Best AA speech ever

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UPDATE: It is with deep sadness to inform you all that Harley Harmon passed away in 2015. Thank you all for your kind comments

My great uncle Harley Harmon’s 26 year sober anniversary speech.
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Down – Rehab (NOLA)

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Long day lay me low.

Lay me low.

Head burning drunk.
I don’t need none
That’s right man I’m fine
But what I’ve got to know,
Is have I wasted time?
My eyes are blind
To almost everything you see.
And I’m drowning through sorrow
– you recognize me –
Be me for a change (fucked)
Under the silk,

In a box of pine,
And that’s dying –
Not a single other life
Ever will have felt my price
Is it worth the risk to be revived?
And I’m dying, I’m hollow
– It won’t deny me –
Be me for a change (fucked)
How long will I stay?
They’ll take the pain away
On and outta my mind
Gimme some medicine…
And I’m drowning through sorrow
– it won’t deny me –
Be me for a change (fucked)
Yeah, one more time…

Long day kill me long
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Army Veteran Gets FULL BODY ADJUSTMENT Chiropractic Care – Dr Joseph Cipriano

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Army Veteran Gets FULL BODY ADJUSTMENT Chiropractic Care - Dr Joseph Cipriano

Army Veteran Gets FULL BODY ADJUSTMENT Chiropractic Care by Dr Joseph Cipriano DC.

Dr Joseph Cipriano DC adjusts an army veteran who gets a full body adjustment Chiropractic care. He has some pain in his low back area that gets addressed. He has some very loud cracks and pops which will please any “crack addict” out there. Amazing torque technique was used. The powerful Y strap adjustment was used at the end to complete the adjustment. Come visit your Greenville Chiropractor to get treatment.

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What You Don't Know About The Star Of Rehab Addict

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You may think you already know everything about Nicole Curtis, the mastermind behind Rehab Addict, but off-camera, the reality TV star’s seen more than her fair share of drama. From nasty custody battles, to family issues, and trouble with the law, here are the most surprising things about Nicole Curtis…

Serving up the goods | 0:25
Did she kidnap her other son? | 0:55
Fighting her mom | 1:30
Ugliest house on the block | 2:18
Avoiding jail time | 3:10
Covering up a crime | 3:48
Doing it for the ratings | 4:10
Continuing complications | 5:02

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The Untold Truth Of Rehab Addict

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Rehab Addict   Season 5 Episode 1 ''Powder Room Predicament''

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DESIIGNER x Prettyboy Live Rehab Las Vegas New Álbum Dropping!!

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Platinum Selling Artist Desiigner Announces New Álbum While Posted Rehab #1 Beahclub Las Vegas with Prettyboy Sam Himself!!

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Rehab Pool Party Bikini Contest in Las Vegas July 2013 – Video #8 at Hard Rock Hotel

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‘She Was Sleeping 16-Hour Days,’ Says Treatment Center CEO Of The First Time He Met Demi Lovato

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Recording artist Demi Lovato talks about going into treatment after battling addiction, eating disorders and bipolar disorder for years.


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