Drug Rehab San Diego CA

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http://drugrehabsandiegoca.com – San Diego is the second largest city in California. It borders Mexico to the south and is home to some of the most fabulous beaches of the west coast, but like many of its neighbors, San Diego is also affected by a high rate of drug abuse. California Addiction Network has been providing San Diego residents with innovative and effective drug addiction rehab. For More Details Please Visit Our Website http://drugrehabsandiegoca.com
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Free Addiction Consultations – 888-242-7730 Rehab Treatment with Central Iowa Psychological Services | Drug Rehab Headquarters

Central Iowa Psychological Services segments their treatment services based on Mix of Mental Health and Substance Abuse within an Outpatient. The segmented services encompass Substance abuse treatment. Programs and groups are organized to provide structured therapy to individuals with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders, individuals with HIV or AIDS, Lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender clients, Seniors or older adults, Pregnant/postpartum women, Adult women, Adult men, Clients referred from the court/judicial system. State financed health insurance plan other than Medicaid, Private health insurance, Military insurance, Cash or self-payment are acceptable forms of payment. Does offer financial assistance.

For more information on this facility, visit our listing at: https://www.drug-rehab-headquarters.com/iowa/facility/central-iowa-psychological-services-ames/

For more information, please visit our site: https://www.drug-rehab-headquarters.com

Rehab1000 Continuing Education Course for Massage Therapists / Therapy Testimonials Pt. 7

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Rehab Seminar & Educational Course – 15 Continuing Education Credits

Rehab Seminar

For the first time in physiotherapy and orthopedic history, a therapeutic cream, a proprietary physiotherapy tool, and an exclusive training method have been interlaced, harmonized and specifically designed to help minimize, diminish, and eliminate muscle adhesions, muscle tension, scar tissue, nerve entrapments, fibrosis, carpel tunnel (cumulative injury syndrome), and chronic impingements in various regions of the body that can cause chronic and recurrent pain.

This course is approved by the Nevada Physical Therapy Board, NSCA, BOC & NATA and developed by Scott Pensivy, PT, LAT, ATC and the Longevity Team, designed to educate and give you hands-on experience using Rehab1000 and the Pensivy Method. The Pensivy Method integrates Longevity’s exclusive Rehab1000 therapeutic cream, the PMT Blade, and the paramount hands-on knowledge and incomparable physical healing and training methods of internationally acclaimed physiotherapist, Scott Pensivy.

This course is held in the highest regard with updated research, clinical experience and outcomes.


To improve the healing analog of soft tissue injuries. The Rehab1000/PMT System utilizes the theory of mechanical and chemical processes. Together these processes aid in decreasing pain, increasing range of motion, and improving strength and function.

150,000 patients have been treated with this technique in a clinical setting with outcomes of 80% improvement. This product has continued to be used every day at SPORTS physical therapy facility and other outpatient clinics, sporting events, colleges, universities, and professional sports teams.


15 Credited Hours of Training and Lectures approved by the Nevada Physical Therapy Board, NSCA, BOC & NATA
6 tubes of Rehab1000 Active Heat formula (0 retail value)
6 tubes of Rehab1000 Sports Mild formula (0 retail value)
1 PMT Blade ( retail value)
1 EST Blade ( retail value)
50 personalized business cards
WHAT IS THE COST? 9 per person


Please call 702-454-7000 or email info@longevity.com for more information, to sign up for the course and payment over the phone.

About Longevity USA: http://www.longevity.com

Longevity™ was founded in 1993 by Jim and Adi Song. The Song’s vision was to create a company that would inspire health, wealth, and happiness through cutting-edge products.

Longevity CEO, Jim Song. Longevity has partnered with world-renowned Physiotherapist, Scott Pensivy (PT, LAT, ATC), to launch the revolutionary Anti-Pain and Rehabilitation System trademarked THE PENSIVY METHOD™.

With REHAB1000 http://www.longevity.com/rehab1000/

and THE PENSIVY METHOD, Longevity is introducing a fascinating solution to the international pain epidemic problem — a real, down-to-earth global solution for anti-pain and rehabilitation that reaches out far beyond the professional clinician industry of doctors, physical/occupational therapists and athletic trainers and into the practical hands of real people.

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Mark is one of our awesome practice members who recently hurt himself at Coachella. Watch and see what happened when we did a thorough analysis on his spine and delivered his first ever adjustment!

Considering Chiropractic? Consider Active Health Clinic. Give us a call today at (818) 205 1000. We are located in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.

Chiros: Looking to Level Up your adjusting game? Go to https://thechiropracticuniversity.com/

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Active Health TV is committed to helping you Inspire, Lead and Succeed in life by living an Active Health lifestyle. This means tuning into the natural health, wealth and abundance that surrounds you, which involves taking care of yourself mentally, physically and chemically.

My specialty is Chiropractic, and I use specific, scientific Chiropractic care to align spines and minds and connect people with their divine. When you’re body is functioning well, you have a much better chance at living at your highest version. This channel is dedicated to helping, showing and inspiring you to your greatness.

If you have any specific requests of what you’d like to see, feel free to comment and we’ll do our best to accommodate. Thank you for watching and being part of the Active Health movement.

Water's Edge Center for Health and Rehabilitation Rehab

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Thank you for choosing Water’s Edge Center for Health and Rehabilitation for your healthcare needs. Our center has been a community fixture for more than 25 years, meeting the needs of individuals requiring short-term rehabilitative care following a hospitalization or those in need of skilled long-term nursing care. Whether you come to us for a brief stay and take advantage of our premier rehabilitation team or call Water’s Edge your home, we are proud to offer a wide range of services and amenities to our 150 patients and residents.

Piriformis Syndrome Flare-up AFTER Gym Class? (+ FREE Piriformis Rehab Plan)

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If you’re suffering from chronic piriformis syndrome, hip pain or chronic lower back pain…you may notice that your symptoms may get worse after a gym class or high-intensity workout.

*First Click here to download the free piriformis syndrome rehab plan + bonus video tutorials: https://www.coachsofiafitness.com/free-piriformis-syndrome-rehab-plan/

Here are some of the additional symptoms you may experience after a high-intensity gym class:

+Buttock pain (piriformis spasm, deep pain when walking, burning sensation)
+Lower back pain (lumbar spine tension and pressure)
Sciatica pain shooting down when walking. Possible knee pain.
+Painful muscle soreness (specifically on the hamstring and the lower buttock area)
+Hip bursitis (tenderness and soreness when you touch your hip joint)

The video goes in detail about why you are experiencing these symptoms and why you should avoid high-intensity interval workouts.

✮Discover the same corrective exercises that fixed my muscle imbalances and posture, and gave me real long-term relief https://coachsofiafitness.com/coaching

✮Grab your free resources here:https://coachsofiafitness.com/free-back-pain-resources/

Coach Sofia Fitness is a fitness channel focused on helping people fix lower back pain, piriformis syndrome and muscle pain through corrective strengthening exercise, nutrition and mindset. Coach Sofia is a certified strength coach, and someone who conquered chronic pain herself after being diagnosed in 2011 with piriformis syndrome, an L5/S1 herniation and ankylosing spondylitis. She shares everything that helped her heal and get her life back on her blog and this channel.

All information presented on coach sofia fitness channel and blog are based on personal experience as a strength coach. While I design every workout, and fitness post with care, I am physically not present to coach you through the workout, fix your form, or assess your fitness level and health history.

Before acting on any information, exercise routine or nutrition advice, you should consult your physician first. If you have a medical condition, including physical injuries, and/or your physician advises against it, do not engage in any exercise routine or training advice on coach sofia fitness site.

If you agree to use, and act on any information on this website, you accept to use it at your own risk. Coach Sofia Fitness will not be liable for any injuries, damages, losses that can result from your use.

All information on Coach sofia fitness channel is general in nature. All posts, workouts and nutrition information are not intended to substitute medical and/or health advice, or to treat an illness or health condition.
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