Having a Relapse? (Relapse Prevention, Recovery and How to Overcome Addiction Relapse) – Teal Swan –

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What if Relapse is a part of recovery from addiction? Can you Prevent Relapse? What if your son, brother, friend or mother is addicted, in recovery, and continually experiencing Relapse? Teal discusses what Relapse is, how to overcome addiction and how to think about Relapse in an entirely different light.

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20 thoughts on “Having a Relapse? (Relapse Prevention, Recovery and How to Overcome Addiction Relapse) – Teal Swan –”

  1. That spiral analogy seems magical and all but I'm calling bs lol
    (I'm in a bad place right now don't judge me)

  2. Teal Swan has saved me once again

    Relapse Intensity before: 100%
    Relapse Intensity now: 40% ish

    Working on lowering it more 🙏🏻

  3. I relapsed and allowed my ex back into my life. Just by having any contact with him throws me into relapsing.
    I’ve been writing all night. Then, I thought to look up a relapse knowing you’d have a video. I had to first realize relapses that cause this magnitude of destruction aren’t just heroine relapses. I was addicted to a heroine addicted. I can’t relapse again. I can’t ever relapse again. For some reason each relapse creates a bigger destruction. Each time I rebuild myself, and then relapse it gets more real and more real.
    Creating action plan right now.
    I’m really hoping I can put action to my plan tomorrow. I’ve been practicing for 4 months on how to pull myself out of the shadows with scarce resources.
    I can do this.
    Thanks Teal💜

  4. Addicts take very terrible offense when I suggest to them that they need to quit their addictions first in order to get on the healing path. And most of them are in denial about their addictions. No amount of alcohol is safe this is scientifically proven. Nicotine is another drug that is highly addictive and toxic. Psychoactive drugs are toxic. Cocaine is toxic. Brain "enhancers" or caffeine drugs are toxic. You are never on the right track when taking any of those substances that also includes pharma drugs. Get off all of this and get on the healing journey. The first step is to not be in denial anymore. Become very crystal clear about the utmost importance of quitting the toxic stuff. Your cells depend on clean food and water. When the emotional pain comes up sit down with it in meditation and breathe and allow it to run it's course through you it will not hurt you quite the opposite it wants to communicate with you. That is the healing path and if you do that every day you are going to heal and if you relapse just pick yourself back up and continue on the healing journey never beat yourself up about it just keep going with the meditation and the allowing of the emotional pain to talk to you and let the tears roll all the way whether you are female or male doesn't matter.

  5. Relapse is inevitable for everyone Wink/ lol

    Thanks for this video Teal. I’ve been struggling ignorantly with relapse for years. Makes more sense now

  6. Thank you so much. Your words and wisdom are always so comforting to me. I really needed this… especially the onion comparison. Empowering perspectives.

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