Nikki Sixx Shares about Overcoming a Heroin Addiction

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Nikki Sixx Shares about Overcoming a Heroin Addiction

The Doctors get insights from one of the founding members of Motley Crew, Nikki Sixx, on why drugs are so prevalent amongst musicians. Plus, he shares about his own rock bottom with addiction.

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Heroin Addiction, Recovery and No Shame | Crystal Oertle | TEDxColumbus

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Heroin has a found a tragic foothold in Ohio. After the closing of the pill mills, the mexican drug enterprise took over where the opiates left off. Currently, seven people die each day due to overdoses. Crystal Oertle is lucky to be alive after a 12-year dance with heroin. In this courageous talk, her first ever in public, she shares the fundamental truths of her recovery in the shadow of a state struggling to survive the heroin epidemic.

Crystal Oertle is a survivor of a 12-year heroin addition.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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Controversial Heroin Rehab In Kyrgyzstan

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Kyrgyzstan doctor Jengishbek Nazaraliev tackles opioid addiction using controversial methods, but his patients say the treatment works.

Shot by AJ+ contributor Vladic Ravich.

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‼Shocking Heroin Documentary 2016‼ Heroin Drug Addiction News Documentary

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Must-See-Documentary about heroin addiction and drug addiction. Follows heroin addicts, police officers trying to crack down on drug dealers, and the community leaders trying to help the people getting hooked on heroin and opiate pain pills.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a heroin addiction visit

Free Addiction Consultations – 888-242-7730 NM Heroin Epidemic: New Measures to Stop Addiction

It’s no secret there’s a major heroin problem in New Mexico.
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Are you struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, or worried about a loved one who is? While you may feel as though there’s no end in sight, help IS available.

Call us at 855-465-4752 and we’ll listen to your concerns. We’ll also provide you with information about treatment programs, community-based organizations, and local support groups.

Your journey to lasting sobriety is a life-changing decision. And remember: you’re not alone on your road to recovery. We’re with you every step of the way. Call today at 855-465-4752.

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Free Addiction Consultations – 888-242-7730 Kentucky's Heroin epidemic impacts more than just addicts

The Morton Center helps families cope with the stress of addiction.
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Lana Del Rey – Heroin

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Song: Lana Del Rey – Heroin
Videos Used:
Gia (1998)


Topanga is hot tonight, the city by the bay
Has movie stars and liquor stores and soft decay
The rumbling from distant shores sends me to sleep
But the facts of life, can sometimes make it hard to dream

Life rocked me like Motley
Grabbed me by the ribbons in my hair
Life rocked me, ultra-softly
Like the heavy metal that you wear

I’m flying to the moon again
Dreaming about heroin
How it gave you everything
And took your life away
I put you on an aeroplane
Destined for a foreign land
I hoped that you’d come back again
And tell me everything’s
Okay eh, eh, babe, yeah

Topanga is hot today
Manson’s in the air
And all my friends have gone
‘Cause they still feel him here
I want to leave
I’ll probably stay another year
It’s hard to leave when absolutely nothing’s clear

Life rocked me like Motley
Bad beginning to my new year
Life rocked me, ultra-softly
Like the heavy metal that you hear

I’m flying to the moon again
Dreaming about heroin
And how it gave you everything
And took your life away
I put you on the aeroplane
Destined for a foreign land
I thought that you’d come back again
To tell me everything’s
Okay eh, eh, babe, yeah

It’s fucking hot, hot
Winter in the city
Something ’bout this weather made these kids go crazy
It’s hot, even for February
Something ’bout this sun has made these kids get scary
Oh, writing in blood on my walls and shit
Oh, oh my god
Dripping off from the walls into the ducts and shit
Oh, ho ho ho, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sick of it
Lead me baby
Come on
Come on
Come on
Come on

I’m flying to the moon again
Dreaming about marzipan
Taking all my medicine
To take my thoughts away
I’m getting on that aeroplane
Leaving my old man again
I hope that I come back one day
To tell you that I
Really changed

It’s hot, hot
Something ’bout the city
Don’t know what it is
It makes my head get crazy
Oh, oh, oh
Makes me feel like I can change
Oh, hoh, hoh, hoh
All of my evil ways and shit
Hmm, hmm
Oh, oh, oh
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sick of it
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Justin Overcomes Heroin Addiction | True Stories of Addiction | Detox to Rehab

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Justin has worked hard to get his life back on track from substance abuse, his true story is a bumpy road but with help of treatment centers and 12-Step meetings he is in recovery and loving life.

To read more about Justin Overcomes Heroin Addiction visit Detox to Rehab’s blog:

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About Detox To Rehab:
Detox to Rehab is a fact-based, addiction and recovery resource that provides those who are struggling with a drug and/or alcohol addiction with tools to find help and maintain long term sobriety. With a facility directory containing over 800 listings and a find a meeting app, Detox to Rehab is a comprehensive resource about substance abuse, alcohol & drug addiction, finding treatment and aftercare. Detox to Rehab: Real Resources, Real Recovery.