Avicii RIP @ EDC Week 'Mega Pool Party' Las Vegas

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Avicii RIP @ EDC Week 'Mega Pool Party' Las Vegas

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Pools are great. We like pools. But you can find a pool at nearly every hotel and motel in the general area. You can also find a really amazing pool at nearly every resort within county limits. But pool clubs are not just pools. Pool clubs are a whole other level. Take your club scene — beautiful people, lots of drinks, mind-blowing DJs — now, reduce those people’s clothes to almost nothing, move everything from late-night to daytime, bring it outside, and add a pool right in the middle of it all. Sound too good to be true? It’s Vegas. Nothing’s too good to be true.


The Aquatic Club
Bare Pool Lounge
Daylight Beach Club
Encore Beach Club
Flamingo Beach Club/GO Pool
Foxtail Pool
Liquid Pool & Lounge
Marquee Dayclub
Moorea Beach Club
Naked Pool
Palms Pool & Dayclub
The Pond
Sapphire Pool & Dayclub
Sway Pool Lounge
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