20 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse Performing Rehab Live At Glastonbury 2007”

  1. Cool your video! I truly enjoyed watching it. You might enjoy some of the videos on my channel. ­čÖé

  2. What a loss….I remember seeing her before she sort of became famous and I said to myself this lady is going to go to the top!

  3. Amy Winehouse was like so many other really talented vocalists, whose lives ended so tragically and unexpectedly. Here today, gone tomorrow, but it's our loss. Amy was hot, so hot, hot as fire, but she had her demons, and she couldn't contend with them. I guess this song says it all, and only now do I understand it, but, for Amy, it was more than a song. It was her anthem, and maybe it was a plea for help. For such a short time, she sure was entertaining, and, oh, what a band, and those dancers!

  4. Forgotten in months? i hope you know your talking about Amy Winehouse. You are the stupidest fucking idiot on the face of this earth

  5. Beautiful voice; troubled soul. Pity there seem to be people here who just want to be abusive. If you don't like the singer or the song, why are you wasting your time by being here?. Interesting to note that all the negativity comes from people who can't spell and who seem to think that throwing profanities and insults is a mature form of criticism. Perhaps your time would be better spent working on your spelling and social skills. I prefer to listen to the music I love…and I love this.

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