Top 3 Exercises That Fixed My Back! QL + Erector Injury Rehab

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Collaboration video with Dr. Lauren Polivka on how we were able to rehabilitate my back after a bad sprain to the QLs and my erectors locking up. Talking you through the exercises that worked the best for getting me back on the platform asap!

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Six Way Stretch | Neck Pain Exercises | Medina Sports and Family Chiropractic | Medina, Ohio

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Welcome to the official YouTube channel for Medina Sports and Family Chiropractic. We are a sports and family-based chiropractic practice located inside The Baseball Academy in Medina, Ohio

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Sports Hernia Rehab Program: 7 Exercises You MUST Do

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It’s crucial that you address your mobility issues as well; make sure to check out the other video on my channel as well.

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Shoulder Surgery Rehab: Exercises for the First Six Weeks | Martin Kelley, DPT of Penn Rehab

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Martin Kelley, DPT of Penn Rehab reviews rehab exercises patients can do in the first six weeks after shoulder surgery, including: Pendulum swings, fist pumps, forward elevation, chair stretches, elbow bends, and using a stick device to prevent excessive stiffness.

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Vestibular Rehabilitation Exercises for Balance & Dizziness

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Vestibular Rehabilitation Exercises for Balance & Dizziness- Uploaded as part of an E-skills portfolio and used as a reflective tool. I am aware the skill will not be perfect but any comments for improvements are welcome, thanks!

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Cervical Neck exercises – Neck Rehab – Neck therapy – Center for Chiropractic

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Dr. Donald Thigpen demonstrates a basic neck rehab routine.
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Join myself and Mike from “Good Day For Decay” as we check out an Abandoned Nursing home & Rehab Center. We believe we are the first ones to film this location as many people arent away that its even abandoned. Aside from water damage on the main floor, the rest of the building is in good shape, with lots of contents left behind. Enjoy
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Please Note: Exploring Abandoned locations can be dangerous. I don’t condone or encourage anyone to enter an Abandoned structure. Not only is safety a concern, but often times its illegal and when possible, i seek out permission. I simply go to document its history before it’s gone and leave things the way I find them. I assume all the risks & responsibility in doing so. Please don’t attempt to do this on your own.

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Balance Exercises for Vesitbular Issues Progressive Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

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Balance exercises are part of they therapy program for patients suffering from vestibular issues and vertigo. Learn some simple exercises that you can do at home. Progressive Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is located in Orange Calif. More information is available at
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Absolute Best Shoulder Impingement Exercises (Self-Treatments)

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck demonstrate the absolute best exercises to treat Shoulder Impingement. These are self-treatments that have helped many of Bob and Brad’s patients. Shoulder Impingement is one of the most common causes of shoulder pain including rotator cuff tears.

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