Dealing With Addiction In Your Relationship | How To Deal With An Addicted Partner

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Dealing With Addiction In Your Relationship | How To Deal With An Addicted Partner

Do you ever think to yourself, “How To Deal With An Addicted Partner?” “How To Handle An Addict?” “What To Do If You’re Dating An Addict?”

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A dating advice question I get asked a lot by women is “How to deal with addiction in a relationship?” and “How to handle addiction?” and “What to do if your partner is an addict?” Giving relationship advice to women on how to handle an addict and dealing with addiction is one of the MOST important jobs I have as a dating and relationships coach. When a woman comes to me saying she is consistently meets the wrong type of guy – The Addict – it mean she is currently experiencing a pattern that can lead her to a life of pain, anger and despair in her intimate relationships. If this is happening on a consistent basis, this woman is in the habit of attracting a type of man – a male dating type – who leads to heartbreak… An example of a male dating type that leads to heartbreak is the addict.

The addict is an incredibly toxic male dating type that priorities his addiction over you and relies on it to feel good or stop himself feeling bad. This leads you into relationships where a love triangle exists and you inevitably come out second best. You spend your time with the narcissist thinking “why don’t I matter?” and “Why won’t he stop with this addiction?” as well as “why am I so unhappy?” This is such a toxic male dating personality that you MUST know how to spot an addict (and what addiction means), why an addict is so toxic and how to deal with an addicted partner.

When a woman comes to me saying “Mark, how to handle an addicted partner?” or “How to handle addiction in a relationship?” my first thought is “IMPORTANT Question! It shows you are aware of how toxic addiction is in a relationship – probably in the midst of currently experiencing it, and are actively trying to deal with it. If you’ve had a pattern of attracting one of the worst types of male dating personalities – the addict – then this is a pattern you MUST break if your dating and intimate relationships with men are ever going to be fulfilling for you in the future. You need to know why addiction is so toxic to a relationship, how to spot an addict early and how to handle an addicted partner so you can avoid these incredibly toxic relationships. Knowing how avoid the addict and meet the right guy for you is hugely important if you’ve had a pattern of attracting addicts in the past or think you might be in a relationship with an addict now.

In this dating advice video from Make Him Yours, I (Mark Rosenfeld, dating and relationships coach) am discussing how to spot an addict and how to handle an addicted partner in a relationship. Even if you’ve never attracted an addict, this is a hugely important video to your dating and relationship happiness in the future as you NEVER want to find yourself stuck in a relationship with an addict.

This kind of male dating personality is extremely dangerous because these guys want to put you in a love triangle where you’re going to lose – the addict cheating on you with, and prioritizing, their addiction. You NEED to know what to do it you’re dating an addict, how to spot an addict and how to deal with an addicted partner. If you’ve experienced dating an addict who only cares about the subject of his addiction (or if you just keep attracting the wrong male dating types) then this is the video for you.

This dating and relationships advice video is my comprehensive guide to avoiding the addict – A male dating type that leads to heartbreak. In it, I describe the addict – the toxic male dating personality who only cares only about the subject of his addiction. I tell you what addiction in men looks like, how to spot an addict and how to deal with an addicted partner.

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