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Southern California is widely considered the “mecha” of the drug rehab community in America. Not only is it a beautiful and relaxing place to seek addiction recovery, but we are very proud of the amazing recovery community.

Traveling for drug rehab is often preferred by most people for the simple fact that, if you don;t change your surroundings, how can you fully expect to see change?

We hope you will give Beginnings treatment centers a chance to prove how amazing California can be to help you recover from drugs and alcohol.

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Detoxing in California Drug Treatment
Outpatient Treatment in California Rehab Centers
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The Cost of Staying in a California Rehabilitation Center
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Free Addiction Consultations – 888-242-7730 Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women – The Premier Southern California Drug Rehab
Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women is nationally recognized as the premier Women’s Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Facility in Southern California. Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women has been in the forefront and a pioneer in the innovative development of addiction treatment designed specifically for women. We have been breaking the cycle of drug and alcohol abuse with healing, hope and love since 1993.

Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women is designed for the specific and unique needs of women in the grips of drug and alcohol addiction, and dual diagnosis. Safe Harbor’s atmosphere of love and acceptance envelopes each client, allowing them to break through the barriers, which have kept them trapped in the cycle of drug and alcohol abuse. Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where women are able to focus on issues such as, shame, self-loathing, body distortion, codependency, self-esteem, and relationships. Through this healing process, women are able to live healthy and fulfilled lives.

Safe Harbor has helped thousands of women transform their lives to a life with purpose and joy. The good news is that recovery and hope is available today.

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For immediate support call us: 1 (877) 660-7623

Safe Harbor – “A Healing Place for Women”

Infants getting adjusted | California Sports & Family Chiropractic

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Infants getting adjusted | California Sports & Family Chiropractic

Baby adjustments are much more gentle and quite different than adult adjustments. Watch as 6 month old Peter gets adjusted, Claudia talks about her experience with her 3 week old son and chiropractic and Dr. John talks about his own experience at California Sports & Family Chiropractic located in San Carlos, CA. Visit our website at
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