, Migraine, Chronic pain.
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