Couples Drug Rehab California – Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Center for Couples

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Couples Drug Rehab California – Inpatient Drug rehabs for Couples
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Inpatient Drug Rehab For Couples California

Find the best California couples drug rehabs for help from substance abuse. Go into treatment as a team and recovery together. inpatient drug rehabs in California allow couples to get help together at the same time.

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Couples Rehabs in Florida Best Couples Rehab Florida Top Substance Abuse Treatment Couples FL

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Couples Rehabs in Florida (888) 325-2454 Best Couples Rehab Florida Top Substance Abuse Treatment Couples (888) 325-2454

If you are looking for a Florida couples rehab we can assist you. Our facilities offer the best substance abuse treatment for couples and individualized treatment.

David Wright rehabs in Florida

New York Mets captain David Wright played in his first rehab game in Port St. Lucie on Monday, and afterward he discussed how it felt to get back on the field.
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24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730 Tennessee couple’s before and after photos of meth addiction, recovery goes viral – Knoxville News Sentinel

Tennessee couple’s before and after photos of meth addiction, recovery goes viral  Knoxville News Sentinel

Brent and Ashley Walker started abusing substances when they were young. Now, they celebrate being sober for over two years with a viral Facebook post.

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Rehabs for Couples | Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers

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877-799-7578 Free service helps find drug and alcohol rehab centers that specialize in treating couples.

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Couples Drug Rehab Orange County CA Addiction Treatment California

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Couples Drug Rehab Orange County CA – 888-325-2454 – Addiction Treatment California


Find the best couples rehab in Orange County California by calling our couples addiction helpline. Rehabs that allow couples are a great way for couples who are struggling with substance abuse to get help together as a team.

Couples rehab typically includes a mix of specific and joint therapy in addition to group therapy. An important component of BCT includes the establishment of “healing contracts.” These are guarantees each partner makes to the other not to drink alcohol or usage drugs and to support each other’s sobriety, in the very same “one-day-at-a-time” custom that most 12-step programs.

While research study has revealed that couples-based therapy leads to higher abstinence, better relationships and less separations than specific treatment, the majority of those research studies have actually concentrated on relationships where only one partner has a drug or alcoholism Fewer studies have resolved the efficiency of BCT in couples where both partners are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction.

My Recovery Story: Jessica – Broadway Treatment Center & Couples Rehab

24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730

My Recovery Story: Jessica - Broadway Treatment Center & Couples Rehab

Broadway Treatment Center has a staff that truly cares. Our drug and alcohol addiction programs include detox, residential inpatient, & couples rehab. Call us 24/7 at (714)443-8218

Read Jessica’s Full Recovery Story Here…

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Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs include a drug and alcohol detox, residential drug & alcohol treatment, (IOP) Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab, Outpatient Rehab in Orange County, CA, Sober Living in Orange County, Sober Coaching, Intervention Services, Pet-Friendly houses and Couples Rehab. We also offer a variety of alternative treatment, such as sand tray therapy, surf therapy, yoga, the Naltraxone opiate implant, and more.

We are especially proud of our Couples Rehab program. We are the first treatment center in the U.S. to offer a specialized couples rehab program that focuses on the unique challenges that couples who use drugs together face. The counselors in our couples rehab program are experts in codependency, enabling behaviors, and general couples counseling. So if you and your significant other have been talking about getting help for awhile, please don’t hesitate to contact us about our couples rehab program.

Here’s where to find us…
Broadway Treatment Center
18582 Beach Blvd., Huntington Beach, CA 92648
(714)443-8218 ~

Jessica’s Story Transcribed…

“My name is Jessica, and this is my recovery story. My addiction started with an eating disorder. I was made fun of and bullied when I was younger, and I would obsess over dieting and exercising. And eventually that led to me taking pills and manipulating doctors.

When I was in High School I started drinking and partying, and moving on to recreational drug use. And eventually it got to a point where it had to be every day for me. It was never enough. My friends could stop and, you know go to work the next day whereas like I had to continue. It led to the point where I had to use at work, I had to use at school, and it was becoming an issue and ruining my life.

Some experiences I had that I knew this was getting out of control was I would wake up not remembering anything that happened the night before. Eventually it started to affect my jobs, I dropped out of school. I started cutting. My eating disorder spiraled out of control. We try to use these things to fill a void. You know eventually, it’s not enough, and for me I was waking miserable every day. It wasn’t to feel high anymore, it wasn’t to feel good anymore. I was getting high to not feel sick. My self esteem was so low that I wanted to end my life.

I think what truly stood out to me about Broadway Treatment Center was that the staff genuinely cares about you. Knowing that I needed to get help again I reached back out to them, and I was serious the second time I came through. I found my sponsor at Broadway Treatment Center. They have connections to people that are serious about getting sober. I was able to work my steps through Broadway Treatment Center. They helped along the way, and I had a lot of rough patches. I went through ups and downs. I walked out of groups screaming and yelling. They were understanding, they held my hand through it, and I’m forever grateful for that. Truly, I wouldn’t be where I am today without this place.

I’m a completely different person now that I’m sober. My sobriety date is February 18th, 2016, so I’m coming up on 15 months. It’s been a roller coaster, but it’s been an absolute blessing. You know, I can talk about all of these things that I have today, like I have no legal issues whatsoever. I have a license back that I haven’t had in years. I have a job at Broadway Treatment Center, helping other girls, helping other people go through what I went through. Being able to like, be on the other end and tell them that I was once in their seat. Watching them grow is amazing!

You know all these material things are great, but what’s truly beautiful is to be be able to look in the mirror and not hate myself. To be able to look into my eyes and to be able to accept who I am. To be able to be closer to my family 2000 miles away from home than I ever was living under their roof. That’s truly amazing to me. To have other girls say that I can help them, when I never thought that I could help anybody. I was handed these cards like I was just meant to be a junky, and that was just how it is. But I have purpose today, I have a purpose in my life today, and that’s what sobriety has given me, that’s what Alcoholics Anonymous has given me, that’s what God has given me, that’s what Broadway Treatment Center has given me.”

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