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Click looks at foldable mobile phones and the exosuit helping disabled people to walk. Plus the social media content creators getting together at Vidcon and the Oscar winning visual effects behind the film First Man.

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Full mouth rehabilitation for advanced tooth wear case study. This new video will help you discover what’s possible with a case study of a patient I treated in my dental practice here in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. This patient had a full mouth rehabilitation and smile makeover with porcelain crowns. For more information go to or
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35 thoughts on “The Exoskeleton Helping With Rehabilitation – BBC Click”

  1. Skeleton in frame to enable the mobile in movement to person with life of in the location in support of community.

  2. Nike is pronounced Nye-key not Nyke. Seems he didn't actually remember them himself lol. Pretty big company not to know 12:05

  3. Wow what's happening to help people move is great.
    5G is it SAFE you hear so much about lately is it true ? HARMFUL OR SAFE.?

  4. 5G == Tumors (cancer causing tech) I’m an ex EE; please realize the difference between an electrical wire and EM signals, and the distance needed to be safe!!!

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  6. I am a dentist, can i just make the provisionals at the clinic and raise the bite .patient had old bridges in the upper jaw.i will raise the bite through renewing the old bridges in the upper jaw.

  7. How long is this type of restoration supposed to last? And can the crowns be replaced after that time span or?

  8. In a case like this, is it important to do deprogramming first or correct why the grinding happened in the first place?

  9. I did full mouth pfm restoration for a patient who had genralised attrition which was causing him sensitivity on taking cold and sour food…but even after replacing teeth with crown ….there is still sensitivity…sometyms very high….wht can i do? Please help.also checked margins that look well sealed…also prescribe toothpaste and mouthwash for sensitivity….but no effect…please help

  10. Wow! This was an exceptional job Dr. Phelan. The teeth are extremely natural looking with perfect coloration for the patient's skin tone and expert detailing of vertical ridging, edge halos and proportional shape of natural, healthy teeth. Kudos! You (and the lab technician) are truly artists.

  11. Hi I recently saw a full video of the actual procedure done to the gentleman on that picture but I can't seem to find it. I was wondering if you happen to have that link.

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