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Metalocalypse is Adult Swim’s blackest, most brutal comedy. Coming straight to your face from Brendon Small (Home Movies) and Tommy Blacha, it centers around the band Dethklok, a global metal sensation with enormous economic power and social influence. Dethklok includes Nathan Explosion on vocals, Skwisgaar Skwigelf on lead guitar, Toki Wartooth on rhythm guitar, William Murderface on bass, and Pickles the Drummer as…himself. Unfortunately, these guys are more interested in boozing, doing drugs, and causing mass destruction than in putting out new albums. Their careless attitudes cause band manager Charles Ofdensen almost constant strife as he tries to salvage Dethklok’s public image and protect them from a mysterious organization known as The Tribunal. Sign a pain waiver and head over to AdultSwim.com for the harshest comedy experience of your pathetic life.

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From the Episode “Rehabklok” S3E8

I recrated Charlie Allen’s compilation [not available anymore] from the 5.1 episode to get the best results, in addition to that I also remastered the entire Song and added the full Skyhunter.
Couldn’t add the video for copyright reasons 🙁


They did it!
They did it!
They finally fucking did it!!
They threw me under the bus

They think they’re so perfect
Can handle their booze
Well I’ll tell you something
They can not!

Why would they want to get rid of me?
I’m fun and totally cool!
Unless they’ve been talkin’ behind my back
And they know something that I do not
Well. . .

I’ve never been so betrayed
Those bastards want me out of the way

Send me away so I can get clean
I think I know what they really mean
I think they plunge me deeper
So they can fuckin’ replace me!

I can’t believe that it’s come to this
Some filled with anger and some with piss
I call them friends
I call them family
Now I think that they’re replacing me

Replace me
Don’t replace me!
Please don’t replace me
I gotta get clean!
I gotta get clean!
I gotta get clean!
Oh god I gotta get clean!

But it looks like the party’s over
Gonna have one more
For the road
Feel like I’m never really going to know ya
Eh not really
You gave me so much
I don’t think I am ready to let go

You gave me courage
You gave me class
You gave me confidence
And I don’t know what I’m gonna do
Without you
Without you
God I don’t know what I’m gonna do without you
Oh god
Oh no

It’s the saddest day in the world
This is the saddest day in the world (4x)

Murderface: “Yeah, he’s probably living like a fucking king!”

Oh I hate rehab!
So damn much!
I can’t get out!
I can’t get out!
They drag me back!
I kick and fight
I’m spittin’ on things!
I’m starting fights!
Lack of booze is killing me!
I need a drink!
Give me a drink!
Oh rehab sucks
I wanna run away
But those doctors
Are making me stay and they say:

“We’ve got several steps
you need to complete
so you can get clean
get on your feet”

I don’t need this
I don’t need your fucking help
You are all stupid idiots
You can all go to hell

“Shock ’em now
there is no escape
same goes for all of you
until I let you out of this place.
Now you all have problems
that’s the truth.
You’re narcissistic parasites
but we can save you

but you’ve got to tell us why
all the reasons you got high.
The reason that you used
the cause for your abuse
if we could find out why yeah
we could treat you inside.
Oh, the action we’ll take
Oh, the way you’ll be saved.”

“Why do you drink?”
I drank because it’s cool!
“Oh why do you drink?”
I drank because it taste good!
“Why do you abuse?”
I really like the flavor!
“That just won’t do!”
It’ll have to do
It’ll have to do
It’ll have to do

“If you don’t tell me what I need to hear
you’ll never get clean.
You’ll always live in fear
you’ll never go home
you’ll be replaced in your band”
“Do you know what I mean?”
Yes I understand!
“Tell me”

When I was a boy I was traumatized
I was six years old
and my brother lied
He burned down the garage
and he blamed it on me
and that was the first time
I ever had a drink!

I drank!
I drank!
I drank it all away!
It’s my brother’s fault!
It’s my brother’s fault!
That’s the reason that I drink!

“You must forgive your brotheeeeeeer”
No way!

I think that they’re onto me
No, I’m not drinking
But I’m still not really clean
Till I finish my last step
Of forgiving my brother
I’m still dead to them

I see the way they look at me
They think I’m not as good as that drum machine!
As long as this dumb machine is here
I won’t be in, to me that’s clear

So now I am forced
to go, and forgive my stupid brother
In Australia

And if he accepts
Then I can rejoin my band
and play that gig we have
scheduled there
and the robot will be out

but something tell me
He won’t go lightly
There might be danger. . .

*DANGER* (16x)
*Eliminate thread, eliminate danger* (20x)
That’s the danger oh, oh
There will be danger oh, oh
That’s the danger oh, oh
There will be danger oh, oh

6:40 Drummachine part:
Wow, look at this fucking ???
I am concieved (?)
I am alive
I am a god
I machine (?)

Oh, the backstage rider
Fucking dink that shit, drink it, it’s been too long
You gotta save the band
Don’t drink, you been doing so good
Get drunk (3x)
Don’t do it (3x)

Fucking it, I’m gonna do both,
I’m gonna get drunk and save the band

I am back motherfucker!
Charles: “Pickles you’re back, the band is missing and the drummachine is planning on blowing them up”
Yea if I can’t help it
“Uh, you’ve been drinking, haven’t you?”
Fuck yea I have, tonight I’m gonna burn down the garage
“Pickles, no!”

Nathan: “Help us, it’s so gay to ask for help but I really don’t wanna die, HELP!”

8:40 – Skyhunter

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