Children’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility

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Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is centered around children, teens and young adults up to the age of 21. We have one of the nation’s largest pediatric inpatient rehabilitation programs and are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), which has given us specialty recognition for our Spinal Cord Specialty Program, as well as our Brain Injury Pediatric Specialty Programs.

Our facility includes specialized feature equipment, age-appropriate activities and therapy programs that are exclusively designed for each patient. Visit to learn more!
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Inpatient Rehabilitation at Eastside Medical Center is designed to help patients overcome the effects of a stroke, hip fracture, trauma, or other debilitating illness. To learn more, visit
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Free Addiction Consultations – 888-242-7730 NorthPoint Recovery Facility Tour

Take a quick tour of our drug and alcohol rehab facility located in Boise, Idaho. We serve clients in need of help suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol in Washington, Utah, Montana, Alaska, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming and everywhere else.
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Free Addiction Consultations – 888-242-7730 Scottsdale Recovery Center Review of SRC Facility and Addiction Treatment Services

Scottsdale Recovery Center
Review of Scottsdale Recovery Center: Facility and Addiction Treatment Services.
Scottsdale Recovery Center is a State Licensed Treatment Facility. All treatment takes place at the center, which includes but is not limited to: Group Therapy Sessions, Individual Counseling and Therapy Sessions, EMDR Sessions, Relapse Prevention Workshops, Life Skills Classes, Recovery Based Yoga Classes, Meditation Classes and Speaker Meetings.

We are here to help those with substance abuse dependence and addiction issues. Our highly trained and skilled staff of accredited therapists, counselors, medical and detox doctors, house managers and wellness practitioners are highly regarded as the most experienced and trained professionals in the state.
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Palmer Lake Colorado Substance Abuse Facility #TreatmentCenter #AddictionRecovery

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The Recovery Village® Palmer Lake is located 15 minutes from Colorado Springs and less than an hour from Denver. Providing Colorado’s leading recovery care for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders, The Recovery Village® pairs expert treatment with scenic accommodations. We offer a full continuum of care, including medical detox, residential treatment, partial hospitalization programs, and intensive outpatient programs. Customized care includes treatment for those struggling with eating disorders, trauma, PTSD, and marijuana addiction.

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Let's Design Northern Valley Ep.3 – Designing Our Sewage Treatment Facility – Cities Skylines

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We’re back in Northern Valley to design our sewage treatment facility. I’ve been trying to do something unique or interesting in all of the structures that we put into Northern Valley and this sewage facility is no different. The facility features a canal system that takes the sewage runoff and transports it down a hill and into the bay. This is actually the first time that I am ever using the canals in Cities Skylines and I believe the result is awesome!

Originally, I had planned on building this facility closer to the edge of the map and closer to the water but I had figured it would be a logistical nightmare to get a road run all the way there from the small town that we currently have. The location that I picked is actually very scenic. It sits atop a mountain with a fantastic view out over the bay. It is actually quite majestic and probably would be prime real estate to anyone who would want to build a mansion or resort with a view.

I also finally connected up our railroad once again. I had to wind the rail line through the mountains to create nice, gentle slopes for the trains to use. This has turned the railroad into a bit of a scenic run through the future national park system.

We also have tweaked the toll road from the booths out to the end of the map. There is still a long stretch of highway that needs to be cleaned up and possibly moved, but we will get to that in a future episode.

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Treatment center adding outpatient facility

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CINCINNATI (Sydney Benter) — With heroin abuse reaching epidemic levels in the Tri-State, one of the largest local treatment organizations has a new plan to help addicts. Operators of the Center for Addiction Treatment plan to build a .7 million outpatient facility on its campus on Ezzard Charles Drive in the West End. The facility has been there for about 45 years. It’s staffed by nurses 24/7 and offers detox and short term residential treatment. But now the need has outgrown the building and the facility plans to build a second building on its premises. CAT is a pretty unique facility. It’s the only medical detox facility outside of a hospital within 180 miles of Cincinnati. It’s not a lock-down facility but the president, Sandi Kuehn, said it’s harder to get in than out. That’s because of capacity issues. In 2014, 79 percent of the patients treated were addicted to heroin or opiates. Thats compared to 10 percent in 2000. The expansion would help provide detox services to another 1000 people every year. Keuhn said, We see the good things. And that’s a blessing for us because we get to see those good things whereas a lot of the community only gets to see the negative. So, to be able to be a part of that many more stories is really exciting.” The new building would be an outpatient facility. The plans also call for renovating a floor of the exiting building to expand detox capacity from 18 beds to 33. CAT hopes to start construction on the new facility in the summer of 2016. Follow Sydney Benter on Twitter @Local12Sydney, and LIKE her on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter @Local12 and LIKE us on Facebook for updates!

DARA Private Rehab Facility in Thailand – Client Testimonial – Sean

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Rejuvenation may not be the first word which comes to mind, when thinking about rehab. Yet restaurateur Sean believes it is something he discovered, whilst participating within the DARA treatment program.

“A lot of people go through life carrying burdens they shouldn’t have to bear.” 64 year old Sean shares on his Vlog.

Nestled amongst tropical palms, offering a stunning sea view and wrapped in a lush green location, Sean soon unearthed what he was looking for: connection, learning, engagement and privacy. All of which are part of the DARA program.

“DARA is a safe and comfortable place where you know you will be respected.” A key factor for Sean, which stood out alongside the professionalism of the team, all of whom are english speaking.
If you think you can benefit from the DARA program or can relate to Sean’s story, why not give DARA a call. At any time – from anywhere in the world on +667871407788. Alternatively, explore more at

DARA would like to thank Sean for showing tenacity, commitment and belief in the program by sharing his story.
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Drug addicts find solace at a health facility in Mombasa

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The problem of drug abuse at the Coast continues to kill hundreds, while leaving thousands of youth addicted and wasting away. However, this narrative is slowly changing with the introduction of a treatment programme, dubbed the ‘methadone programme.’ The initiative by the county government Mombasa is helping the addicts turn a new leaf and change their lives for the better. NTV’s Nimrod Taabu reports on the county’s new approach in fighting heroin addiction.

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