Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery – 1 Year Sober

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Coming to you live with Kevin from our admissions department. Check out what he has to say about the honeymoon stages of sobriety.
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What Is Addiction Recovery? What should you do if you or a loved one needs help overcoming an addiction? It takes a lot of courage to admit when you need help, but recovery is possible and definitely worth it. The road to recovery is about discovering healthy ways to feel lasting happiness. With the support of family, friends, church leaders, and professionals, there is hope for the future.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, find help at

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Alcohol Rehab New York – Alcohol Treatment New York

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Alcohol Rehab New York – (347) 767-5588
Some people discredit alcohol as a drug, or an addictive substance, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Alcoholism is as real as coronary heart disease, with signs, symptoms, and detrimental medical consequences for those who do not seek treatment. Most alcoholics have trouble recognizing that their over consumption of alcoholic drinks is a problem; they will make excuses for their harmful tendencies, hide their consumption of alcohol, and convince themselves that they do not have a problem. The effects of alcoholism (officially known as a substance use disorder) are felt across all facets of life. Alcoholism can ruin careers, cause financial ruin, strain family relations, and ruin intimate relationships and friendships.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab New York understands that enrolling in alcohol rehab takes a tremendous amount of soul searching and effort. Our medical professionals and addiction counselors are available 24/7 to help you cope with the sickness of withdrawal, and help you to identify the cause of your alcohol addiction. Alcohol rehab teaches recovering victims of substance abuse the life tools necessary to successfully live a productive life without the chains of addiction. Our most successful cases of alcohol rehab patients are now our very own addiction professionals who are actively working with alcoholics to help them recover. At Drug and Alcohol Rehab New York we understand alcoholism, because we’ve gone through it before.

At Drug and Alcohol Rehab New York we provide you with the most effective, affordable, and life changing alcohol rehab available. We provide our patients with:

24/7 Medical Service
24/7 Access to Gourmet Food and Speciality Beverages
Lush Outdoor Amenities
Movies Under the Stars
Weekly Barbecues
Private Bedrooms Furnished with Netflix & Xbox Consoles
Full Service Spa and Salon Services
Individualized Treatment Plans to Treat Your Specific Level of Addiction
Upscale, Privately Enclosed, Resort-Like Accommodations
Free Internet Access
Lifestyle Coaching & Career Planning for the Future
100% Treatment Financing Available
Tranquil Environment of Healing
12 Step Programs After Recovery

At Drug and Alcohol Rehab New York you are never just a number. We take a personal interest in the successful and lasting recovery of each of our patients. You are the key to inspiring future alcoholics to seek treatment. Our expert addiction counselors are here to help you every step of the way. We offer a holistic and medical approach to alcohol rehab. Our treatment center cultivates environments of compassion and understanding, while patients participate in intensive therapy to redress the innate addictive behaviors that perpetuate abuse. Family and friends are invited to attend family therapy. Drug and Alcohol Rehab New York knows that resolving domestic relationships often rectify the underlying pangs of abuse.

Don’t wait to get the help you need to overcome alcoholism. Call (347) 767-5588 today.
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Alcohol and Drug Counseling Studies: Certificate Program Overview

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Being an abuse substance counselor isn’t for everyone, but for those who want to help others in need while also entering a promising and immensely fulfilling field, it might just be the perfect fit.

With addiction on the rise, substance abuse professionals are high in demand and need to be prepared to take on the challenges of the multitude of job positions you could opt for in the field. This program is your door to those opportunities.

If you think you have what it takes to build a career out of changing lives, start here:

Alcohol and Drug Counseling Studies: Certificate Program Overview

Teen Alcohol Abuse

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educational video on teen alcohol abuse
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Teen Alcohol Abuse

great movie, look for Bailey The Cute Puppy in a minor role at around 3:15 . Also starring the delicious Daniel Goff as well as his ok looking brothers, we do not own the rights to any of the songs.
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Drug Rehab Los Angeles Call (310) 341-7881- Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles, California

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(310) 341-7881

Los Angeles Drug Treatment Center. We offer the best drug rehab, drug detox programs and alcohol rehab facilities. Give us a call today if you are battling with drug addiction, prescription medicine abuse or alcohol addiction.

Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services
· Alcohol Treatment
· Alcohol Rehab
· Treatment Counseling
· Educational Services
· Recovery Meetings
· Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment

Los Angeles Drug Treatment Center
3213 W Imperial Hwy,
Inglewood, CA 90303
(310) 341-7881
Website: http://


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Alcohol and Drug Abuse in relation to ED & SH. Mental Heath Videos with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

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Every Tuesday & Friday I post a journal prompt to help keep you motivated and working on yourself!
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This week I discuss the difference between alcohol and drug abuse versus dependence, and how we can use substances in leu of using our ED or SH. I hear so often that people who struggle with SH or EDs also use alcohol or drugs as another way to cope. We can even recover from our ED or SH and be using drugs or alcohol instead.. so that we really don’t find any healthy coping skills, instead we just switch one unhealthy coping skill for another. The way to get out of this horrible cycle is to begin journaling, seeing a therapist and joining NA or AA!! Through that we can figure out what it is that we are trying to numb out from or a feeling that we want to ignore. Then we can work the actual issue or cause of our substance abuse. I know it’s hard work, but take it one step at a time. We can beat the urges and get back on track to a Healthy Body and a Healthy Mind!!
Kati Morton, MFTI
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If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call a local emergency telephone number or go immediately to the nearest emergency room.

6 Herbs for alcohol addiction recovery

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6 Herbs for alcohol addiction recovery Subscribe here

This video is for information purposes only and aimed at the person who is ready to stop drinking. Always seek professional advice from an herbalist.

1. Kudzu
2. Milk Thistle
3. Passion flower
4. Oats
5. Wild lettuce
6. Hops

Remember always consult with a doctor if you have an illness and consult with an herbalist if you want to go on a course of herbs.

These videos are for information purposes only. If you taking medications consult with a medical doctor. If you want to take a course of herbs I recommend you talk to a herbalist. If you want more information contact me by email.

About me
Empowering medicine is a holistic channel on Youtube, dedicated to teaching you about herbs and herbal medicine. Like Hippocrates, I believe food is medicine and can heal and prevent all sorts of illnesses. As a master herbalist practicing herbal medicine in Dublin, I can help you find your way to better health, not with drugs, but with foods, medicine and a holistic approach that looks at the root causes of your health problem.

If you subscribe to my channel, each week you will have access to the best and up to date information on herbal medicine and herbal remedies. I do videos on the health benefits of herbs and food as medicine + how to videos + healthy recipes + mental health videos + much more!

Traditional medicine has so much to offer, in a world saturated by drugs and prescription medicines! Choose herbs and choose better longer lasting health!

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Alcoholism has started affecting Sahil’s health. So, Sahil decides to go to a Psychiatrist to talk about his drinking problem, with his friend. Will he be able to overcome his problem of drinking?
This video talks about Alcohol Abuse Disorder , its health effects, withdrawal symptoms and treatment
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