20 thoughts on “Water Treatment Plant Tour – Submersible Membrane Filtration”

  1. @6:007:00 Nice that they're putting Aluminum Chlorohydrate in water and it's cheap! Great! It should be a nice loss leader (saving water utilities hundreds of dollars…sarcasm) that's funded by big pharma and healthcare, as people get cancers and other ailments (e.g. alzheimers). Aluminum pretty much decimates the immune system so lets load up our water with it. Your vids are very informative and well done but that one kind of pissed me off … but not your fault.

  2. Cool I am looking to take the general exam can you take that then take part two later and where would I be able to find some resources for it. I also work for the state so I am wondering if that will help in getting employed… also going to school for engineering technology

  3. Way better than a conventional water treatment. The process are basic,. I have experienced many kind of water treatment like MBR,SBR,conventional WT suspended solid waste, MBBR(chemical waste),Reverse Osmosis, De-ionized and ulra de ionized water treatment, recycling RO. But i dont have water treatment certificate dont know where to get certificate,anyone help me?! Im Filipino currently working here in qatar.

  4. Hello from Australia, your videos are very useful for me since I have started training as a Process control operator for a beverage company, we dont use the exact systems you mentioned in your videos but the information is so useful! Really appretiate the hard work Sifu!

  5. Thanks for all your hard work. I live in Texas, and I'm studying to take my Surface "A" test. (That would be a surface "D" in Ca. ) It is all essay, so the better I can describe the processes the better. You a have a real talent for clarifying  a turbid subject!– Cheers !

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