How to Detect the Signs & Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning

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Step 1: Notice vomiting
Take note if the victim is vomiting. Although it could be an upset stomach, it could also indicate a more serious problem.

Step 2: Wake the victim
Attempt to wake the victim if they pass out. If they cannot be roused, immediately seek help.

Watch an unconscious victim to make sure they don’t choke on their vomit.

Step 3: Listen to breathing
Listen for slow or irregular breathing. Eight breaths per minute or less is considered slow.

Step 4: Check for hypothermia
Check to see if the victim has blue or pale skin or low body temperature, as these can be signs of hypothermia.

Step 5: Watch for seizures
Watch for seizures, which are caused by either dehydration or hyperglycemia.

Step 6: Call for help
Call the hospital or poison control if you suspect the victim has alcohol poisoning. Don’t wait for all the symptoms to appear before calling for help.

Did You Know?
Each year an estimated 1,700 college students ages die from alcohol-related injuries.

Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment | Do You Need it Before Quitting Booze?

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Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome | Karen-Ann Clarke | Ausmed Lectures

The effects of heavy alcohol consumption may have an effect on the central nervous system (CNS). This session looks at this potentially lethal condition of alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS), also known as delirium tremens or the ‘DTs’.
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The Canyon at Peace Park Drug & Alcohol Treatment Facility – A Distinguished Healing Experience

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Discover The Canyon at Peace Park, and meet some of the fine staff. The Canyon at Peace Park specializes in dual diagnosis (treating both mental disorders and addictive behavior) custom-tailored to each individual’s needs, and is a place where each patient can heal in a safe and comfortable environment.

Learn more at
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Alcohol & Drug Help Atlanta | Georgia Christian Drug Treatment

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Alcohol & Drug Help Atlanta | Georgia Christian Drug Treatment

Place your trust in a substance abuse treatment center. Call the Georgia Christian Drug Treatment helpline for Atlanta . The helpline was created to provide a valuable resource for those seeking to overcome substance abuse. Operators are standing by 24/7 to address any questions pertaining to rehab and which treatment center provides the right care for your needs. Today’s rehab center employs a staff of devoted addiction professionals who use the latest methods of detox, dual diagnosis, and therapy and depression treatment in a safe, nurturing atmosphere. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, it’s time to get the treatment you need and deserve. Call the helpline for Atlanta, Georgia today at (404) 491-8726 or visit them online at
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Drug Rehab Atlanta GA will help you understand what will be happening around you as you take this journey.
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Sierra Vista AZ Christian Drug Rehab (888) 444-9143 Spiritual Alcohol Rehab

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Sierra Vista AZ Christian Drug Rehab (888) 444-9143 Spiritual Alcohol Rehab (888) 444-9143 Christian Drug Rehab Center Alcohol Addiction Treatment Get help now at Christian Alcohol Rehab Center Drug Addiction Treatment Spiritual Drug Rehab Center christian based drug rehab christian drug rehab christian drug rehab centers christian drug rehab programs holistic drug rehab inpatient drug rehab spiritual drug rehab christian based alcohol rehab christian alcohol rehab christian alcohol rehab centers christian alcohol rehab programs holistic alcohol rehab inpatient alcohol rehab spiritual alcohol rehab

Providence Projects – Alcohol Detox, Alcohol Treatment, Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab

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The Providence Projects- Alcohol Detox, Alcohol Treatment, Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab
The Providence Projects are the pioneers of Residential Day drug and Alcohol Treatment.
We are based in Bournemouth which has been voted as one of the places that people in the UK would most like to live. Situated just a short walk from the seven miles of golden sandy beaches our centres give people an opportunity to recover in comfortable and enviable surroundings.
The Providence Projects opened in 1996. The Project is registered as a non-profit organisation which means that we are able to offer the best quality treatment available at an affordable price. Another part of the organisation PSP (Providence Supporting People) is a registered charity.

We offer the complete package for those suffering from alcohol addiction and drug dependence, from the initial assessment, through drug or alcohol detox (if required), and then into the intensive drug & alcohol treatment programme. We also offer a highly structured and exciting aftercare service. These are the four stages of our drug and alcohol treatment programme.
Treatment from £600 per week including drug and alcohol Detox Telephone us now for immediate help and support – Free phone 0800 849 9257.

Western Counselling is one of the leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation and detox centres in the UK. Established in 1983 they specialize in abstinence based, 12 step recovery treatment programs for those suffering from substance misuse and dependency.

Western Counselling successfully support and care for hundreds of men and women each year who choose to change their lives and tackle their drug, alcohol and other addictions problems with residential treatment and therapy.

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Western Counselling
18 Whitecross Rd
North Somerset
BS23 1EW
Telephone: 0800 849 9257

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Drug and alcohol detoxification and rehab clinic Bristol – Western Counselling
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Medically Supervised Drug & Alcohol Detox Programs NJ / MA

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Maria: Hi. I’m Maria Omer [SP] with Summit Behavioral Health. Let us take from hope to healing. On this channel, we’ll be talking about health and wellness. If you’re new, please consider subscribing.

Interviewer: So if you can explain in detail what is holistic addiction detox?

Maria: Our programming consists of an integrative approach where we take medical, clinical, and holistic treatment options. We will have an individual be assessed by a medical provider, a physician, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, as well as a very well-trained nursing program in our medical component. We also have a large counseling group which consists of licensed certified addiction counselors and mental health providers, who will be working with the individual to assess some of the mental health symptoms that also are coinciding during someone’s detoxification process.

In addition, which really truly separates our programs from others, we offer holistic services. We really have found to treat the mind, body, and spirit that we have really helped someone to become more grounded. The medical detoxification is pretty intense. It’s very uncomfortable. So we try to make an individual feel as comfortable as possible, and that starts maybe with a massage, with Reiki, with aromatherapy essential oils, maybe perhaps if the individual is struggling with anxiety or insomnia, trouble sleeping. We also offer acupuncture which has been around and utilized for many, many decades to treat addictive disorders such as alcohol dependence and opioid dependence.

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MY STORY – Rodney's Personal Fight with Alcohol Addiction (Full Story)

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“My Story” is a video series that dives into the personal stories of people who have struggled with opioid addiction.

Rodney’s struggle with his own identity led him to alcohol, his powerful and addictive friend, that gave him false courage. That false courage led to separation from his family and eventually living on the street. At his lowest point, he trusted a stranger who helped place him in a treatment center for addiction. His fight against addiction started with searching for his identity and his recovery starts with finding it.

This video series is supported by Stand 4 Recovery, a nonprofit that helps find and pay for recovery treatment of individuals who are left without any options from their insurance providers or government programs.

To help Stand 4 Recovery pay and support individuals in need, like Steven, please call 1-800-874-0134 or go to and click donate. There’s no minimum and every bit helps.

For more about Stand 4 Recovery go to

Donate here:

If you know of someone in need please call: 1-800-874-0134
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Boston Drug Treatment Centers (617) 517-6448 and Alcohol Abuse Rehab and Addiction Help

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(617) 517-6448

Boston Drug Treatment Centers helps those ready to overcome drug or alcohol addiction through a variety of treatment modalities with the goal of achieving long term success and freedom from substance abuse.

Entering rehab is probably one of the most difficult things any addict chooses to do, but at Boston Drug Treatment Centers, we work to make the process as painless and simple as possible. We understand that by entering a drug rehab facility, the addict has made a crucial decision in their recovery process, which is why we try to answer all questions honestly and up front so that there are no surprises during treatment. We understand that there may be underlying reasons why someone chooses to enter a life of addiction, and we work to provide the necessary tools for the addict to deal with those underlying problems without the use of substances.

Admissions are by appointment after a confidential assessment over the phone.

Boston Drug Treatment Centers
71 Commercial Street
Boston, MA 02109
(617) 517-6448