Oiled Bird Bath – Fort Jackson Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

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Oiled Bird Bath - Fort Jackson Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Interview with Jay Holcomb, Director of the International Bird Rescue and Research Center, one of two organizations helping rehabilitate birds and other animals affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Mr. Holcomb describes the cleaning and health inspection process of animals brought into the Fort Jackson Wildlife Rehabiliation Center in Louisiana. Video by Jennifer Strickland, USFWS.
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Should I Call A Bird Rehab Center For Injured Birds?

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What do you do when you find an injurd bird? Should you take it to a rehab center or just leave it alone? Richard Cole has a good solution.

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Fort Jackson Bird Rehabilitation Center Operations

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Environmental cleanup workers spoke about bird rescue efforts along the Gulf Coast in the wake of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

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How to Become a Wildlife Rehabilitator
00:00:46 Part 1 Deciding to Become a Wildlife Rehabilitator
00:00:54 1 – Get vaccinated
00:01:15 2 – Find a center where you can volunteer
00:01:30 3 – Volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation center
00:02:28 4 – Do an informational interview with a wildlife rehabilitator
00:03:11 5 – Decide where you want to work eventually
00:03:54 Part 2 Getting Training and Permits
00:04:01 1 – Get a college degree in biology or ecology
00:04:40 2 – Approach the head of your facility for an apprenticeship or internship
00:05:05 3 – Check with your state’s Game and Wildlife Department
00:05:37 4 – Get your license
00:06:18 Part 3 Working as a Rehabilitator
00:06:25 1 – Find a job
00:06:44 2 – Work hard rehabilitating wildlife
00:07:37 3 – Keep up with the field

Content taken from www.wikihow.com/Become-a-Wildlife-Rehabilitator
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A Day at The Bird Rescue Center of Sonoma County

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A Day at The Bird Rescue Center of Sonoma County

Watch this video and get an idea of the day-to-day work done by the good people (mostly volunteers) at The Bird Rescue Center in Santa Rosa, CA — whose mission is the rescue, rehabilitation and release of orphaned, ill and injured wild, native birds of Sonoma County, CA. With deepest appreciation to Alexandra and John at Primal Focus Productions who shot and produced this video.
Visit BRC website: http://birdrescuecenter.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Bird-Rescue-Center/183650181676460
Primal Focus Productions: http://primalfocusproductions.com/

Bird Wildlife and Rehabilitation Center needs donations or will close.

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Every day at the Rogers Wildlife and Rehabilitation Center, adorable ducks, magnificent raptors, and countless other varieties of fowl are dropped off by Good Samaritans and delivered into the healing hands of Kathy Rogers.

For 35 years, her mission has been to get orphaned and injured birds back in the air — where they belong.

As the only rehab facility of its kind in North Texas, the non-profit relies on donations. The center takes in more than 5,000 broken and baby birds annually. Care is constant and costly. The center spends nearly ,000 annually on mice alone.

Kathy Rogers says she has until April to raise 0,000, or she will be forced to turn the suffering creatures away.

To learn more about the Rogers Wildlife and Rehabilitation Center or to donate, visit their website or Facebook page.
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Belize Bird Rescue, Bird Sanctuary & Parrot Rehabilitation Centre

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A quick, guided tour of Belize Bird Rescue – a private Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and return to the wild of birds in Belize. If you see an injured wild bird, or poorly cared-for captive bird, report it to the Government of Belize Forestry Department at 822-1524. Contact Belize Bird Rescue if you would like advice on caring for your Belize Licensed bird or wish to enter your bird into our Rehabilitation Programme. Phone: 501-610 0400 E-mail: belizebirdrescue@gmail.com Website: www.belizebirdrescue.com
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Inside New York’s Only Bird Rehab Center

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Inside New York’s Only Bird Rehab Center

When Rita McMahon found a half-dead goose on the side of a street in New York City, she quickly discovered that there was nowhere in the area to bring injured or sick wildlife. So McMahon took it upon herself to create a haven for injured birds by founding the Wild Bird Fund, which remains the only wildlife rehabilitation center in the city.

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