Austin Drug Rehab at BRC Recovery: Why Family Matters

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Austin Drug Rehab at BRC Recovery: Why Family Matters

Tracie Kitchen, Director of Women’s Programs, gives a down-to- earth, heart-to-heart talk to resident family members about addiction, recovery, and how the BRC Recovery program works.

BRC Recovery, located east of Austin, Texas, is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation program for men and women. The gender-specific programs provide 90 days of residential recovery, followed by Benchmark-owned sober living and a 12-month extended care monitoring program. Based on the 12-Steps, the BRC Recovery program places a heavy emphasis on life skills, fitness and spirituality and is suitable for those getting sober for the first time, coming out of 30-day treatment, or with a history of chronic relapse.
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Outpatient Rehab Austin – 24/7 Helpline Call 1(800) 615-1067

24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730 Outpatient Rehab Austin
Outpatient Rehab Austin serves individuals who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction with their proficient addiction specialists. They are highly competent and would only yearn for improvement and recuperation. It is not a secret that the expenses for rehabilitation are undeniably high-priced. this is one common reason on why a person doesn’t enroll in one. However, in this facility, they accept any insurances to lessen the burden of those who need their assistance.

If you or your loved one is looking for help, Call our 24/7 Addiction helpline 1 (800) 615-1067.

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If you or a loved one are looking for help with substance abuse.
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Dynavision at Genesis Outpatient Rehab Therapy

Fran Riley of KWQC visits the Genesis LIFT (Learning Independence for Tomorrow) Program to learn about Dynavision.
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Ankle & Foot Chiropractic Adjustment Demonstration Austin Chiropractor Care

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Ankle & Foot Chiropractic Adjustment Demonstration Austin Chiropractor Care
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Ankle & Foot #ChiropracticAdjustment Demonstration Austin Chiropractor Care

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2 Girls & 1 Chiropractic Back Adjustments, Low Back Pain, Austin Chiropractor Jeff Echols

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2 Girls & 1 Chiropractic Back Adjustments, Low Back Pain, Austin Chiropractor Jeff Echols

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Austin, Texas – Alumni BRC Recovery – Alcohol Rehab Austin

24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730

BRC Recovery is a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center for Men and Women located just outside Austin, Texas in Manor, Texas.

Please be sure to visit or Call 866.905.4550

BRC Recovery offers many Residential Programs:
as well as great aftercare programs including Segue by BRC and Alumni Services

If you are looking for the best alcohol rehab center in Austin then BRC Recovery is the place to be. Come take a look at our site and see how we can help you to take that first step.

24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730 Electronic Intervention is a Cost-Effective Way to Help Women with Substance Abuse Issues – UT News | The University of Texas at Austin

Electronic Intervention is a Cost-Effective Way to Help Women with Substance Abuse Issues  UT News | The University of Texas at Austin

AUSTIN, Texas — Providing substance-abuse intervention services for women, particularly in the setting of reproductive health centers, is critical to positive …

“connecticut addiction” – Google News

90 Day Gender Specific Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program: Austin, Texas – BRC Recovery

24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730

Please visit BRC Recovery at our new website

BRC Recovery provides addiction recovery services for alcohol and drug rehab in the Austin area for men and women struggling with substance use, abuse and dependence.

Our extended-care gender-specific drug and alcohol rehab program has three phases…90 days of residential, company-owned sober living and 12 months of monitoring.

We also provide the following programs and continuum of care:

alcohol rehab Austin –

men’s rehab program –

women’s rehab program –

12 Step recovery –

Call 866-905-4550….we are here to help.

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