Kids In The Hall – Head Crusher: Rehab

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The Head Crusher suffers a crippling injury, but bounces back with the help of a special friend.
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I’m back today for #howtobehappyjanuary with something that has brought so much joy to my life! I NEVER used to be a plant person until about a year and a half ago and now I’m obsessed! haha Today I’m showing you how I rehab my plants when they’re looking sad…LMK any tips, tricks or questions you have! I’d love your advice and I will help you with whatever I can! We can all share! I’ll see you guys in the comments and back here on Monday=)

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40 thoughts on “Kids In The Hall – Head Crusher: Rehab”

  1. A minor break from the surrealism of KITH:

    Is this a good use of healthcare dollars?!?!? To rehab a nerd who's going to get his ass kicked again?

    Back to our program!

    Who the hell cares? Head-crushing is fun to watch!

  2. You're right. Today people think that comedy should be silly and vulgar(appeal to the most common denominator) to the extreme! Not tryng to make think or being elaborate.
    I mean what so funny with fart jokes or that rapist humour in family guy?
    At least the KITH are still around.

  3. You are inspiring to me:) I also love to cook, I am a chef for a living! Love your videos. I want to try to buy more plants to care for now!!

  4. Soaking in the tub for a short bit is smart, one thing i notice is that when you water some plants the dirt can be so dry that it runs straight through without dampening it at all even though the top appears wet, it's recommended to wet and then place into tray for about 10 mins to soak in and then drain the tray, 5 hours is a bit much however i think.

  5. What do you do when you find pests in your plants?!😭 please make a video on how you take care of that!!

  6. Lift the whole Macreme from the hook and then place the whole thing on a platform and take the pot out. Simple!

  7. That is a lot of work! You two are very good plant parents. I set my holiday cacti out in the rain during the summer, and it made them so happy to get showered with rain water. 🌱😀

  8. i like the furry plant, i have three yorkies.But I m with you on the whole getting plant out of the macrame as well.

  9. If you fertilize after soaking them for 5 hours, they have already taken up all the water they can. On days that I fertilize, I thoroughly drench the pot twice with water and then immediately fertilize. That way the plant is actually taking up the fertilizer given.

    Just a suggestion, not a criticism.


  10. What a great plant mom you are! The amount of time/work it takes for this type of plant spa day is crazy! Good for you! You have a VERY nice collection. [I have a bunch of macrame hangers; but, I have to ask someone (my daughter/her boyfriend) to install the hooks. They live only 2 miles from me; but, they're very busy people.] You have SO MANY macrames and I love the look! However, you should really try putting a saucer or tray under the pots in order to water the plants easier and to avoid disrupting the plants in their spaces. Some plants don't like being moved at all. You have a very pretty bathroom & home. Love that tub! This is the 1st of your videos that I've seen; but, I'm going to subscribe. Thanks for the great video Nikki! 🌾💜

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