How Your Spine Affects Your Health, Why Chiropractic Is NOT Just for Neck & Back Pain

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Learn how chiro can improve hormone balance, digestion, eye sight and more.
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Dr. Echols answers common questions about chiropractic and how it supports the health of your entire body– hormones, digestion, nervous system, stress management and more. Learn how Applied Kinesiology can help you improve health & wellness.

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My Addiction Story – How Alcohol Affects the Body Long Term

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My Addiction Story - How Alcohol Affects the Body Long Term

This is my addiction story, and you’re going to find out how alcohol affects the body long term. Not only that, but I also discuss how drugs affect the body. Many people don’t realize what this type of abuse to the body can do, so if you’re asking yourself, “How do drugs affect the body?”, this video will answer it.

In this video, I discuss the fast weight gain I had. My alcohol addiction story and drug addiction story also discuss the many health problems I endured from my addiction and drug abuse. I discuss how I tried to use cocaine for weight loss and how that went.

We don’t all overdose. Some of us do irreparable damage to ourselves.

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How Climate Change Affects Mental Health and Addiction –

How Climate Change Affects Mental Health and Addiction

In the context of climate change, mental health and addiction services must be an integral part of the preparation for catastrophic events such as Hurricane …

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