Bipolar disorder and alcohol/drug use – substance abuse

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Bipolar disorder and alcohol/drug use - substance abuse

Many people with bipolar have an issue with alcohol or drugs. Discussing a bit about using drugs/alcohol to heighten feelings or to escape from them.
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Hey Youtube! This is my video on the difference between alcoholism and alcohol abuse. Basically they can be put in two categories. Short term and long term.

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***DISCLAIMER*** I am not a doctor, therapist, or mental health professional. This material is based off of my life experiences and further research for educational purposes.

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26 thoughts on “Bipolar disorder and alcohol/drug use – substance abuse”

  1. Dude I feel like we are twins. It’s so nice to have someone go “gets it”.
    My husband gets so upset with me when I tell him this stuff and says things like “others have it worse than you and you are Just SO self”
    Thanks for this video it Really helped and inspired me in a personal way.

  2. Plzz ans me???i was suffering in bipolar disorder 2. Now tym I fell better. But with alcohol 🍺 fell nest day. Mood low fell tuff. Why plz ans me its humble requst to u.

  3. Thank you soo Much… I have overalls sexual and major sensory seeking omg and alcohol yes !!!! Thank you so much when I’m up it’s just a mess, when I’m down I’m desperate to clean it all up

  4. I believe a key to understanding a sensitivity to bi-polar tendency and also heightened experiential pursuits, is the Type 7 Personality on the Enneagram.

    Bi-Polar Disorder and the Type 7, while certainly not isolated to this Personality Type, often goes hand-in-glove. Have a look at the Enneagram and understand your predominant Type and the other 8 Types. I’m sure you’ll find a deeper understanding of human psychology. It has helped me a lot, personally.

  5. What's actually happening during the "high mood" (once called the "manic" part) is that you feel the depression coming on and subconsciously fighting the decline by trying to hang onto the better of the two opposites.

  6. Drinking was my gateway for a long time. It lost me a lot of relationships. Its only a temporary fix

  7. my mom is bipolar and just found out she's been using drugs and drinking me and my family are homeless i after high school graduation me my mom and two sister's were kicked out of our home i moved to texas to live with a roommate start a better life go to college look for a cheap home for me and my mom and sister's my roomate used me for my money to pay for everything i left 2 years later to be with my family and help find a home im 21 by the way last week i found drug substance in my moms purse and clues in the bathroom we live in san Francisco in a family shelter I've talked to her about itnand she gor sad and cried and got rid of it but now I've been playing attention she been talking with this guys who's no good and has been seeing him i told her she needs to stop and hanging out with this low life character then all hell breaks lose when i bring anything up about him my mom has never been this way i know its her bipolar and the use of heavy drugs it scares the shit out of me my mom has fallen so low to a weak person when she was strong willed and powerful im afraid she's gonna give up and i have to take care of everything and i just turned 21 no car no job right now were poor this is all fucked up idk what to donshe needs help but doesn't want to go get it we have no family support because how my mom acts and treats people they don't want anything to do with her im crying as im typing yes im a guy and no this doesn't make me a bitch for crying im crying cause im literally pissed and filled with rage and sorrow im fucking scared i never asked for this shit

  8. Im bipolar type 2, and im drinking when im down (long periods of time) just to feel like a living human being. I take lithium and a few other mood stabalizers.

  9. I'm bipolar 2 and I might have had a problem with alcohol at one point but to me, it's a 50/50 chance of feeling alright/better or feeling terrible. So do I get urges to drink now and then? Yes. Is it a good idea? No. I pretty much don't drink alcohol at all now. The best way I've found to deal with bipolar impulses and urges is to completely ignore your feelings as much as possible and run purely on logic. Easier said than done but it is possible.

    I do like drugs (some would say that's a problem in and of itself) and I still take stimulants sometimes (I won't say which ones) but that's less about enhancing feelings and more about feeling like I'm able to cope with life and getting work done under difficult mental circumstances. I don't feel like I need to take them all the time and I'm by no means addicted to anything. And I'm not tempted to go to the hard stuff because that's what caused this problem in the first place.

  10. I had to give up alcohol (8 years ago) and every bipolar person I know either HAD a problem with alcohol (and had to give it up) or still has one that they don't think is a problem. To me, this is because it's by far the most available drug and it's even socially acceptable, which makes it the "mood adjustment mechanism" of choice for people whose moods are constantly unpredictable and therefore need adjustment to fit in and remain functional. For us, the problem with alcohol is that you need more and more of it over time to get the same effect, plus it's addictive, and these two things are a recipe for dysfunction, which is why most of us will have a problem with it at some point.

  11. i like your videos… i actually have to disagree with you though… the question of "why is this person addicted to drugs or alcohol" or "why do they do drugs or drink" is a very simple one – "they're an addict… they're an alcoholic" why they drink in spite of these problems really doesn't matter… and thats what gets overlooked sooooooo much. the why doesn't matter. therapists and psychologists and alot of others LOVE LOVE LOVE to go on endlessly about the "why"…

    what matters is do you believe you have a problem? what are you willing to do to maintain sobriety/recovery?

  12. Thank you all for watching! Alcohol or drugs can really be hard on the liver and body and its important to CLEANSE both! Click this description above to view the many liver and body detoxes I included for you to start repairing ASAP! The names are provided along with links to check them out! Like, comment, and subscribe!

  13. Well in that case, i'm certainly an alcohol abuser.. But luckily haven't stepped into the alcoholism club, i know my drinking is getting a problem for me mentally at the minute.. But i think that's the underlying anxiety, which turns severe when i go on booze binges. I'm 27 & know things are gonna change very soon, i'm at the end of my road with the stuff.. Time to make change!. Thanks for your video dude.

  14. Just out of curiosity how old are you? Or at what age did u notice u had a problem? I'm a new subscriber, but from the videos I've seen so far I seem to have followed a similar path. I'm 28 and have chose to stop completely after drinking heavily for 5-6 years. Only been a week but that's a big deal to me. Especially on weekends. Keep up the good work man.

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