Substance Use: Addiction Theories New Treatments and the Role of Doctoring in Society

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Substance Use: Addiction Theories New Treatments and the Role of Doctoring in Society

0:15 – Diana Coffa, MD
28:03 – Soraya Azari, MD
44:19 – Scott Steiger, MD
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9 out of 10 people with substance abuse problems started using by age 18. What puts someone at risk for early onset drug or alcohol use? is is heritable? How are brain circuits involved? UCSF doctors answer these questions and discuss detection, diagnoses and treatment. Series: “UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine presents Mini Medical School for the Public” [1/2018] [Show ID: 32939]

‘We will smash the grip of addiction!’ – Trump

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‘We will smash the grip of addiction!’ - Trump

President Donald Trump spoke at a major drug conference in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday. The summit involved rehab, law enforcement and academia. Meanwhile, top US drug manufacturers have begun to face legal repercussions for their role in stoking the opioid crisis. RT America’s John Huddy has the details for News.Views.Hughes.

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If you have noticed that you have a problem and are trying to give up alcohol, you need to be aware that alcohol withdrawal symptoms will occur. What you experience will make you want to give in and have a drink, but this is the last thing that you should do. You can find some common alcohol withdrawal symptoms below, along with some basic tips and tricks on how to get over them.
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Drug Rehab Florida – Transitions Recovery Program – Addiction Treatment Services Near Miami

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Drug Rehab Florida - Transitions Recovery Program - Addiction Treatment Services Near Miami

Drug Rehab Florida – Transitions Recovery Program Miami – or (800) 626-1980 for immediate help.

Transitions Recovery is a nationally accredited, state-licensed drug and alcohol rehabilitation service provider with drug treatment and alcohol addiction treatment facilities based in North Miami Beach.

Transitions Recovery was founded in 1985 to provide drug treatment and alcohol addiction treatment by professionals with a passion for helping chemically dependent patients and their families. We are committed to treating the disease of chemical dependency with the highest standard of care at affordable costs. The greatest testament to Transitions Recovery as a provider of substance abuse treatment is our consistent positive results in helping patients stay sober. Our drug treatment center and alcohol addiction programs offer a continuum of care that includes residential sober living environments, partial-day programs, intensive outpatient services, aftercare, and family care to individuals and their families.

Dually Licensed Addiction Treatment Center
Our treatment center is dually licensed by the State of Florida as a special psychiatric health and behavioral health facility. We are fully licensed to provide Florida drug rehabilitation to those who wish to recover from substance abuse in a pleasant climate and environment.

The dual license supports our commitment to prevention, education, diagnosis, and treatment of substance abuse addictions and mental and behavioral disorders. Transitions Recovery is a leading provider of dual diagnosis services and treatment.

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Seeing Drug and Alcohol Addiction in a New Light | Ed Stevenson | TEDxCoeurdalene

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We need to stop blaming addicts and start treating them. Right now, our treatment options are severely limited and often misguided. In this talk, Ed Stevenson passionately describes why we desperately need more treatment centers and better treatment options if we are to help our friends and family who struggle with addictions.

Ed was born in Leadville Colorado, which is referred to as the two-mile- high city sitting at 10,252 feet. He grew up in the Pacific Northwest where he attended college and majored in Business and Photography. Prior to graduation he was sought after by a large multi-national firm and then spent most of his career as an executive in the software consulting industry, working with Fortune 500 companies in Alaska, California and Seattle prior to settling in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho a few years ago. Once back in the Northwest, he and his wife co-founded Life Recovery Solutions, a behavior modification software company. His brother and nephew both died at an early age because of drugs and alcohol and because of this he spends his free time helping those struggling with addiction and other afflictions.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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Three Approaches to Treating Addiction by Dr. Bob Weathers

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Draws upon three contemporary approaches to therapy, each of which questions more traditional attitudes toward recovery. Includes such not uncontroversial suggestions as the counselor’s own entering into abstinence (if not from alcohol, then from some cherished behavior) and finding alternatives to such commonly employed labels as “alcoholic” or “addict” by implementing instead a “language of hope.”

A highly regarded educator and university administrator, as well as recovery coach, author, and public speaker, Dr. Bob Weathers holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, with an M.A. in religious studies. Over the course of his professional career, “Dr. Bob” has provided tens of thousands of hours of therapeutic counseling and recovery coaching to satisfied clients. He has also committed the past 35 years to teaching, training, and inspiring graduate-level mental health providers at several southern California universities, most recently at California Southern University.

Dr. Bob is currently academic effectiveness coordinator at CalSouthern, engaged full-time in ongoing initiatives for improving the educational experience of our learners, including his chairing the brand-new Student Advisory Council. Additionally, Dr. Bob has published numerous articles in a broad cross-section of respected professional reference books, journals, and edited volumes. To learn more about the speaker, visit:

For more information on the School of Behavioral Sciences at California Southern University, please visit:
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24/7 Helpline 888-242-7730 In Revised Opioid Lawsuit, Connecticut Describes Sackler Family Telling Doctors Addiction ‘Not Caused By Drugs’ – Kaiser Health News

  1. In Revised Opioid Lawsuit, Connecticut Describes Sackler Family Telling Doctors Addiction ‘Not Caused By Drugs’  Kaiser Health News
  2. A car accident, an encounter with a doctor and a spiral into addiction: Former opioid users laud Connecticut’s  Hartford Courant
  3. In Purdue Pharma opioid fight, CT turns attention to doctors  CTPost
  4. CT files new allegations against Purdue, Sacklers in opioid lawsuit  The CT Mirror
  5. OxyContin makers Purdue Pharma are trying to ‘cry poverty,’ Connecticut Attorney General claims  Daily Mail
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