Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustment : What Causes Nerve Stress?

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Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustment : What Causes Nerve Stress?

Causes of nerve stress, from childbirth to injury to poor posture; learn this and more in this free online health care video about Chiropractic care taught by an expert.

Expert: Anthony Filardo
Bio: Certified chiropractic physician Anthony Filardo is a strength and conditioning specialist specializing in family and sports medicine.
Filmmaker: Suzie Vigoin
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Best Drug Rehabilitation Graduation

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A compilation of graduations filmed at Best Drug Rehabilitation. Every graduating client is allowed the opportunity to give roses, thanks, and speak about their experience upon completion of the program.

Graduations are held every week at Best Drug Rehabilitation. When being recognized for completing the treatment program, each BDR graduate is given the opportunity to give thanks and share their stories and experiences.

The first graduate featured in the video offered great advice for her fellow graduates and those newly entering the BDR program. She compares her experiences at Best Drug Rehabilitation with that of graduating college and discussed how the program has prepared her life after leaving rehab. She also took the time to remind everyone of what could have been their fate. “You really should feel blessed to be here, because there are a lot of people out there that are still using in jail, dead, you name it. And it’s just a matter of time before that happens to us as addicts.” She said speaking out to the crowd. “I thank God for bringing me here.”

The second graduate compared his experience at Best Drug Rehabilitation with his experience at Hazelton, an addiction treatment center located in Minnesota. After ten days in a program at Hazelton, he said he got kicked out. However, he noted that in those ten days he saw differences between the programs of Hazelton and Best Drug Rehabilitation. He noticed more confidence in the graduates of BDR. When comparing the two programs, his opinion of Hazelton was that it was easy. When discussing the program at Best Drug Rehabilitation he had this to say, “This isn’t easy.It’s very frustrating; it’s hard. You’re going to have ups and downs, and you are going to get mad.You just have to get over yourself, your pride, and your ego, and step it up. Because, I tell you what, this thing and this program have saved my life.”

The third graduate used his moment on the stage to urge the newcomers to take the program seriously. He encouraged them to utilize the staff at BDR, particularly Executive Director, Amber Howe. He had this to say about Amber and the rest of the staff, “She will help you with anything.It starts from the top and it trickles down, and you see it in this place. This is my fourth rehab that I have been to and I have never seen a staff like the one that’s here.”
Graduates four and five shared their acknowledgments to the staff members who helped them along their way to recovery. “They’re great.It’s like it’s their job, but they love to do what they do.”
The sixth graduate confessed that while the program does not get easier, it gets easier to do the harder things that are necessary for a lasting recovery.

Graduate number seven shared wisdom from lessons learned at Best Drug Rehabilitation with the crowd. “In a real life situation, you can confront any situation. Bad, good, sad, or whatever you feel, you can confront that situation no matter what.”
The final graduate featured in the video gave thanks to everyone who made them feel at home while seeking treatment at Best Drug Rehab.

All of these graduates are leaving with a new outlook on life and their stories are examples of how addiction can be defeated. One graduate said it best by saying, “I came in here broken. I came in here hurt. And I tell you what I’m leaving here happier than ever.” These stories provide inspiration for anyone suffering from addiction to seek the help they need to overcome it.

Best Drug Rehabilitation

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August 12
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Opioid town hall in Arkansas: Stopping the growth of the addiction crisis

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The Rehabilitation of Jimmy Havoc

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A year on the sidelines can change a man. This is the story of Jimmy Havoc’s last 18 months, as he heads into a title match vs Pete Dunne this Sunday in Manchester, eyes firmly set on regaining the belt and becoming a 2-time PROGRESS Champion.

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Alcohol Addiction Treatment and The Severe Long Term Effects of Alcohol

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Many people who start drinking think that is good for health. Yes, some reports do say so but have you cared to look at the quantity of drink that is prescribed for good health? There is always a limit on the intake of alcohol to make its useful for the human body. Beyond that set limit, it affects the body in a number of ways. Some of the effects that a normal person is aware of are headache, nausea, vomiting, and loss of consciousness for some time, hangovers, loss of muscle control and disorientation etc. However, drink does have some major long term effects on the human body.
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