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This video briefly explains what a Residential Treatment Facility is.
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Barangay San Juan, Laur, Nueva Ecija
February 13, 2019

Reaffirming his campaign to end the drug-related incidence in the country, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte led the inauguration of the Moscati Meadows Residential Treatment Facility (MMRTF) in Laur, Nueva Ecija.

In his speech, the President acknowledged the role of the new treatment facility in bringing back the lives of the drug dependents to normalcy. He also reiterated the ill effects of drug abuse, citing that aside from deteriorating the mind and body, it also destroys the lives and families of the drug abusers.

“By complementing traditional rehabilitation treatment with non-medical treatment methods such as group and individual therapy sessions, meditation, and horticulture and farm animal therapy, you will not just provide holistic care to the patients, but will also empower them to become effective drug and alcohol counselors to their peers who suffer the same predicament,” President Duterte said.

“By reforming drug dependents, we do not only effectively combat this scourge, but also give our kababayans a chance to start productive lives anew with their families and loved ones,” he added.

With a professional team of specialists in world-class drug and alcohol addiction treatment manning the one-hectare facility, the MMRTF offers various treatment methods used in the United States of America (USA) to provide a six-month holistic rehabilitation program for its patients who are victims of drug and alcohol addiction in the country.


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California Highlands Vistas: Addiction Treatment Facility

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Addiction Treatment Center Located in Fallbrook, California

CHAT Vistas is about you and your positive experience of addiction treatment. We are honored to be a part of your healing and recovery, and we will be diligent in helping you succeed. We are here to provide you with the therapies and tools you need to overcome addiction through the guidance of our licensed and experienced staff.

Our treatment is individualized, meaning that we will meet you where you are and guide you through recovery. We will always provide you with a socially positive atmosphere. We will always respect your dignity. We also will always honor you as an individual.

We provide specialized treatment to assist individuals with their substance abuse and mental health issues. These treatments are designed based on the knowledge that everyone is unique in their experiences, emotions, and beliefs. It is our primary goal to provide each client with the opportunity to live a more balanced and healthy life.

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Free Addiction Consultations – 888-242-7730 Melania Trump Visits WV Infant Rehab Facility

(10 Oct 2017) First Lady Melania Trump made a trip to West Virginia Tuesday to visit a drug treatment facility for infants born to addicted mothers.
West Virginia Congressman Evan Jenkins says he’s grateful that Trump will bring attention to Lily’s Place in Huntington.
The long-term, privately operated facility opened in 2014.
The facility works with newborns enduring the torment of drug withdrawal. It also works with addicted mothers in the hope that infants can be sent home to safe environments.
According to Jenkins, Lily’s Place Executive Director Rebecca Crowder talked to Trump last month during a White House event.
Two weeks ago, the first lady heard from experts and people affected by drug addiction whom she invited there for a discussion.

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Cities Skylines: Springwood Water Treatment Facility – EP30 –

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In this series I will be building Springwood city in Cities Skylines. Subscribe, follow and help expand Springwood into a sprawling, vibrant region in my Let’s Build Cities Skylines series.

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KLEAN Treatment Centers | Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Facility | Los Angeles, CA

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KLEAN Treatment Centers’ Los Angeles, CA drug & alcohol outpatient rehab facility is located in the heart of West Hollywood, CA, our outpatient rehab & treatment facility offers you a variety of treatment options so you can get the help you need while still maintaining your work and home responsibilities. There are several treatment options for you at our West Hollywood Outpatient location. We offer different sessions: Day Programs – Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Outpatient (OP) Night Programs – Outpatient (OP) Individualized Program Day Programs: IOP is offered 6 days per week. Participants begin at 5 days per week with Saturday as additional support or make up day for missed groups. Group is 3 hours long each day in addition to 1 hour long individual therapy session per week OP is offered 6 days per week. Participants begin with 4 days of group and 1 individual session per week. Group is 1 hour long each day in addition to 1 hour long individual therapy session per week. Saturday can be utilized as additional support, as one of your 4 group days or a make-up group. Night Programs: OP is offered 3 days per week on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6-7pm. Individualized Program Both programs allow for customization based on needs and scheduling limitations. Transitional Living Option KLEAN has partnered with Working Recovery ( in order to provide affordable transitional/sober living opportunities to KLEAN’s clients. As a result of this partnership, KLEAN is often able to negotiate monthly rates as low as 0/month. FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 866-916-1938 TEXT 310-401-0808 VISIT
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Free Addiction Consultations – 888-242-7730 KLEAN Treatment Centers | Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Facility | Long Beach, WA

KLEAN Treatment Centers Presents, Interviews at Long Beach Washington RTC Facility.
For more information call 855-749-3145, text 310-401-0808 or visit
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Addiction Recovery Centers | Drug Treatment Facilities | Washington, DC

Drug Treatment Facilities | Addiction Specialists | Washington, DC

Today there exists a dilemma of opiate addiction, heroin dependency, drug addiction as well as numerous others. Joining the appropriate ‘Addiction Recovery Now’ program is essential.

When it involves addiction, whether it is to prescription painkillers, methamphetamine, heroin, other drugs or another type of addiction, having the BEST available addiction assistance to help you with recovery therapy is crucial.

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Free Addiction Consultations – 888-242-7730 Clarity Way Rehab Facility

Clarity Way is an exclusive drug and alcohol rehab center in Pennsylvania offering drug and alcohol detoxification, holistic therapies and recovery programs for drug and alcohol addictions.
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A domentary celebrating 50 years of Caron Treatment Centers.

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