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Dorairaj Prabhakaran, MD, DM, of the Centre for Chronic Disease Control, New Delhi, India, talks with DocWire News about the benefits of a yoga-based cardiac rehabilitation program.

Dr. Prabhakaran presented the results of the Yoga-CaRe trial is a multi-centre randomised controlled trial at the American Heart Association 2018 Scientific Sessions. Patients were recruited after acute myocardial infarction and randomised in 1:1 ratio to receive Yoga-CaRe program (13 in-hospital sessions supervised by an instructor with encouragement to practice regularly at home) or enhanced standard care (3 educational sessions). The study recruited 4014 patients from 22 cardiac centres across India. Yoga-CaRe trial is the largest trial of any form of cardiac rehabilitation to date and also of health benefits of yoga.

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