First Impression + Swatches ♡ Avon Ultra Color Indulgence Lip Color

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Recovery Centers of America – Meet Our Interventionists

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An intervention shouldn’t make a loved one feel ambushed. It is an opportunity for friends and family members to show someone they love that they don’t have to battle addiction alone.

Our interventionists make your loved one feel safe, working to break down the barriers standing in the way of seeking drug and alcohol treatment.

Call Now 1-800-RECOVERY

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SMACKED! Heroin Addiction and Recovery in Rural America

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This film will attempt to tell the story of how law enforcement and the health care community are coping with the heroin epidemic that has swept the country. The film features stakeholders primarily located in Delaware and Otsego Counties in mid-state New York. Through the creativity of the law enforcement and recovery communities, unique education, awareness and prevention programs have been created despite the scarce availability of funding. Recovering addicts, passionate about their journeys have volunteered to be part of this film to help people better understand the intricacies of drug addiction.

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