Let's Design Northern Valley Ep.3 – Designing Our Sewage Treatment Facility – Cities Skylines

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We’re back in Northern Valley to design our sewage treatment facility. I’ve been trying to do something unique or interesting in all of the structures that we put into Northern Valley and this sewage facility is no different. The facility features a canal system that takes the sewage runoff and transports it down a hill and into the bay. This is actually the first time that I am ever using the canals in Cities Skylines and I believe the result is awesome!

Originally, I had planned on building this facility closer to the edge of the map and closer to the water but I had figured it would be a logistical nightmare to get a road run all the way there from the small town that we currently have. The location that I picked is actually very scenic. It sits atop a mountain with a fantastic view out over the bay. It is actually quite majestic and probably would be prime real estate to anyone who would want to build a mansion or resort with a view.

I also finally connected up our railroad once again. I had to wind the rail line through the mountains to create nice, gentle slopes for the trains to use. This has turned the railroad into a bit of a scenic run through the future national park system.

We also have tweaked the toll road from the booths out to the end of the map. There is still a long stretch of highway that needs to be cleaned up and possibly moved, but we will get to that in a future episode.

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