Sacrum Adjustment South Beach Chiropractor: Kaplan Chiropractic Center

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The foundation of our health relies heavily on our sacrum.
– Skeletal
– Muscular
– Nervous System
– Reproductive Systems
If the sacrum is misaligned, it can negatively affect the function of our body. Check out Dr. Kaplan’s demonstration of what an adjustment of the sacrum looks like in this video.

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KST Chiropractic Adjustment after Pregnancy for low back pain at Van Every in Royal Oak

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At Van Every Family Chiropractic Center located in Royal Oak, we provide KST chiropractic care for the entire family including children, babies, pregnant women, and the elderly. We strive to educate our patients and community on how to live healthier lives. In our office we accomplish this goal by using a chiropractic adjusting technique called Koren Specific Technique, or KST. This revolutionary chiropractic technique is probably unlike any treatment you may have experienced in another office. It is very different than manual adjusting, because there is no cracking, popping or twisting. Most KST chiropractic adjustments, in fact, will be done with the patient standing up. We use a chiropractic tool called the Arthrostim to tap the bone into place, instead of using our hands to manually adjust. This tool allows us to easily and comfortably adjust any bone, including your cranial bones. An overwhelming amount of our patients have had amazing results with the KST technique, including many who have not responded to being manually adjusted or have come to our office because they have “tried everything else” without success. KST is very gentle, but very powerful. Schedule an appointment with us at Van Every Family Chiropractic Center located in Royal Oak, Michigan to find out what our patients already know. We have had great success in helping the body heal from many issues. Chiropractic care using KST, Koren Specific Technique can help Headaches, TMJ dysfunction, head, neck pain, shoulder, arm pain, numbness & tingling, sinus trouble, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, asthma, indigestion, ADHD, colic, menstrual difficulties, pregnancy-related pain, car accident injuries, whiplash, muscle pain, back pain, sciatic pain, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, foot pain, ear infections, growing pains, bed wetting, stress, anxiety, infertility and so much more. We are confident that your experience in our office will be like no other. Everything in our chiropractic clinic is designed for your success; we have a very comfortable office, friendly staff that know our patients by name, an awesome jungle room for children, babies, and infants, progressive and caring Chiropractors that are receptive to each patients’ individual needs, a state-of-the-art spinal Thermo-scan to objectively measure your progress, and we utilize a breakthrough chiropractic adjusting technique, called Koren Specific Technique, or KST. Van Every Family Chiropractic Center located in Royal Oak, MI was established in 1998 by Dr. Anna Saylor. For more information, Call 248-616-0900 or visit us on the web at
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Chiropractic Adjustment for Shoulder Pain, Are Your Arms Working? Neck, Carpal Tunel

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Chiropractic Adjustment for Shoulder Pain, Are Your Arms Working? Neck, Carpal Tunel

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Chiropractic Adjustment for Shoulder Pain, Are Your Arms Working? Neck, Carpal Tunel

Dr. Jeff Echols discusses how to help with shoulder pain and problems such as frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, neck pain, etc. He shows how muscle testing can be used to determine which of the arm muscles need to be addressed. For athletes, these muscle tests are a great way to determine if your arm muscles are working properly.

Dr. Echols is a Chiropractor in Austin, Texas.

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The Y-Strap Chiropractor! Follow my other social media’s to see more insight on my life!!

Patient instantly feels relief after Dr Cipriano’s Y-strap full spine (Full Body) whole body Chiropractic adjustment. Dr Cipriano’s neck strap adjustment (neck pull adjustment) is very powerful that decompresses the entire spine removing pressure off the nerves to allow the body to heal and function. Dr Cipriano is a full body (whole body) chiropractor that uses a neck strap (y strap) adjustment device to manually decompress the spine. Instant relief after y strap. Loud chiropractic cracks in neck, loud chiropractic cracks in mid back and loud chiropractic cracks in low back. Any crack addict will enjoy.

*WHOLE BODY PAIN* Rheumatoid Arthritis, AUTOIMMUNE – Dr. Rahim Chiropractic

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*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and vary from person to person

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Chiropractic Adjustment on a Recent Car Accident Patient

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Balanced Bodywork Clinic
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Balanced Bodywork Clinic
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Sciatica SEVERE herniated disc back pain helped at Dr Suh Chiropractic

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Two weeks ago, patient injured his lower back and experienced severe sciatica where he can’t walk, sit, stand, go to the toilet. Even laughing would cause pain.

Thorough Structural Test reveals two herniated disc, 5th Lumbar and 4th Lumbar vertebra. He was corrected 3 times in the first week, checked frequently for two weeks afterwards without any corrections, and a 4th correction after 1 month.

Experience the Gonstead Difference!

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Specific Chiropractic
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Disclaimer: Results are atypical and varies from patient to patient.

Crossfit Pre Performance Tune-Up With Sports Chiropractic Protocols Malvern PA

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Cross Fit Tune Up by a Sports Chiropractor

In this video you will see how Sports Chiropractic Techniques Can
Help You prepare for your Cross Fit Competition.

This protocol has help Cross Fit and other high-performing athletes
perform at their best and helps prevent performance injuries.

If you are injured it can help you get back to your pre-injury status faster.

We can help you be the best version of an athlete that you can be.

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If you are having some problems that is keeping your from performing at your best, and you want to see if we there is anything we can do to help you, please feel free to call our office for a consultation.


Centreville, VA Chiropractor Shares Chiropractic Care With Blogger

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Chiropractic Family Health Centre –

In this video, Centreville VA Chiropractor shares chiropractic care with local blogger.

Chiropractic Family Health Centre, a well known Centreville, VA chiropractic center has been serving the Centreville and Northern, VA area for over two decades.

Chiropractic Family Health Centre well known Centreville, VA chiropractic center offers services at 14215 Centreville Square Centreville, VA 20121, specializing in spinal correction, improving posture, work and auto injury cases, athletic injury, back pain relief, headaches and migraines, chiropractic pregnancy care along with pediatric and family care.

Chiropractic Family Health Centre has a dedicated approach to help you and your family reach your healthcare goals. Offering chiropractic care, webster breech turning technique, acupuncture, massage and other natural therapeutic modalities.

To learn more contact them at:
Chiropractic Family Health Centre
14215 E Centreville Square
Centreville, VA 20121
(703) 222-3737
Chiropractic Family Health Centre –
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Dr. Awesome takes you on a tour of our office! La Mesa Chiropractor takes care of the entire family. Helping everyone live their God given health potential through gentle chiropractic care and other non-drug healthcare methods!
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Brief Chiropractic Exam & 1st Chiropractic Adjustment On Washington State Man

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Brief Chiropractic Exam & 1st Chiropractic Adjustment On Washington State Man by Your Houston Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Johnson of Advanced Chiropractic Relief LLC in Houston Texas. This Washington State Chiropractic patient who just got his last adjustment in Washington last week gets his first adjustment at Advanced Chiropractic Relief in Houston Texas while his wife is getting treated twice a day for the next four days. Dr Johnson Provides His Patients with Personalized examinations depending on history and previous Chiropractic Care of Medical care, Unique, safe and effective Chiropractic Adjustments, Therapeutic Exercises, Manual Therapy, BioPhysics Adjustments, Full Spine Manual Spinal Decompression, Ring Dinger” to give people what they say is the ultimate experience in Chiropractic Care, Please call (281) 405-2611 or visit us online at for an appointment. There is a reason we’re called Advanced Chiropractic Relief LLC so find out for yourself why so many people are choosing Your Houston Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Johnson at Advanced Chiropractic Relief LLC located at 363 N Sam Houston Pkwy E Suite 1060 Houston Texas 77060. We look forward to serving your Chiropractic needs at Advanced Chiropractic Relief in Houston Texas. We’ll see y’all soon!!!
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Herniated Disc – Excruciating low back pain with sciatica – FIXED Gonstead Chiropractic

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Patient came to us with excruciating low back pain and sciatica down the right leg. A herniated disc caused him to limp and manifest his current symptoms. He had this issue for the past 7 years and tried cortisone injections with limited help. His medical doctor recommended surgery if the cortisone injections didn’t work.

Structural test was performed and determine a structural abnormality at the 5th Lumbar disc. Precise Gonstead Chiropractic correction repositioned the structure and restored nerve function to his leg.

Experience the Gonstead Difference!

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Specific Chiropractic
150 East 55th Street, 2nd Floor
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Disclaimer: Results are atypical and varies from patient to patient.
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